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Jett Kain, an American entrepreneur, went from MTV reporter and producer to Lynn Ban Jewelry brand leader. Jett oversees the press and marketing department, helping the company grow and get notoriety. He helped shape Lynn Ban Jewelry’s image and market presence with his experience and strategic efforts.

Jett Kain became famous outside of business after appearing on Bling Empire: New York on Netflix. The show shows rich Asian Americans in New York City’s lavish lifestyles and complex relationships. The series has expanded Jett’s public persona and impact.

Due to his excellent profession and commercial pursuits, Jett Kain’s net worth is projected at $5 million in 2023. His transition from television to luxury jewelry shows his adaptability and success in other fields. Jett Kain remains a prominent business and entertainment figure because to his Lynn Ban Jewelry contributions and public presence.

Who is Jett Kain?

Who is Jett Kain?

US-born Jett Kain is a successful photographer, entrepreneur, and reporter. Born in the late 1960s, his parents and upbringing are private. Jett is known for his broad business career and his involvement on Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York.

Jett Kain and Lynn Ban co-starred in the drama, which depicted rich Asian Americans’ lavish lifestyles and relationships in New York City. Jett’s early life is unknown, but his later successes demonstrate his adaptability and versatility.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Jett Kain is a talented photographer. His role on Bling Empire: New York has made him a well-known business and entertainment personality.

Jett Kain continues to captivate audiences with his contributions to entrepreneurship, photography, and media.


Full NameJett Kain
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth YearLate 1960s
ProfessionsEntrepreneur, Photographer, Reporter
Notable RolesMTV Reporter/Producer, Leader of Lynn Ban Jewelry, Bling Empire: New York Cast Member
Public PersonaKnown for his contributions to entrepreneurship, photography, and media. Rose to fame through Bling Empire: New York on Netflix.
SpouseLynn Ban (married two years after meeting in 1994)
ChildrenSebastian (born in the late 2000s)
Career Highlights– Started as an MTV reporter/producer covering events like Donatella Versace’s 1994 New Year’s Eve party.
– Collaborated with Lynn Ban to bring the Genki Sushi Franchise to the US in 1996.
– Co-founded Lynn Ban Jewelry in 2011, gaining attention from celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Beyoncé.
– Led the press and marketing department at Lynn Ban Jewelry, shaping the brand’s image and market presence.
Television AppearanceFeatured on Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York, showcasing the extravagant lifestyles and relationships of wealthy Asian Americans in New York City.
Relationship on ShowExplored a relationship with Blake Abbie, sparking rumors and discussions about Jett Kain’s sexuality.
Post-Show DevelopmentsJett expressed plans to start new businesses in Los Angeles, leaving the status of his relationship with Lynn Ban uncertain.
Support from Co-StarsCo-star Blake Abbie defended Jett Kain on Instagram, emphasizing their friendship and dispelling rumors about Jett’s personal life.
Estimated Net WorthProjected to be $5 million in 2023, attributed to entrepreneurial ventures, contributions to Lynn Ban Jewelry, and income from Bling Empire: New York.


The first season of Bling Empire showed Jett Kain and Blake Abbie’s relationship, which raised sexuality problems. Fans said Kain, an entrepreneur on the show, and Blake Abbie, a Canadian fashion magazine editor, were comfortable and close. A scenario where Kain and Abbie took Instagram images together sparked dating rumors.

The perceived flirty relationship with Abbie sparked internet conjecture about Kain’s sexuality. These rumors are unconfirmed, and sexual orientation is personal.

Blake Abbie responded quickly to online speculations and assumptions by saying he is friends with Jett Kain and Lynn Ban. Abbie’s answer ended sexuality rumors by stating that he and Kain are not romantically involved.

It emphasizes the necessity of respecting privacy and not judging people’s lives by edited reality TV. Abbie’s explanation supports the premise that on-screen interactions may not represent off-screen connections.

Jett Kain Career

Jett Kain began his career as an MTV reporter and producer. His job allowed him to cover spectacular events like Donatella Versace’s 1994 New Year’s Eve party, where serendipity shaped his life. He met his future wife, Lynn Ban, while covering this event.

Jett and Lynn collaborated after meeting by coincidence. After Lynn graduated in 1996, they brought the Genki Sushi Franchise from Singapore and Hong Kong to the US. Their significant contributions to the US restaurant sector began with this enterprise.

Lynn Ban Jewelry was founded in 2011 to continue their collaboration. Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Beyoncé flocked to this jewelry firm for its unusual designs. Lynn believes Jett is crucial to the company’s success, and they’ve used their skills to help it succeed.

Jett Kain travels the world expanding Lynn Ban Jewelry, demonstrating their worldwide effect. him role in Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York raised him visibility, but his work is still private. The show, which premiered on January 20, 2023, follows wealthy Asian American socialites in New York City, with Jett Kain and others standing out. Their lavish lifestyles and complex relationships and businesses are depicted in the series.

Jett Kain’s Wife & Personal Life

Jett Kain’s Wife & Personal Life

Lynn Ban attracted Jett Kain at a 1994 New Year’s Eve celebration, starting their romance. Jett was pulled to her as she danced in high heels and a short skirt despite being a college student. Wanting to know her better, he requested for her number but got the wrong one.

A few months later, mutual friends arranged a dinner that reconnected them. This meeting started their relationship, which led to marriage two years later. The couple had Sebastian in the late 2000s.

With mutual respect and understanding, Jett and Lynn have maintained their connection. In the final episode of the Netflix series, Jett announced his plans to work in Los Angeles, presenting fresh challenges for their relationship. Lynn first had mixed feelings after hearing the news, but she gradually found delight in the thought of continuing their relationship from New York to California instead of London.

Jett and Lynn are happily married, negotiating long-distance relationships and supporting one other’s goals. Sebastian, their teenage son, attends a London boarding school, complicating their family. Even though they live far apart, the Kain family perseveres and stays committed.

Lynn and Jett’s Bling Empire Journey

Jett Kain, a popular MTV reporter/producer, met college student Lynn Ban at a New Year’s Eve party in 1994. Lynn danced on a speaker in high heels and a short skirt on their first date, a classic romance. After making an instant connection, Jett asked for her number but got the wrong one.

After a few months, they met again at a mutual friend’s dinner. Lynn accepted Jett’s advances this time, starting their relationship. A few years later, they married after finding great happiness together despite their cultural differences. Lynn’s father’s Genki Sushi franchise, originally from Singapore and Hong Kong, was brought to the US by the couple.

In the early 2010s, Lynn Ban Jewelry was launched after their commercial success. Lynn handled the creative aspects, while Jett handled publicity and marketing. Lynn calls Jett her soulmate, greatest friend, and life partner. Their open personalities have made their path difficult, yet their love stays consistent.

Since their relationship began, Lynn and Jett have listened to one other to resolve challenges. Jett announced his Los Angeles career ambitions in the final episode of the Netflix original series, showing his determination. Lynn supported them despite early worries, emphasizing their relationship as they consider a long-distance journey from New York to California.

Are Jett Kain And Lynn Ban Still Together 

After the first season of Bling Empire: New York, Jett Kain and Lynn Ban’s relationship was unclear. Blake Abbie said he’s friends with the couple, but the season finished with Jett Kain saying he wants to start new businesses in Los Angeles. The couple struggled with this decision, leaving their future unknown.

Kain’s career ambitions may affect their relationship, given their difficult relationship. Future episodes, maybe in a second season, may explore their challenges and how they overcome them.

Bling Empire viewers have questioned the relationship status of Vika and Richard, Dorothy Wang and Ari Kourkoumelis, and other couples. Audiences want updates because these connections are dramatic and ambiguous.

Watch for Jett Kain and Lynn Ban’s romance to evolve in future Bling Empire: New York seasons. You can watch the first season on Netflix, and the next season promises more twists and turns for these dynamic couples.

Blake shielded Jett from sexuality rumors

Blake shielded Jett from sexuality rumors

Blake Abbie addressed Jett Kain’s sexuality accusations in his Instagram story after Bling Empire: New York’s premiere. Blake called Jett and Lynn “family” and was surprised by sexual orientation rumors.

He denied rumors that Jett and Lynn are not in love. Blake said Jett had asked him about many issues during their conversations, and the show may have exaggerated certain times.

Blake advised viewers to show Jett grace and understanding in response to invasive questions. He stressed that Jett and Lynn are not homophobic and advised against making judgments based on manipulated and deceptive television portrayals. Blake’s words sought to clarify and shield the pair from unwanted attention.


Jett Kain might be worth $5 million by 2023. His entrepreneurial efforts and Lynn Ban Jewelry brand contributions contributed to his financial success. Kain is financially and business-savvy with an estimated $500,000 annual income.

His role in Bling Empire: New York on Netflix has also increased his income. Jett Kain is expected to earn $80,000 to $350,000 per episode for the Netflix series. This boosts his net worth and entertainment business popularity.

Jett’s wealth reflects his entrepreneurial and TV accomplishments. Jett Kain’s net worth will certainly increase as he diversifies his profession and pursues new chances, establishing his status as a successful business and entertainment figure.

How Did Jett Kain Earn His Money?

In addition to his business skills, Jett Kain also an entertainer. Lynn met her husband in late 1994, while he was an MTV reporter and producer. Jett covered Donatella Versace’s 1994 New Year’s Eve celebration. After graduating, Lynn and Jett brought Genki Sushi to the US in 1996. This corporation started in Singapore and Hong Kong, China.

Jett and Lynn have shaped the US restaurant sector for years. Lynn wants to expand Genki Sushi, which her father started. Lynn and Jett founded Lynn Ban Jewelry in 2011. Specializing in unorthodox designs, the company has worked with customers such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce..

Jett is crucial to Lynn Ban Jewelry’s press and marketing. Jett was “instrumental” in building their brand, says his wife. Both use their specialties to grow their brands. Jett appears to travel the world helping businesses flourish, but he is open to new jobs.


Finally, Jett Kain, an American entrepreneur with a diversified career, has shaped business and entertainment. Jett has succeeded in several industries, from MTV reporting and producing to leading Lynn Ban Jewelry. His strategic leadership of Lynn Ban Jewelry’s press and marketing department has shaped the brand’s image and market presence.

He rose to fame after appearing on Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York, where fans saw his complicated relationships and business pursuits. Jett’s co-stars, especially Blake Abbie, have supported him and Lynn against accusations about his personal life, praising his work and privacy.

Before reality TV, Jett was an MTV reporter and producer, covering Donatella Versace’s 1994 New Year’s Eve celebration. His association with Lynn Ban began with the US Genki Sushi Franchise and led to the 2011 launch of Lynn Ban Jewelry.


Q: Who’s Jett Kain?

A: Entrepreneur, photographer, and former MTV reporter/producer Jett Kain is from the US. He became famous for leading Lynn Ban Jewelry and appearing on Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York.

Q: How much is Jett Kain worth in 2023?

A: Due to his business, entrepreneurship, and Bling Empire: New York accomplishments, Jett Kain’s 2023 net worth is expected to be $5 million.

Q: How did Lynn Ban meet Jett Kain?

A: Jett Kain met Lynn Ban at Donatella Versace’s 1994 New Year’s Eve party while reporting for MTV. Later projects included Genki Sushi Franchise and Lynn Ban Jewelry.

Q: What did Jett Kain do on Bling Empire: New York?

A: Jett Kain’s Bling Empire: New York plot focused on his romance with Blake Abbie and their struggles. He discussed his company, personal life, and relationships with wealthy Asian Americans in New York City on the show.

Q: Are Jett Kain and Lynn Ban together?

A: After the first season of Bling Empire: New York, Jett Kain and Lynn Ban’s relationship is uncertain. Jett wanted to launch new businesses in LA, threatening their future. Future seasons may include updates.

Q: How did Jett Kain help Lynn Ban Jewelry?

A: Lynn Ban Jewelry’s press and marketing department relied on Jett Kain. His strategy and experience shaped the brand’s image and market presence. Lynn Ban says Jett helped the company succeed.

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