Who is Mia Dae Kim? Wiki Bio, Net worth, Age, Height, Family and The untold story of Daniel Dae’s wife

Mia Haeyoung Rhee, known as Mia Dae Kim, is a celebrity wife who married American actor Daniel Dae Kim. Daniel is famous for playing Chin Ho Kelly in “Hawaii Five-0” and Jin-Soo Kwon in “Lost.”

This union has propelled Mia into the public eye and piqued viewers’ interest in the woman who lives with such a famous entertainer. This article will explore Mia Haeyoung Rhee’s life and marriage to Daniel Dae Kim.

Quick Facts 

Full name Mia Haeyoung Rhee
Also known as Mia Dae Kim 
Date of birth 15 March 1965 
Age 58 years old (as of 2023) 
Zodiac sign Pisces 
Place of birth Easton, Connecticut, USA 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Asian-American 
Religion Christianity
Education Smith College 
Hair colour Black
Height in feet and inches5’7″ 
Height in centimeters170 
Weight in pounds 132 
Weight in kilograms60
Father Dr Chong Heon Rhee 
Sexual orientation Straight 
PartnerDaniel Dae Kim
Occupation Graphic designer, general manager 

Mia Dae Kim’s biography

Mia Dae Kim, born March 15, 1965, in Connecticut, turns 58 in 2023. Her sign is Pisces. Her mixed background makes Mia glad to be an American and Asian-American.

Doctor Chong Heon Rhee, her father, is a pulmonary specialist at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut, demonstrating her family’s academic and professional success. Mia lost her mother, Youngsil Rhee, years before marrying Daniel Dae in 1993.

Mia attended Smith College, a prestigious arts college in Northampton, Massachusetts, to learn. Personal growth and intellectual discovery are evident in her schooling. Mia Dae Kim’s biography highlights her origins, academic achievements, and life-changing experiences.

Career of Mia Dae Kim

Mia Dae Kim moved to Manhattan in her early 20s to work as a graphic designer for Springer-Verlag New York Inc., a medical and scientific book publisher. Graphic design allowed her to express her creativity by visualizing scientific materials.

Notably, Mia briefly appeared in one episode of “The Knickerbocker Gang,” demonstrating her showbiz career. Her creative and entertainment background gave her a distinct perspective on the world.

The iconic Italian fashion firm Salvatore Ferragamo employs Mia Dae Kim as its general manager. This position highlights her adaptability and ability to navigate numerous professional disciplines, demonstrating her incredible journey to discover and flourish in various fields. Mia’s adaptability and dedication to excellence make her fascinating.

Mia Kim and Daniel Dae’s wedding 

Daniel Dae Kim and Mia Kim married on June 12, 1993. Episcopal preacher Louis Lunardini celebrated their memorable wedding at Fairfield’s First Presbyterian Church. This beautiful ritual began a lifetime of shared ambitions and aspirations.

As 2023 approaches, the pair eagerly awaits their June 30th wedding anniversary. This milestone celebrates Daniel and Mia’s longtime love and dedication. Their longtime love inspires them and those who recognise the beauty of enduring love.

Who are Mia Dae Kim’s children? 

Two remarkable sons make Mia and Daniel Dae Kim proud. Their oldest son, Zander, was born in July 1996 and turned 26 in May 2023. Zander works as an editing assistant at Black Dog & Leventhal, a prominent illustrated book publisher.

Jackson Kim, their youngest son, was born on January 15, 2002. Jackson is 21 now. He graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, demonstrating his dedication to learning and personal growth.

The Kim family’s two sons have thrived under their parents’ leadership and support, achieving professional and academic success. Mia and Daniel Dae Kim are proud of their achievements, which reflect their family’s ideals of excellence and determination.

Who Are Her Parents?

Family history links Mia Dae Kim to a prestigious medical profession. Easton, Connecticut-born Dr. Chong Heon Rhee is her father. The pulmonary specialist Dr. Rhee worked at Bridgeport Hospital in Bridgeport, Connecticut, demonstrating his dedication to healthcare and well-being.

Unfortunately, Mia’s mother, Youngsil Rhee, died before her 1993 marriage to Daniel Dae Kim. Even though Mia’s mother wasn’t there for her daughter’s wedding and life adventure, her memory lives on in her family. Mia Dae Kim’s family history encompasses medical expertise and family relationships, revealing her rich existence.

Daniel’s Son Is His Priority

In his dedication to his two sons, Daniel Dae Kim shows his loving fatherhood. He told Vulture Magazine that he prioritizes his family and raises his youngsters well. Daniel made important fatherhood decisions because he loved his kids.

Choosing to work on “Hawaii Five-O,” he moved his family to the island state to be closer to him. This employment shift showed Daniel’s desire to be there in his sons’ lives and his willingness to adapt and sacrifice to provide a secure and caring home for his family.

Daniel Dae Kim’s acts demonstrate the ageless principles of parenthood—putting family first, making sacrifices, and cherishing time with loved ones. His dedication as a father inspires others and shows the value of family.

What Is Mia Dae Kim Net Worth?

Mia Kim’s net worth is estimated at $300,000. She is married to Daniel Dae Kim, a $10 millionaire. This large net worth gap reflects the couple’s diverse careers.

Mia and her family live in New York and Los Angeles, enjoying the best of both worlds. While Mia’s net worth may not match her husband’s, the family’s focus goes beyond money to include their shared experiences and importance of togetherness.

Social Media Presence

Kim is active on Facebook and has also posted a few photos on her account. She has an Instagram account too but has kept it private.


Absolutely, here are some Mia Dae Kim FAQs:

Q: Who’s Mia Dae Kim?

A: Public person Mia Dae Kim is married to famous American actor Daniel Dae Kim.

Q: When was Mia Dae Kim born?

A: Mia Dae Kim was born in Connecticut on March 15, 1965.

Q: Mia Dae Kim’s occupation?

A: Mia Dae Kim is Salvatore Ferragamo’s general manager and a graphic designer.

Q: Parents of Mia Dae Kim?

A: Bridgeport Hospital pulmonary specialist Dr. Chong Heon Rhee is Mia Dae Kim’s father. Her mother, Youngsil Rhee, died before her 1993 marriage to Daniel Dae Kim.

Q: How many kids does Mia Dae Kim have?

A: Mia and Daniel Dae Kim have sons Zander and Jackson.

Q: How much is Mia Dae Kim worth?

A: Mia Dae Kim’s anticipated 2022 net worth is $300,000, while her spouse Daniel’s is $10 million.

Q: Mia Dae Kim lives where?

A: The Kim family lives in New York and Los Angeles.

These FAQs cover Mia Dae Kim’s background, family, and profession, giving a complete picture of her.

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