21 Savage Net Worth: How Much is the Rapper Worth?

What is 21 Savage’s net worth?

21 Savage net worth is a prominent American hip-hop artist with a $16 million

21 Savage net worth is a prominent American hip-hop artist with a $16 million. His 2014 debut single, “Picky,” was a hit with gritty lyrics and a unique cadence. His breakout mixtape, “Savage Mode,” featuring Metro Boomin, launched him into the mainstream in 2016.

“Savage Mode” was a financial and critical success with hits like “X” and “No Heart.” After this accomplishment, Epic Records signed him and released his debut studio album, “Issa Album,” in 2017. The album solidified 21 Savage’s hip-hop dominance.

Following his popularity, 21 Savage released “I Am > I Was,” his second album, in 2018. This album topped the Billboard 200, demonstrating his diversity and progress. The album, which featured Childish Gambino, Post Malone, and J. Cole, was lauded for its introspective lyrics and mature storytelling.

He was recognized at renowned award ceremonies for his effect beyond the music charts. His song “Rockstar.” featuring Post Malone earned him two Grammy nominations in 2019. The next year, he won the Grammy for Best Rap Song for “A Lot,” cementing his status as a talented performer.

21 Savage is a major presence in hip-hop’s ever-changing environment, earning critical acclaim, financial success, and industry awards. From budding musician to global celebrity, his talent, passion, and music industry influence are evident.

21 Savage’s Balance Sheet, Income Statement

21 Savage’s Balance Income Statement
Assets$2 Million +
Inheritance$2 Million +
Gold Reserves$55,000 +
Luxury Cars4 +
Luxury Watches8 +
Stock Portfolio$0.4 Million
Loans & Liabilities$400,000 +
Crypto Investments$0.6 Million +
Investment$8 Million
Salary$1.5 Million + (Annual)
Monthly Income$150,000 +
Annual Income$2 Million +
Annual Expense$0.2 Million +
Taxes Paid$180,000 +
Business Income$0.3 Million +
Other Income$0.4 Million

21 Savage’s Net Worth Growth

21 Savage net worth

YearNet Worth (Million)
2023$20 Million
2022$18 Million
2021$16 Million
2020$14 Million
2019$13 Million
2018$12 Million

Quick facts 

Full NameShéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph
Stage Name21 Savage
Birth DateOctober 22, 1992
BirthplacePlaistow, Newham, London, England
NationalityBritish (born in the United Kingdom) / American (naturalized)
OccupationRapper, Songwriter
Net Worth$16 million
Debut Single“Picky” (2014)
Breakthrough Mixtape“Savage Mode” (2016) – in collaboration with Metro Boomin
Record LabelEpic Records
Debut Studio Album“Issa Album” (2017)
Second Album“I Am > I Was” (2018) – Debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart
Notable Collaborations“Rockstar” with Post Malone, “A Lot” with J. Cole
Grammy AwardsWon Best Rap Song for “A Lot” in 2020
Critical AcclaimPraised for gritty lyrics, distinctive flow, and mature storytelling

Early Life

Born in London, England, on October 22, 1992, 21 Savage is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph childhood by his mother and his 10 siblings—6 sisters and 4 brothers—was filled with family bonds and tragedy. After a failed drug deal, one of his brothers was shot and killed.

He was involved with a gang in his youth, causing him many problems. Gang life caused many problems for him. He was expelled from multiple schools, including one for having a gun on campus.

His childhood troubles went beyond school. In a terrifying robbery attempt, 21 Savage was shot six times. He also lost his best friend tragically.

These turbulent early years set the stage for 21 Savage’s music business perseverance and power. His perseverance and music’s transformational effect allow him to overcome such obstacles.

21 Savage’s Career

21 Savage started producing songs in late 2014. His early mixtapes helped him gain notice and develop his music career. In 2016, his EP “Savage Mode” reached the Billboard Top 200 chart, demonstrating his impact.

In the same year, 21 Savage released his debut studio album, ‘Issa Album,’ solidifying his rise in the music industry. The album reached the Billboard charts and laid the groundwork for his career.

21 Savage’s duet with Post Malone on ‘Rockstar’ launched him into the limelight. This cooperation showed his artistic diversity and helped him gain notoriety. The success of these early projects launched 21 Savage’s career, paving the way for continued popularity and artistic influence.

The Rise of 21 Savage’s Music Career

21 Savage’s music career is a captivating story of tenacity, style, and genius. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia, as a child changed Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, born in 1992 in London, England. Atlanta was where his musical talent developed.21 Savage net worth

“X”2016“Savage Mode” EPFutureStandout hit with Future showcasing unique styles.
“No Heart”2016“Savage Mode” EPSolidified 21 Savage’s reputation for gritty lyrics and a distinctive flow.
“Bank Account”2017“Issa Album”Cultural phenomenon with a catchy hook and memorable lyrics.
“Rockstar”2017Post MaloneChart-topping hit demonstrating 21 Savage’s versatility.
“A Lot”2018“I Am > I Was”J ColeGrammy-winning track earning critical acclaim.

21 Savage took off in 2015 with his first mixtape, “Slaughter Tape.” This project rapidly became popular in rap, launching a fantastic career. The next year, his collaborative EP “Savage Mode,” with Metro Boomin, propelled him to fame. He became more popular and released “X,” with Future, from the EP.

While refining his sound, 21 Savage released his debut studio album, “Issa Album.” in 2017. His breakout hit, “Bank Account,” cemented his rap career. He followed this success with “I Am > I Was” in 2018, featuring duets with J Cole, Childish Gambino, and Post Malone.

21 Savage’s real storytelling, tough lyrics, and audience-resonant attitude helped him succeed. His persistence and ingenuity have made him a significant figure in the rap industry and contributed to his long-term success.

Legal Issues

On February 3, 2019, 21 Savage was arrested by ICE and his life changed. The Georgia Gang Act sting operation targeted four passengers, including 21 Savage’s cousin, rapper Young Nudy, and two others. Aggravated assault charges were brought against them.

After the arrest, 21 Savage, a British national, was found to have been living in the US illegally since July 2006, when his non-immigration visa expired. Despite recognizing the overstay, his legal team claimed 21 Savage had actively sought a visa renewal since 2017.

As of March 2020, 21 Savage’s case was still pending after his release. Immigration issues prevented him from leaving the country.

In February 2019, 21 Savage voluntarily turned himself in and was put into a south Georgia jail on a felony theft by deceit warrant, adding to the legal complexity. In a disputed music engagement, 21 Savage allegedly accepted $17,000 for a musical appearance but failed to show up and refused to return the money. After being released, the artist faced a court date, which extended his legal issues.

Personal Life

21 Savage’s personal and philanthropic life are complex. The rapper dated Amber Rose from 2017 to March 2018. They received widespread notice during their high-profile romance.

Beyond his personal life, 21 Savage is humanitarian and supports societal issues. He founded the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign to educate kids lifelong financial management skills. 21 Savage donated $21,000 of his revenues to launch this project, demonstrating his commitment to financial education.

21 Savage’s community work complements his financial literacy project. He holds a Back to School Drive in his Atlanta community every year. Underprivileged children receive free uniforms and haircuts through this program. It shows his dedication to giving back to his hometown.

21 Savage net worth 21 Savage’s philanthropy also addresses bullying. He donated $10,000 for Atlanta’s Continental Colony Elementary School’s anti-bullying initiative. 21 Savage uses his position and wealth to help needy children and communities through various efforts.

21 Savage’s height and weight 

21 Savage’s height and weight 
HeightApproximately 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm)
WeightSpecific weight not available
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Family, Mother, Father, Wife & Husbands, Kids

21 Savage’s mother, Heather, raised him with her boyfriend. He describes her as an explosive person who frequently argued with other parents during his school days. He grew up in a large family with four brothers and six sisters. Currently, the rapper is not married and does not have any children.

Family MemberDetails
SiblingsFour brothers, six sisters
Marital StatusNot married, no children

21 Savage: Touring and Live Performances

Touring and live performances have increased 21 Savage net worthin addition to his music and commercial accomplishments. The rapper headlined the 2017 Numb the Pain tour and the 2019 I Am > I Was tour. These trips promote his paintings and generate big cash, drawing large crowds.

21 Savage’s performances at Rolling Loud and Coachella have also reinforced his industry status. These festivals boost his profile and audience while also making him money. The rapper’s financial success and music influence are due to his successful tours and festival performances.

Entrepreneurship and Brand Partnerships

21 Savage’s entrepreneurial attitude has helped him diversify his revenue streams and succeed financially. The rapper’s “Slaughter Gang.” clothing brand debuted in 2018. This enterprise allows artists to express themselves and interact with fans through special items and gear.

21 Savage has collaborated with significant firms like Chime outside of fashion. His brand agreements have increased revenue and strengthened his financial portfolio. 21 Savage has used his brand and influence to build diverse and sustainable income by expanding his commercial interests beyond music.

Philanthropy and Social Activism

Beyond his net worth, 21 Savage’s philanthropy and social activity show his commitment to community improvement. In 2018, the rapper launched the “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign,” promoting financial literacy in youth. This proactive approach teaches youngsters financial skills for long-term prosperity and well-being.

Using his experience as an undocumented immigrant in the US, 21 Savage has become a passionate immigration reform champion. He advocates for immigrants as they navigate the difficult system. 21 Savage uses his platform to address social issues, showing his dedication to good change and contributing to conversations outside his financial goals.

21 Savage Social Media Accounts

InstagramAlmost 19MCheck Out
TwitterAlmost 4.8MCheck Out
YouTubeAlmost 8.76M SubscribersCheck Out
FacebookAlmost 5.5MCheck Out
LinkedInN/ACheck Out
PinterestN/ACheck Out


21 Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, rose from London’s streets to American hip-hop stardom. 21 Savage net worth $16 million includes his music, entrepreneurship, brand partnerships, and philanthropy.

21, Savage’s career has been a mix of critical acclaim and financial success, from his 2014 debut single “Picky” to “Savage Mode” with Metro Boomin. His albums, “Issa Album” and “I Am > I Was,” reflect his growth as a performer, garnering him a 2020 Grammy for Best Rap Song for “A Lot.”

From gang membership to legal troubles, including visa issues, 21 Savage’s life has been impacted by struggles beyond music. These challenges have inspired his art and social concerns, such as the “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign” promoting financial literacy and other philanthropies.

The rapper’s high-profile relationships and familial traumas enrich his public persona. He is committed to making a difference by volunteering for annual activities like the Back to School Drive.

21 Savage’s “Slaughter Gang” clothing line and strategic brand relationships like Chime demonstrate his business skills.

By 2023, 21 Savage’s net worth had grown to $20 million. This financial success, combined with his millions of social media followers, strengthens his status as a rap icon and cultural influencer. 21 Savage is resilient, artistically evolving, and committed to using his platform for good.


Q: Who is 21 Savage?

A: 21 Savage is Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. Born October 22, 1992, in London, England, he became a hip-hop star in Atlanta.

Q: 21 Savage’s Wealth?

A: The 2023 21 Savage net worth projection is $20 million. Successful music, business, and strategic alliances made him prosperous.

Q: What are 21 Savage’s Grammys?

A: The 2020 Grammy for Best Rap Song went to 21 Savage and J. Cole’s “A Lot.” He and Post Malone received two 2019 Grammy nominations for “Rockstar”.

Q: What are 21 Savage hits?

A: 21 Savage’s singles include “X” (2016), “No Heart” (2016), “Bank Account” (2017), “Rockstar” (2017), and “A Lot” (2018). His style and wordplay show in these tunes.

Q: What legal troubles did 21 Savage face?

A: ICE arrested 21 Savage in 2019 for visa overstay.

Q: What is 21 Savage’s charity?

A: 21 Savage responds. He launched the “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign” to educate youth about finance. Back to School Drive is his initiative to give impoverished children school materials.

Q: 21 Savage released how many albums?

A: 21 Savage released “Issa Album” in 2017 and “I Am > I Was” in 2018.

Q: Is 21 Savage entrepreneurial?

A: Indeed, 21 Savage is an entrepreneur. In 2018, his fan-facing clothing line, “Slaughter Gang,” debuted. 

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