Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Olight price

The Oclip Clip Light is a versatile, compact, and eco-friendly lighting companion designed to illuminate your path in any situation. This innovative lighting solution combines the brilliance of white and the subtlety of red light, offering a range of applications that make it an indispensable tool for both everyday use and emergency scenarios.

Whether you’re hiking through the wilderness, working on a project, or simply in need of a reliable source of light in the dark, the Oclip Clip Light is here to assist. It not only provides brightness but also offers adaptability, allowing you to attach it to clothing, metal surfaces, or simply hang it in your tent, ensuring hands-free illumination wherever you go.

Furthermore, the Oclip Clip Light is eco-friendly with its rechargeable battery, reducing waste and environmental impact. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. 

Oclip Clip light price

The Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light provides exceptional value at an affordable price of $29.99. This versatile lighting tool offers a cost-effective solution to meet various illumination needs.

Featuring the ability to deliver both white and red light, a durable and rechargeable design, and multiple carrying options, the Oclip Clip Light offers outstanding utility and convenience. It is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, everyday tasks, and even emergency situations. With its affordability, the Oclip Clip Light is accessible to a wide range of users.

At just $29.99, you can enjoy the benefits of a versatile, eco-friendly, and high-quality lighting companion. It is ready to accompany you in various activities and scenarios, making it a valuable addition to your gear without straining your budget.

Two types of Oclip light

The Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light offers two distinct types of illumination to cater to a variety of needs:

White Light: The white light mode provides bright, clear illumination with a color temperature ranging from 5700 to 6500K. This high-performance LED is perfect for everyday tasks such as reading, working on projects, hiking, or setting up camp. It ensures versatile and vibrant lighting, allowing you to see with clarity in any situation.

Red Light: The red light mode utilizes TZ-2016 technology to emit a soft and gentle red light at a wavelength of 620-625nm. Red light is ideal for preserving night vision and avoiding disruption in low-light conditions, making it perfect for activities like stargazing, camping, or navigating in the dark. The Oclip Clip Light’s red light mode is discreet and comfortable, providing a valuable source of illumination.

With its adaptability and convenience, the Oclip Clip Light’s two types of illumination meet various lighting needs in different scenarios.


The Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light offers a range of key features:

Beam Distance: Illuminate distances up to 230 feet (70 meters), making it ideal for various outdoor activities.

Max Performance: Enjoy a maximum light output of 300 lumens, ensuring ample brightness in different scenarios.

Max Light Intensity: Achieve a maximum intensity of 1,300 candela for focused and bright illumination.

Light Source: Benefit from a white high-performance LED with a color temperature of 5700-6500K for clear and vibrant illumination. Additionally, the red light source with TZ-2016 technology preserves night vision at a wavelength of 620-625nm.

Mode Operation: Easily switch between lighting modes using the user-friendly side switch.

Overall, the Oclip Clip Light is a versatile and efficient lighting solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Lighting levels

The Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light offers a range of versatile light modes to suit various situations and tasks. Here are the different modes available:

High Mode: This mode delivers a bright and powerful illumination of 300-180 lumens, perfect for tasks requiring ample brightness and visibility. It’s ideal for nighttime hiking or working in low-light conditions.

Medium Mode: The medium mode provides a balanced illumination of 100 lumens, offering versatility for a wide range of activities. It’s a great choice for reading, camping, or working on projects where you need a moderate level of brightness.

Low Mode: With a gentle 10 lumens of illumination, the low mode is excellent for conserving energy and extending battery life. It’s perfect for situations where you need a soft and subtle light source, such as in your tent or during power outages.

Moonlight Mode: The moonlight mode offers a delicate 1.5 lumens of light, perfect for preserving your night-acclimated vision. It’s ideal for activities like stargazing, where minimal light is required to avoid disrupting your ability to see in the dark.

Red Light (Constant On): The red light mode emits a soft and comfortable 4 lumens of red light, preserving your night vision. It’s an excellent choice for nighttime activities like camping, where you need clear visibility without disturbing your eyes’ adaptation to darkness.

These diverse light modes in the Oclip Clip Light provide flexibility in choosing the right level of brightness for your specific needs, ensuring ideal illumination for any situation.

Is Red light for night vision?

The red light mode in the Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light is specifically designed to preserve night vision. When you switch to red light mode, it emits a soft and comfortable red light at a wavelength of 620-625nm. This feature is carefully engineered to minimize disruption to your night-acclimated vision, making it ideal for situations where maintaining visibility in the dark is crucial, such as stargazing, camping, or navigating in low-light conditions. By choosing the red light mode, you can enjoy sufficient illumination without compromising your night vision, making it an invaluable feature for various nighttime activities.

End words

The Oclip Clip Light with White and Red Light is a multi-functional lighting solution that will reliably illuminate your path in any situation. It offers both white and red light modes, ensuring you have the right lighting option for every need. With its durable and rechargeable design, this light is built to withstand the test of time. The versatile carrying options provide convenience and flexibility, making it an indispensable tool for both everyday use and emergency scenarios.

What sets this product apart is its exceptional value for the price. Priced at just $29.99, the Oclip Clip Light provides an array of features and versatility without breaking the bank. This affordable price point ensures accessibility to a wide range of users, while still delivering uncompromising quality and performance.

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