Light-hearted Movies to Watch with Your Family

In the mood for a sweet, heartwarming film? This is the post for you then.

Maybe you have had a bad day at work. Maybe the whole week was somehow garbage. How about we watch a feel-good movie and recover from all the distress and misery? Some movies have the uncanny ability to immerse us in a story and forget all our worries. 

Films can ignite your wanderlust if you are looking for them. Online access makes all of these available for your enjoyment from the privacy of your own home. You only need a reliable internet provider like Spectrum and you are all sorted. Yes, it is not even expensive and the speeds are decent as well. 

Although we usually enjoy suspense thrillers, sometimes you need something heartwarming to escape the everyday. This is what we will do in this post today. Below are some of the films with sweet storylines:

The English Patient

This is the best film on the list for obvious reasons. What we love the most about The English Patient is that you will find all kinds of emotions, whether it is drama, romance, suspense, and adventure.

The film revolves around an injured Canadian pilot who is being treated by a nurse from Canada. Due to his accent, “the English Patient” is the only name he can recall. The audience can travel through time to Italy and Egypt (despite the fact that the dessert scenes were actually filmed in Tunisia) in order to follow the nurse’s story. What story? Well, we will not ruin the story for you. Watch it! 

Kiki’s Delivery Service

This fourth feature film from Studio Ghibli follows young witch Kiki on her rite-of-passage journey. After arriving in town, she starts a flying service for a bakery. In this film, fantastical themes are woven into the fabric of metropolitan life, making them seem real. This is a great movie for people of all ages due to its likable cast, wholesome story, and mature content. Hayao Miyazaki beautifully captures the lonely middle ground between childhood and independence in Kiki’s quest for a place in the world.

Eat Pray Love

If you enjoy travel, this has to be on your watch-list for sure. The romantic travel movie Eat Pray Love is usually at the top of every list of romantic travel films and books. After her divorce, Elizabeth Gilbert traveled around the world.

Visiting Italy, India, and Indonesia in search of worldly pleasure, she finds love, friendship, and spiritual devotion. Many people label this movie (or book) as “cutesy” or “superficial”. However, both of them were enjoyable to me. This movie depicts Elizabeth Gilbert’s personal journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Depending on your perspective, it may or may not inspire you. Watching Eat Pray Love will certainly provide you with some aesthetic pleasure. Italy is all about passion and food, India is all about devotion, and Bali is all about inner balance.

Ella Enchanted

Ella, a young woman cursed at birth to trust only what others have told her, travels to find the fairy godmother who might be able to reverse the curse. The 2004 Anne Hathaway-led adaptation is an amazing movie to watch with friends and family. This fairy godmother tale is filled with witches, elves, talking books, and much more. In short, there is a lot to love about this movie: action, adventure, romance, dancing numbers, evil stepsisters, and an appearance by Heidi Klum. Ultimately, it is a story of a young woman learning to live on her own terms.

Painted veil 

Filmed in 1941, Painted Veil is based on a classic novel by Somerset Maugham. Despite marrying an upper-class woman, a middle-class doctor never really appreciates her, and she falls for someone else instead. When he discovers the betrayal, he takes a job in a remote Chinese village (which is suffering from a deadly epidemic).

It is through this journey together that the unfaithful wife sees her husband in a new light and changes everything between them. Because of living in a Chinese village, they fall in love again and find meaning in their relationship. Watching this movie never gets old for many people.

Moreover, with that, we come to the end of this post. We hope you have found the perfect movie to uplift your mood. Let us know which movie did you like the most and why.

Happy Streaming!

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