3 Best AI Audio Enhancer Tools In 2024

AI audio enhancer tools are the most efficient assistance for improving the sound quality in audio or video recordings. 

The presence of ML (Machine Learning) algorithms enables the tools to identify and differentiate between primary voice and unwanted background sounds and remove them. The resulting voice will therefore be clearer, more consistent, and smooth to listen to. 

These tools are specifically designed for those who do not have access to professional media recording instruments and lack the technical expertise to use sound editing software. 

If you are looking for an efficient, affordable, and reliable tool to choose as your professional assistance, you should not miss out on this article. In this article, I am going to review three of the best, free and paid ai audio enhancer tools in 2024, 

  1. Audioenhancer.ai 

Audioenhancer.ai is a well-reputed sound quality improver tool available online. It is known for its customized voice enhancement features, flexible free and premium packages, and user-friendly interface. It is an ideal tool for podcasters, vloggers, and e-educators. 

ai audio enhancer

Key Features 

  • Elimination of background distortion 

Clearing the background sound elements is the basic function performed by this voice enhancer AI. It will recognize and remove all unintentionally recorded voices that could distract the listener. 

  • Making speech content clearer and more consistent 

Cleaning up the spoken content to bring consistency to the recordings is another attribute of this tool. It will enhance the coherence of the wordy part in the provided files to make sure a professional presentation of the recorded material.

  • Balancing voice loudness 

There may be fluctuating sound pitch in the recordings being recorded in an open environment. The tool will balance the voice intensity throughout the file according to the user’s selected content type requirement.

  • Content-type selection 

The tool allows the user to choose the type of content they are providing to the tool for sound enhancement and the preferred kind of adjustment in it. You can upload a podcast, vlog, music file, interview, meeting, conference, ordinary mobile audio/video, etc. 

  • Compatibility with all file formats 

It supports all the commonly used media file formats such as m4a, .mp4, .3gp, .m4b, .aac, .m4p, .m4r, .m4v, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mp3, .opus, .ogg, and .wav.


Besides its free mode of use, the tool offers three premium plans for additional features:

Basic ($10/month)Pro ($45/month)($90/month)
File size: 2GB File size: 2GB File size: 4GB 
File duration: 1 hour File duration: 5 hoursFile duration: 15 hours 
Number of files/entry: 3Number of files/entry: 5Number of files/entry: 10


  • Does not have downloadable extensions for online browsers and applications 
  1. Noiseremoval.net 

Noiseremoval.net is another well-known AI voice enhancer that is totally free for unlimited use. Its flexible sound quality improvement features, efficiency in improving the quality of sound, and user-friendly features make it stand out as one of the best sound improvers of 2024. 

voice enhancer

Key Features 

  • Sound quality enhancement as per the content type

With this amazing voice enhancer online, the user can perform customized sound quality improvement in their media files. The tool allows the user to choose the type of content they uploaded and the preferred kind of enhancement they need the tool to perform. 

  • Removes background noise 

Identifying and removing all the unintentionally recorded sound elements other than the original voice is the key feature of this tool.

  • Adjust voice pitch 

If you choose to adjust the voice loudness and levels according to the type of content, the tool will not disappoint you in this regard. It is trained to balance the voice intensity according to the standard voice of different types of media, including podcasts, music files, interviews, vlogs, etc.

  • Polish speech content throughout audio/video

Providing the output audio or video having a consistent, smooth, clearest, and engaging sound is another specialty of this voice improver. 

  • Free, user-friendly, and reliable 

It is completely free for all users and does not require you to sign up or submit a captcha before performing sound enhancement. 


It is absolutely free for unlimited use and does not feature any premium services or features for advanced-level sound quality enhancement. 


  • Accepts limited file size and length 
  • Does not available on other devices 
  1. AI Audio Enhancer by Kapwing.com 

AI audio enhancer by Kapwing.com is more than a traditional sound quality improvement tool. For its premium users, the tool offers multiple other audio or video quality editing features such as auto-subtitle generation for videos, editing with AI features, etc. 

ai voice enhancer

Key Features 

  • Removal of background sound

In a single click and a few seconds, this amazing tool will provide you with crystal-clear audio or video having no background distractions or sounds. 

  • Fix volume levels with full control

Another specialty of the AI voice enhancer by Kapwing.com is that it allows the user to choose the level of the sound pitch in their recordings. The user will move the slider to lower or increase the voice pitch. 

  • Trim or crop the provided audio or video files 

You can delete any part of your recording that you think is not appropriate. The tool will allow you to choose the length of audio or video you want to keep and improve sound quality and clarity in that part. 

  • Support bulk upload per entry 

It allows the user to upload and enhance sound quality in multiple files at a time (you may provide the tool with a combination of audio and video files). 


Free Pro ($16/month)Business  ($50/month)
File Duration: 4 min.File Duration: 120 min.File Duration: 900 min.
Unlimited exports with a watermark No Kapwing watermark on output media filesNo Kapwing watermark on output media files
Video quality: 720pVideo quality: 4KVideo quality: 4K


  • Not a user-friendly audio enhancer 
  • Limited file size and length in both free and premium modes 


The above-detailed AI tools stand among the 3 best AI audio enhancer tools in 2024 due to their impressive efficacy of modifying an ordinary quality sound into a crystal-clear voice. 

Among them, audioenhancer.ai is the most versatile, flexible, and authentic voice enhancer. It has both free and paid modes of use and is recommended to professional podcasters, vloggers, musicians, interviewers, etc. 

On the other hand, if you want a totally free yet accurate audio enhancer, you should give Noiseremoval.net a try, and let me tell you that it will not disappoint you!

Lastly, the AI audio enhancer by Kapwing.com is a good sound editing and improving tool but not suitable for beginners or those with the least technical expertise or knowledge of dealing with AI tools. 

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