NLE Choppa’s Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family, and Other Information

NLE Choppa’s Age

NLE Choppa was born on November 1, 2002. As of September 19, 2023, he is 20 years old.


Rapper NLE Choppa’s enthusiasm and captivating lyrics rule the music industry. He discovered music young. “Shotta Flow,” NLE Choppa’s 2019 viral smash, made him a kid role model. The page covers NLE Choppa’s childhood, music, personal growth, and industry effect. Discover NLE Choppa’s age and success.

NLE Choppa’s Biography

NameBryson Lashun Potts
Nick NameNLE Choppa & Baby Mexico Choppa
Date of BirthNovember 1, 2002
Age20 years
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, US
HometownMemphis, Tennessee, US
EthnicityAfrican, American
ProfessionRapper & Musician
Zodiac SignScorpio
QualificationHigh School
Net Worth$5 Million

Age Revealed for NLE Choppa

Born November 1, 2002, NLE Choppa will turn 20 in 2023. Devoted followers seek his age. Music by NLE Choppa defies his youth.

Age influenced NLE Choppa’s journey and songs. A young, relatable man. Many of his lyrics concern youth issues including mental health, relationships, and personal growth.

Although young, NLE Choppa’s brilliance, hard work, and dedication to his art have propelled him to the top. His age signals a promising start, indicating future success.

Early Life Of NLE Choppa

Memphis-born NLE Choppa is Bryson Lashun Potts. NLE Choppa was influenced by several genres growing up in a musical city. He started playing music because of hip-hop.

NLE Choppa was born inventive. His smooth freestyle and talent charmed spectators. His father inspired NLE Choppa to play music.

Path of NLE Choppa was challenging. Both his personal and environmental life were hard. Despite hurdles, music enabled him express himself and tell stories.

NLE Choppa was influenced by Tupac Shakur, Lil Wayne, and Meek Mill. Poetry and audience participation shaped his style.

YouTube channel “Shotta Flow” introduced NLE Choppa in early 2019. The track’s powerful noises, catchy hooks, and confident delivery began NLE Choppa’s career with millions of views. After “Shotta Flow” became viral, Warner Records signed the band.

Besides spreading joy, NLE Choppa encourages self-improvement through his music. Self-care and mental health awareness are his key messages. His music and social media aim to inspire young people to follow their aspirations.

Early Memphis origins and music passion propelled NLE Choppa’s career. His upbeat presentations and attitude are well-known. Stay tuned to see how NLE Choppa’s musical breakthrough, artistic progress, and industry presence have affected his young fans.

Height of Nle Choppa

Meet Nle Choppa. Check this post for Nle Choppa info. Rapper from the US, born November 1, 2002. We located Nle Choppa for fans.

  • Nle Choppa—186 cm
  • Nle Choppa (1.86 m)
  • Foot Nle Choppa: 6’1″

Nle Choppa’s height is now visible to fans. See her biography in the table below.

NameNle Choppa 
ProfessionAmerican rapper
Date of Birth1 November 2002
Age (as in 2022)17 years
Height186 cm (6’1”)
Weight75 kg

Education and Personal Growth

He played high school basketball at Cordova.  NLE began rapping with pals around 14.  Knowledge and self-improvement are important to NLE Choppa. He encourages reading, studying, and extending horizons through interviews and social media. Despite his music career, NLE Choppa prioritizes self-improvement and knowledge from many sources.

His music career has given NLE Choppa unique information and real-life experiences that have helped him grow as a musician and person. Smart enough to navigate the industry, work with specialists, and connect with audiences.

NLE Choppa Career

NLE Choppa’s “Shotta Flow.” ignited her career. He released lyrical, hard-hitting rap in early 2019. The dramatic hooks and delivery went viral. The million-view “Shotta Flow” music video introduced NLE Choppa.

  • Success and Partnerships

After “Shotta Flow,” NLE Choppa maintained her music career. “Shotta Flow 2,” “Camelot,” and “Walk Em Down” with Roddy Ricch charted. NLE Choppa’s infectious beats, brilliant songwriting, and unique delivery made him a global hip-hop celebrity.

  • Famous Musicians

NLE Choppa has worked with famous musicians to expand his sound. He proved his flexibility with Lil Baby, Polo G, and Big Sean. These deals boosted his discography and trained him from industry specialists.

  • Artistic Change and Flexibility

NLE Choppa’s artistic growth comes from trying new things. His melodic rap and trap tunes show his flexibility. This diversity enhances his charm and artistic evolution.

  • Positive Impact

NLE Choppa’s songs and hope inspire young fans. He promotes mental health and self-care. His music and social media encourage perseverance, positivism, and mental health. The positivity of NLE Choppa has inspired many, especially youth.

Personal life and relationships

Family and relatives of NLE Choppa are known. Our knowledge about NLE Choppa’s personal life and relationships is limited.

NLE Choppa often praises family. His mother and grandmother guided him throughout life. They shaped his character and goals.

Mother NameAngeleta Ellis Potts
Father NameNot Known
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NameMarissa Da’Nae
ChildrenClover Brylie Potts
HobbiesBasketball, Singing
Favourite Celebrities Actor: Bradley CooperActress: Emma Watson

NLE Choppa hides his romances.  Choppa is dating gorgeous Marissa Da’Nae. He’s focused on music and personal growth as a young musician. His connections were secret.

NLE Choppa’s love of art and desire to change the world suggest he’s career-focused. Like many artists, he values work-play balance.

NLE Choppa may reveal more about his personal life and relationships as he matures. He prefers privacy today.

Let NLE Choppa enjoy his life in privacy. We can honor his music and art while respecting his privacy.

NLE Choppa’s Net Worth

NLE Choppa’s wealth is intriguing given his music success. His net worth is estimated by music sales, streaming, concerts, brand sponsorships, and other business operations.

The 2021 NLE Choppa net worth was several million dollars. His chart-topping songs, millions of streaming, and loyal fans made him rich.

Brand partnerships and sponsorships may have helped NLE Choppa gain money beyond music. The popular artist has collaborated with famous companies and sponsored initiatives, which can improve his net worth.

Impact on Hip-Hop

  • Considering his young, NLE Choppa’s hip-hop effect is remarkable. The excellent message, honesty, and unique style have impressed fans and musicians. His hip-hop influence: NLE Choppa’s honesty connects. His music connects with individuals via their difficulties and accomplishments. The wide audience who enjoys frank storytelling likes his music.
  • Positive energy is spread via NLE Choppa’s songs. He promotes optimism, self-love, and mental health to help followers overcome life’s problems. NLE Choppa’s positivism shines amid a dark genre.
  • Energy from NLE Choppa electrifies audiences. His unusual voice and cadence allow him to switch between hard-hitting rap lines and melodic hooks. Diversity highlights his talent and draws a big music audience.
  • NLE Choppa inspired new musicians. His early success, constructive attitude, and commercial activities inspire future artists to alter the world. The NLE Choppa sets an example.
  • Online savvy: NLE Choppa uses social media to interact and increase his fanbase. Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube boost his popularity. Using digital and social media makes him popular and influential.
  • The fact that NLE Choppa is open to new sounds and genres shows his desire to improve. A mix of rap, trap, and melodic influences informs his sound. Openness to change fosters hip-hop and other musicians.

NLE Choppa’s Future Prospects

NLE Choppa will succeed musically. Future prospects: NLE Choppa exhibits adaptability and openness to several musical forms. As an artist, he may write on personal and serious themes. Fans and new listeners who value honest narrative and emotional depth will like this growth.

Entrepreneurship: NLE Choppa started record label No Love Entertainment. He wants to grow talent to leave a legacy. He can also become a multifaceted entrepreneur by exploring different businesses.

Social and Cultural Impact: NLE Choppa inspires fans with his optimistic messages. A generation facing many challenges values mental health, personal progress, and enjoyment. He can raise awareness and encourage positive social and cultural change as his influence grows.

Collaborations & Industry Recognition: NLE Choppa may work with famous musicians and industry leaders due to his rising fame. Collaborations foster artistic growth, new audiences, and professional mentoring. He may win awards, nominations, and critical acclaim as his talent and impact expand, cementing his industry presence.

NLE Choppa’s Some Interesting Facts

NLE Choppa Bryson Lashun Potts. “NLE Choppa” exhibits his poetry and creativity.

“Shotta Flow” was NLE Choppa’s 2019 breakout. The song’s social media breakthrough launched his hip-hop career.

The 2019 spiritual awakening of NLE Choppa led to healthy living. He meditated, ate plant-based, and advocated mental health and self-care on social media and music.

NLE Choppa has millions of YouTube views and subscribers. Popular music videos boost his online popularity.

Charts feature NLE Choppa. His Billboard Hot 100 hits demonstrate his pop songwriting.

Choppa created No Love Entertainment. This venture lets him promote new musicians and control his music.

NLE Choppa wants to help his neighborhood. He founded back-to-school programs, donated to charity, and helped underprivileged families.

Influencer NLE Choppa uses Instagram. His platforms inspire and uplift fans.

Music Variety: NLE Choppa is best known for his rap and trap songs, although he has experimented with other genres. Lyrical music shows his versatility.

Entrepreneurship: NLE Choppa runs businesses outside music. Founded record labels, fashion lines, and product lines.

The data show NLE Choppa’s progression from viral hits to optimism, business, and generosity. NLE Choppa’s fans await his musical and financial success. 

Social Media Presence

NLE Choppa’s social media presence extends his popularity beyond music. He interacts with fans on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, sharing music, personal life, and inspirational words.

Facebook AccountAccount 
Instagram AccountAccount 
Twitter AccountAccount 

NLE Choppa interacts with supporters online. Responds and thanks fans. This kind of interaction builds community and NLE Choppa’s fans.

NLE Choppa encourages optimism online. Quotes and personal stories inspire admirers. His posts emphasize mental health, self-love, and individuality. NLE Choppa’s fans respect his positive social media posts.


Q1. What does “NLE” mean in NLE Choppa?

A: NLE Choppa formed the record label “No Love Entertainment” (NLE). It promotes and develops music talent.

Q2. How old is NLE Choppa?

A2.NLE Choppa is 20 years old and was born November 1, 2002. (His age varies by year.)

Q3. Which NLE Choppa songs are most popular?

A3.NLE Choppa has released multiple hit singles. Among his hits are “Shotta Flow,” “Camelot,” “Walk Em Down” (with Roddy Rich), and “Top Shotta Flow.”

Q4. Has NLE Choppa received music awards?

A4. NLE Choppa has no major music awards as of [year]. His talent and impact have earned him critical accolades and a loyal fanbase, suggesting he may receive industry recognition.

Q5: Does NLE Choppa have any upcoming albums or projects?

A5.NLE Choppa releases new songs and works on projects. Stay updated on his upcoming releases and projects on his official social media and music channels.


NLE Choppa’s music is successful and promising. His early melodies, optimism, and entrepreneurship have inspired fans worldwide. Future is bright for NLE Choppa as he evolves as an artist, explores new musical styles, and tackles more personal and complicated issues.

Beyond music, NLE Choppa founded No Love Entertainment to nurture and promote upcoming talent and leave a legacy. His positive remarks and passion to inspiring fans make him a role model.

NLE Choppa’s collaborations and industry recognition will expand with her popularity. These opportunities help his music career. His genuine desire to help and social activism promote philanthropy and constructive transformation.

NLE Choppa is a talented musician who uses his platform to empower people and create a lasting impact. Fans eagerly await his upcoming releases, commercial endeavors, and social actions. NLE Choppa’s potential is endless.

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