Don Felder Net Worth

Don Felder Net Worth: Bio, Age, Relationships, and More

What is Don Felder’s net worth?

Don Felder net worth $60 Million
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter
Notable RoleLead guitarist of The Eagles (1974-2001)
Key ContributionPrimary songwriter of “Hotel California”
Solo CareerReleased several solo albums
CollaborationsEngaged in collaborations with other artists

American musician and songwriter Don Felder net worth $60 million, has left an unforgettable mark on the music industry. Felder, The Eagles’ lead guitarist, helped shape the band’s sound and legacy. He was the Eagles’ lead guitarist from 1974 to 2001, helping them succeed throughout their prime years.

Don Felder’s writing of “Hotel California,” an Eagles classic, is one of his greatest accomplishments. This classic rock song captures the band’s musical brilliance and storytelling.

Outside of The Eagles, Don Felder has released several successful solo albums that display his creative diversity and skill. His solo work has let him experiment with new genres and exhibit his talents outside the band.

Felder has collaborated with several musicians, exhibiting his ability to integrate his musical expertise with broad industry talents. His collaborations demonstrate his flexibility and lasting impact on the music scene.

Don Felder’s rise from Eagles lead guitarist to famous solo artist and collaborator shows his financial success and impact on rock music. His net worth is a testament to his long and successful career, making him a music legend.

Quick Facts of Don Felder

Full NameDonald William Felder
Born Date21 Sep, 1947
Age75 years
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneSapphire
Lucky ColorGreen
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Capricorn
Profession:American rock musician, singer, and songwriter
Country:United States
Height:5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Marital Status:married
WifeKathrin Nicholson (m. 2010), Susan Felder (m. 1971–2000)
DivorceSusan Felder
Don Felder net worth$60 million
Eye ColorBlue
Hair Colorgray
Birth PlaceGainesville, Florida
FatherCharles Nolan Felder
MotherDoris Rebecca Felder
KidsLeah Felder Cody William Felder, Rebecca Felder, and Jesse N. Felder
FacebookDonald William Felder Facebook
TwitterDonald William Felder Twitter
InstagramDonald William Felder Instagram
IMDBDonald William Felder IMDB
WikiDonald William Felder Wiki

Early Life

Don Felder net worth $60 million

On September 21, 1947, in Gainesville, Florida, Don Felder began his musical career. His early music exposure and guitar expertise show a self-taught musician with a passion for his trade. Felder’s love of music began when he saw Elvis Presley’s thrilling performance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

Felder taught himself guitar by ear despite budgetary constraints. In primary school, he practiced and created a distinctive musical style using half-speed tape recordings. This resourcefulness and determination set him up for success.

Felder formed The Continentals, his first band, in high school. He developed his musical skills in a collaborative context. Felder worked at a music school where a Berklee graduate taught him theory and notes. This formal music schooling enhanced his musical skills.

Felder taught guitar at a local music shop for 18 months after graduating from Gainesville High School. One of his classmates was a young Tom Petty, predicting Gainesville’s musical interconnectivity.

Early years in Gainesville laid the stage for Don Felder’s incredible career, demonstrating his musical talent, persistence, and guitar devotion. Felder’s guitar and songwriting career was shaped by Elvis Presley, The Continentals, and Tom Petty.


Don Felder joined The Eagles after playing in several bands and projects.

Felder’s first musical success came with the Maundy Quintet after playing with future Eagles bandmate Bernie Leadon in a Florida band. The group’s 1967 45 rpm record was played throughout north-central Florida, launching Felder’s career. After the Maundy Quintet disbanded in the late 1960s, Felder sought new chances. Don Felder net worth $60 million

Felder released a self-titled improv rock fusion album with Flow in 1970 when his musical journey took him to New York. He then worked at a recording studio in Boston, demonstrating his performance and production skills.

When Felder moved to Los Angeles and toured with David Blue in 1973, things changed. Bernie Leadon connected him to The Eagles. Felder was invited to participate on “Good Day in Hell” in 1974 as his relationship with the band strengthened. He then joined The Eagles, helping them move from country to mainstream rock.

Felder created the title track to The Eagles’ landmark album “Hotel California,” cementing his creative influence. The Eagles disbanded in 1980 due to internal strife, external pressures, and substance misuse.

Felder’s solo career included contributions to Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Stevie Nicks, and Andy Gibb records. His first solo album, “Airborne,” dropped in 1983 with the song “Never Surrender.”

Felder’s solo career continued with “Road to Forever” (2012) and “American Rock and Roll” (2019). Felder toured with REO Speedwagon and Styx in 2017 after missing The Eagles’ History of the Eagles Tour in 2013–2015.

Don Felder’s career as a guitarist, songwriter, and solo performer shows his perseverance, versatility, and lasting impact.

Personal Life

Through his ex-wife Susan, Don Felder is connected to the Kardashians beyond his music. In 2000, Don and Susan divorced after 29 years, leaving four children and a history.

Leah Felder, one of their daughters, links the family to the Kardashians. Leah Felder married Brandon Jenner, the son of Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson. This family link links the Felder and Jenner-Kardashian families.

Kris Kardashian, Kardashian matriarch, is Brandon Jenner’s stepmother. Felders and Jenner-Kardashians’ complex relationships show the entertainment industry’s personal bonds.

Don Felder is best known for his music, but his family’s ties to Kardashian-Jenner characters provide an intriguing aspect to the story of celebrity relationships. Don Felder net worth $60 million

Don Felder married whom?

Significant connections and family dynamics have shaped Don Felder’s personal life. After marrying Susan Felder in 1971, they had four children: Leah, Cody William, Rebecca, and Jesse N. Don became enmeshed in the Felder family’s varied talents and interests.

Don and Susan Felder divorced in 2000 after 29 years of marriage. Their longtime marriage ended due to personal issues.

Later, in 2000, Don Felder married Kathrin Nicholson. Real estate dealer Kathrin changed Don’s life, and their marriage is a new beginning for the talented musician.

Personal relationships, divorces, and remarriage represent Don Felder’s complex and ongoing path beyond music. While his Eagles and solo career have made an indelible effect on the music industry, his personal life equally contributes to his experiences and connections.

Controversies and rumors

In 2001, Don Felder left “The Eagles” and faced a legal struggle, which challenged his career. His expulsion from the band was due to conflicts. The legal difficulties are unknown, but group tensions reached a peak.

After leaving “The Eagles,” Don Felder has kept a low profile, with no new allegations or difficulties. Felder’s profession and personal life tend to be less publicized now that conflicts have subsided.

Despite his Eagles struggles, Don Felder continued to work in music through his solo career and collaborations. His perseverance and dedication to his trade helped him overcome the legal issues with his old band.

Don Felder’s post-Eagles career shows his capacity to move forward and contribute to music, regardless of the legal battle.

Body Measurements and Social Media

The talented musician Don Felder has a remarkable appearance and intriguing charm. Felder, at 5’10”, 80 lbs, has a presence that matches his music business achievements.

The musician’s silver hair and blue eyes enhance his charisma. Don Felder is a musical talent and a captivating stage presence due to his physical characteristics.

Don Felder interacts with followers on social media in addition to music. He has 224k Facebook followers under his own name. His Instagram account @donfeldermusic has 47.4k followers and his Twitter account @donfelder has 20.9k. These channels offer fans his life, work, and audience interactions, demonstrating a new approach to fan engagement.

Don Felder’s social media presence shows his relevancy in modern music and lets people communicate with him outside of music.

Nominations and Awards

Don Felder has received many awards for his music business contributions. He has four Grammy Awards, demonstrating his skill. Felder got twelve Grammy nominations during his career, demonstrating his artistic consistency.

Felder won four American Music Awards in 1998 along with the Grammys. These accolades demonstrate his impact on music and the audience’s and industry’s recognition.

His band, “The Eagles,” was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, solidifying their legacy in rock music. The Eagles, notably Don Felder, have had a lasting impact on the genre, earning the inclusion.

The music community respects Don Felder, as seen by his honors and inductions. His talent, technique, and dedication to his profession have made him a rock and roll legend.


Finally, Don Felder’s career as The Eagles’ lead guitarist, songwriter, and performer has shaped the music industry. From Gainesville, Florida, self-taught guitarist to Grammy Award-winning performer, Felder’s $60 million net worth shows his resilience, flexibility, and lasting impact on rock music.

As the Eagles’ main songwriter of “Hotel California,” Don Felder helped shape their sound and legacy. Outside of the Eagles, Felder’s solo and collaborative work demonstrate his creative versatility and lasting impact on music.

Felder’s familial and personal connections, especially his daughter Leah’s marriage to the Kardashians, are noteworthy. He had several divorces and remarriages, illustrating the complexity of personal relationships and a successful music career.

Felder’s persistence and dedication to music helped him succeed in a solo career and collaborations with famous artists after The Eagles’ 2001 court troubles. His four Grammys, twelve nominations, and four American Music Awards demonstrate his musical talent and industry acknowledgment.

Don Felder’s large following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter shows his relevancy in modern music and gives fans a glimpse into his personal life.

Fans worldwide honor Don Felder, a rock and roll great and important component in The Eagles’ legacy, for his contributions to the genre and the music industry.

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