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Michael Dmitri Ingraham: Children of Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham, a prominent radio host on the Fox News Channel, has two children, Maria Caroline and Michael Dmitri Ingraham. Despite not being her biological kids, Laura lovingly adopted them, emphasizing that it was one of the most rewarding decisions of her life. Maria Caroline holds the distinction of being the eldest daughter. Laura’s commitment to providing love and attention to her adopted children underscores the depth of her maternal bond. This article delves into the intricacies of Maria and Michael’s personal lives, shedding light on fascinating details about Laura Ingraham’s unique and heartwarming journey into motherhood.

Adoption of Michael Dmitri Ingraham

In 2009, Laura Ingraham embarked on the challenging journey of adopting her son, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, who was just one year old at the time. This particular adoption presented difficulties for Laura as Michael’s home was in Russia, and the Russian government was initially hesitant about granting custody of their country’s children to an American parent.

Adding to the complexities, Laura faced additional hurdles as a single parent applying for adoption. The conventional preference for placing children with couples made the process even more arduous. Undeterred by these challenges, Laura persisted in her pursuit of adopting Michael Dmitri Ingraham.

Overcoming numerous obstacles and bureaucratic resistance, Laura eventually succeeded in gaining custody of Michael. The joy and fulfillment she experienced after the successful adoption were undoubtedly significant moments in her life. Despite the challenges, Laura’s determination and resilience prevailed, allowing her to expand her family and provide a loving home for her son.

However, it’s noteworthy that Laura faced criticism for adopting a Russian child, with some labeling her a “Hypocrite woman.” The reasons behind the criticism may be rooted in political or social perspectives, but Laura Ingraham remained steadfast in her decision to provide a loving home for Michael, emphasizing the importance of family and overcoming obstacles in the process.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s Personal Life

As of the latest available information, Michael Dmitri Ingraham is reported to be 15 years old. Given the privacy concerns surrounding the family, it is plausible that he attends a middle elite private school for security reasons. Such a choice reflects his family’s commitment to ensuring a secure and private environment for their children.

Additionally, in one of Laura Ingraham’s interviews, it was mentioned that Michael possesses skills as a Lego player, indicative of his intelligence and creativity. This suggests that beyond his academic pursuits, Michael has a keen interest and talent in activities that stimulate creativity and problem-solving.

As the son of a prominent figure like Laura Ingraham, maintaining a balance between privacy and public awareness is crucial. The acknowledgment of Michael’s skills in Lego playing offers a glimpse into his personality and talents, showcasing that he is not only a student but also an individual with diverse interests and abilities.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s Mother, (Laura) Dating History

It is worth noting that Laura Ingraham’s romantic history has been marked by various connections with notable figures. One of her early relationships was with Dinesh D’Souza, though the duration of their involvement remains undisclosed. Following this, in 1997, she entered into a brief romance with liberal pundit Keith Olbermann, the details of which were not publicly disclosed.

In 1999, Laura found companionship with Robert Torricelli, but this relationship also ended in separation after a period of time. Her dating history further includes connections with Dinesh D’Souza once again, a filmmaker and politician, as well as George T. Conway.

Despite experiencing five unsuccessful relationships, Laura Ingraham’s romantic journey took a turn when she engaged with James V. Reyes in 2004. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, their relationship faced challenges and ultimately ended in 2005.

As of 2021, Laura Ingraham is reported to be single, dedicating her time to family and career pursuits. The accomplished television personality seems to have found contentment in her current life, focusing on personal fulfillment and professional achievements.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham’s Siblings And Family Members 

Michael Dmitri Ingraham is fortunate to be growing up alongside his two siblings, Maria Caroline Ingraham and Nikolai Peter Ingraham. The unique family dynamic includes Maria, who was adopted from Guatemala in 2008, and Nikolai, adopted from Russia in 2011, showcasing Laura Ingraham’s commitment to creating a diverse and loving household.

In the familial lineage, Michael’s grandparents are James Frederick Ingraham III and Anne Caroline. Furthermore, Curtis Ingraham, being Laura’s brother, assumes the role of Michael’s uncle, adding another layer to the close-knit family structure.

This multicultural and extended family unit reflects Laura Ingraham’s dedication to providing a nurturing environment for her adopted children, fostering a sense of belonging and love within the Ingraham family.

Meet Laura Ingraham’s Kids

Meet Laura Ingraham’s Kids

While Laura Ingraham is known for being very protective of her three children and has maintained a high level of privacy around their lives, here is a glimpse into the family dynamics of the famous TV host:

  • Maria Caroline Ingraham: Maria is the eldest daughter, adopted from Guatemala in May 2008. Her exact date of birth is not publicly disclosed, but she joined the Ingraham family at the age of three. Growing up in the United States, Maria has been a part of Laura’s journey into motherhood.
  • Michael Dmitri Ingraham: Laura’s second child is her adopted son, Michael Dmitri, whom she adopted in 2009 when he was just one year old. The adoption process for Michael, who hails from Russia, was challenging due to government regulations and Laura’s status as a single parent.
  • Nikolai Peter Ingraham: Nikolai is the youngest of Laura’s children, adopted two years after Michael. While details about Nikolai and his adoption are relatively private, he completes the trio of Laura’s lovingly adopted children.

Despite Laura Ingraham’s high-profile career and public presence, she has consistently prioritized the privacy and well-being of her children. This limited information about her children reflects Laura’s commitment to providing a secure and sheltered environment for her family.

Biography Maria Caroline Ingraham

Biography Maria Caroline Ingraham

Laura Ingraham’s eldest daughter, Maria Caroline Ingraham, holds American nationality and was born in Guatemala. While the exact date of her birth is not available, Laura adopted Maria in May 2008 when she was three years old. Maria became a part of the Ingraham family after being adopted from an orphanage in Guatemala and was given the name Maria Caroline Ingraham.

A year later, Laura expanded her family by adopting a 13-month-old baby boy from Moscow, Russia, whom she named Michael Dmitri Ingraham. The Ingraham siblings spent their childhood in the United States, and two years after Michael’s adoption, Laura welcomed another child into the family, Nikolai Peter Ingraham.

Laura Ingraham has shared in interviews that her decision to adopt was driven by her maternal instincts, which became evident during her time spent with her friend’s children. This experience prompted her to pursue adoption as a way to build her own family.

The process of adopting Maria Caroline Ingraham and Michael Dmitri Ingraham was a significant and emotional journey for Laura. She announced the adoption of her daughter on her radio show, describing it as one of the best days of her life. Laura expressed the overwhelming joy and sentiment she felt when she first laid eyes on Maria at the orphanage doorstep, emphasizing her deep desire to become her mother.

Despite not being married, Laura Ingraham embraced single parenthood, providing a loving and nurturing environment for her adopted children. While Laura had dated various individuals before the adoption, she never entered into marriage, choosing to focus on raising her children as a dedicated and loving single parent.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham is the Second Child of Laura Ingraham

Michael Dmitri Ingraham is the Second Child of Laura Ingraham

Michael Dmitri Ingraham, born in Russia in 2008, is currently 16 years old. As the second child of Fox News TV host Laura Ingraham, his adoption in 2009 was a complex process due to the strained relations between Russia and the United States at that time. Despite the challenges, Laura successfully brought Michael to the United States when he was just a year old.

Laura Ingraham has been diligent in keeping Michael’s personal life private, extending the same protection to him as she has done for his siblings. The family resides in northern Virginia, providing a happy and loving environment for Michael, along with his mother and big sister Maria Caroline Ingraham.

Although details about Michael’s education are not publicly disclosed, it is reasonable to assume that, given his age, he is likely a high school student. Laura has shared that Michael is growing rapidly, emphasizing his fast-paced development. Additionally, she has mentioned that Michael is a skilled Lego craftsman, showcasing his talents and interests.

Overall, Laura Ingraham has been successful in creating a private and nurturing environment for Michael Dmitri Ingraham, shielding him from unnecessary media scrutiny while allowing him to thrive in a supportive family setting.

Nikolai Peter Ingraham is Laura Ingraham’s Last Child

He is the youngest child of TV host Laura Ingraham, was born in Russia in 2010, making him 14 years old as of now. Nikolai is the last of Laura’s three adopted children, and there is limited information available about his birth parents or other family members. Laura adopted Nikolai when he was just a year old, bringing him to the United States to join their family.

Laura Ingraham’s timing was fortunate, as she completed the adoption of Nikolai before Russia imposed restrictions on the adoption of Russian children by American parents. The strained relationship between the two countries led to increased challenges in the adoption process.

Nikolai resides with his mother and siblings in a happy and loving home in Virginia. Like his siblings, Laura has been meticulous in safeguarding Nikolai’s personal details and private life from public scrutiny, ensuring a protected and secure upbringing.

Considering his age, it is likely that Nikolai is currently in middle school. Described by Ingraham as stubborn, strong, smart, and sensitive, Nikolai’s personality traits showcase the uniqueness of each of Laura’s adopted children and the loving environment in which they are raised. Laura continues to prioritize the privacy and well-being of Nikolai, maintaining a balance between her public career and her family life.

All of Laura Ingraham’s Children are Adopted

Laura Ingraham, born on June 19, 1963, has built a loving family despite not having any biological children. Her journey to motherhood involves the adoption of three wonderful kids. She has been vocal about her stance on international adoption, emphasizing that it should never be about politics and that children should not be used as bargaining chips.

Growing up, Laura experienced a challenging family environment, raised alongside siblings, including her brother Curtis Ingraham. Their relationship has been strained, with Curtis using social media to criticize Laura, whom he once referred to as a “monster.” Curtis revealed details about their upbringing, describing an abusive environment with a father who was an alcoholic and a Nazi sympathizer.

Despite the challenging circumstances of her own upbringing, Laura has been committed to providing a loving and healthy home for her adopted children. She adopted all three kids when they were under the age of six, transitioning from a carefree social butterfly to a dedicated working mom within a short span. Laura’s journey into motherhood through adoption reflects her determination to create a positive and nurturing family environment, breaking away from the difficulties of her own past.

Michael Dmitri Ingraham Enjoys His Mother’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Michael Dmitri Ingraham, at the age of 15, is currently focused on his education as a schoolboy and has not ventured into any professional endeavors. Being the son of Laura Ingraham, he is able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle supported by his mother’s substantial wealth, reminiscent of the lifestyle of individuals like Zaviera Maxwell.

Laura Ingraham, a highly successful journalist, boasts a net worth of $40 million as of early 2021. Her considerable wealth is primarily attributed to her prolific career in journalism, where she commands an annual salary of $15 million. Additionally, Laura has received substantial financial support from her sponsorship with Liberty University since 2019. Her entrepreneurial ventures also contribute to her financial success, notably co-founding the conservative website LifeZette in 2015 and later selling her stake in 2018.

In terms of assets, Laura owns a property in McLean, Virginia, which she purchased for $1.6 million and was valued at $3.3 million in 2024. While this property is known, she may have other undisclosed real estate holdings contributing to her overall wealth. Laura Ingraham’s financial success is a testament to her achievements in journalism and business ventures throughout her career.


  • Michael Dmitri Ingraham, at 15 years old in 2024, is currently focused on his education as a schoolboy.
  • He has not ventured into any professional endeavors.
  • As the son of Laura Ingraham, he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle supported by his mother’s substantial wealth.
  • Laura Ingraham, a successful journalist, boasts a net worth of $40 million as of early 2021.
  • Her wealth is primarily from her journalism career, commanding an annual salary of $15 million.
  • Laura also receives financial support from her sponsorship with Liberty University since 2019.
  • Her entrepreneurial ventures, such as co-founding the conservative website LifeZette, contribute to her financial success.
  • Laura owns a property in McLean, Virginia, purchased for $1.6 million, valued at $3.3 million in 2024.
  • Michael benefits from the family’s financial success, growing up in a privileged environment.
  • Laura’s commitment to providing a secure and nurturing upbringing for her children, including Michael, is evident in their family’s well-established and prosperous lifestyle.


In summary, Laura Ingraham, a prominent Fox News Channel radio host, has two adopted children, Maria Caroline and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, whom she lovingly embraces as her own. This article delves into the intricate details of Michael’s adoption journey, acknowledging the challenges faced due to political tensions between Russia and the United States. Despite criticism, Laura’s determination prevailed, and Michael, now 15 years old, enjoys a private and secure life, likely attending a prestigious private school.

The discussion touched upon Michael’s interests, particularly his skills as a Lego player, indicative of his intelligence and creativity. Laura’s commitment to privacy and her balancing act between public awareness and family well-being are highlighted, emphasizing Michael’s diverse talents beyond academics.

The article also briefly explores Laura Ingraham’s dating history and relationships, culminating in her reported single status as of 2021. Michael is fortunate to grow up in a multicultural and loving family, alongside his siblings Maria and Nikolai, under Laura’s dedicated single parenthood.

Furthermore, the summary encapsulates Laura Ingraham’s journey into motherhood through adoption, emphasizing her commitment to providing a positive and nurturing environment for her three adopted children, breaking away from the challenges of her own past. Finally, it acknowledges Michael’s privileged upbringing, benefiting from Laura’s substantial wealth, reflecting the family’s financial success and Laura’s dedication to ensuring a comfortable lifestyle for her children.

People Also Ask 

Q: Who are Laura Ingraham’s adopted children?

A: Laura Ingraham has two adopted children, Maria Caroline and Michael Dmitri Ingraham, whom she lovingly adopted from Guatemala and Russia, respectively.

Q: What challenges did Laura face in adopting Michael Dmitri Ingraham from Russia?

A: In 2009, Laura encountered difficulties due to political tensions between Russia and the United States. As a single parent, she navigated bureaucratic hurdles to successfully adopt Michael.

Q: How old is Michael Dmitri Ingraham in 2024?

A: As of 2024, Michael Dmitri Ingraham is 15 years old, currently focusing on his education and not pursuing any professional endeavors.

Q: What is known about Michael’s interests and talents?

A: Michael has demonstrated skills as a Lego player, showcasing his intelligence and creativity. This suggests diverse interests beyond academics.

Q: How does Laura Ingraham balance privacy and public awareness for her children?

A: Laura is committed to providing a secure and private environment for her children. While sharing glimpses into their lives, she remains protective, striking a balance between public visibility and family well-being.

Q: What is Laura Ingraham’s dating history?

A: Laura has had various relationships with notable figures, including Dinesh D’Souza, Keith Olbermann, Robert Torricelli, and James V. Reyes. As of 2021, she is reported to be single, dedicating time to family and career pursuits.

Q:  Are all of Laura Ingraham’s children adopted?

A: Yes, Laura Ingraham does not have biological children. She adopted Maria, Michael, and Nikolai, all under the age of six, emphasizing her commitment to adoption and creating a positive family environment.

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