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Olivia Dunne’s net worth as of 2023 is an estimated $3.3 million

Olivia Dunne’s accomplishment as an American artistic gymnast and social media influencer is impressive. Dunne’s career changed in 2014 when she debuted at the U.S. Classic on floor, bars, vault, and beam. Despite initial obstacles, her dedication carried her to future contests, including the American Classic, launching her gymnastics career.

After the National Championships, Dunne made the USA national gymnastics squad in 2017. She strengthened her gymnastic dominance by competing internationally.

Olivia Dunne’s social media presence has boosted her popularity and wealth outside athletics. With over 6.9 million TikTok, 3.1 million Instagram, and 61.9k Twitter followers, she has successfully blended her gymnastics career with digital influence.

Dunne skillfully used her online presence to gain lucrative business deals after the NCAA’s name, image, and likeness rule modification. The highest-valued women’s collegiate athlete with an estimated NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) valuation of $3.3 million, she was interviewed by NYpost on her ability to adapt and profit from this change. She has seven-figure endorsement deals as of February 2023, highlighting her high valuation.

Olivia Dunne’s success story shows her athleticism and ability to adapt to collegiate sports and social media. As she excels in gymnastics and social media, her impact on sports and digital presence will establish a precedent for ambitious athletes navigating the changing world of athletics and online influence.

Sources Of Income

Olivia Dunne’s Net Worth: $3.3 Million

1. Social Media Earnings:

  • TikTok: Olivia Dunne, with her substantial following, has the potential to earn over an estimated $10,000 per post on TikTok, excluding brand-sponsored deals.
  • Instagram: For brand-sponsored posts on Instagram, she could possibly make upwards of an estimated $10,000 per post, depending on the brand.

2. Sports Career:

Olivia Dunne’s successful career in sports, marked by numerous placements in state-level competitions, has contributed significantly to her overall earnings. However, the specific amount earned over time is currently unavailable.

3. Brand Deals:

  • WME Sports Representation: In August, Olivia signed with WME Sports for representation.
  • Exclusive Brand Partnership: In September, she announced her first exclusive brand partnership with activewear brand Vuori.
  • Additional Brand Deals: Olivia secured long-term deals with brands such as American Eagle, PlantFuel (a protein and supplements company), and Bartleby (a study tool and homework helper for college students, owned by Barnes & Noble). Reports indicate that Dunne earned close to $2 million from brand deals in 2022.
  • One-Off Deals: Olivia Dunne has engaged in one-off deals with TooFaced cosmetics, GrubHub, Madden/EA Sports, and the Nate app.
  • Collaboration with Forever 21: Recently, she collaborated with “Forever 21” for their “Barbie” clothing line. The specific earnings from these brand deals are currently unavailable.

Olivia Dunne’s diverse sources of income, including social media presence, sports career, and various brand deals, have contributed to her estimated net worth of $3.3 million. Her strategic collaborations and representation by WME Sports highlight the business aspect of her career beyond sports.

Personal Information

NameOlivia Dunne
Date Of Birth (Age)October 1, 2002, 20 years old
Net Worth$3.3 Million
Height5 feet 6 inches


ProfessionAmerican gymnast and social media influencer
TrainingENA Paramus under coaches Craig and Jennifer Zappa
CollegeLSU since 2020
NCAA DebutLSU gymnastics team
Social MediaTikTok (6.9M), Instagram (3.1M), Twitter (61.9k)
Gymnastics HighlightsUSA National Team 2017, various rankings in U.S. and American Classics
NIL ImpactUtilized NCAA NIL rules
NIL ValuationHighest-valued women’s college athlete at $3.3M
EndorsementsSeven-figure sums as of February 2023

Olivia Dunne Biography

Olivia Paige Dunne was born in Westwood, New Jersey, on October 1, 2002, to parents David and Katherine Dunne. She grew up in Hillsdale, New Jersey, with her softball-playing older sister Julianna. Olivia’s mother was a gymnast and cheerleader while her father played football at Rutgers.

Olivia started gymnastics at age 3 in 2005 after witnessing her cousin Isabella practise. Starting at a Hillsdale gym, she showed talent fast.

Olivia joined the Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics (ENA) in Paramus at age six, where she met coaches Craig and Jennifer Zappa. Olivia improved and advanced in gymnastics under their instruction.

In gymnastics, Livvy achieved early success, earning New Jersey’s State Champion in Level 4 and setting records in bars and all-around. She established a State record in Level 8 with a 9.8 on the bars, skipping levels.

To advance to the Elite level, Olivia qualified as a junior International Elite Performer in 2014 with a score of 52.75.

Olivia routinely trains at the Olympic Development Centre in Texas due to her talent and dedication. She won the Gold All Around Medal at the “Jesolo Trophy competition” in Italy as a USA National Team member.

Olivia visited Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2017 and got a full athletic scholarship for 2020. She excelled at contests like the U.S. Classic in Chicago for three years.

Professional Achievements: Olivia’s senior debut in Jesolo was a milestone, and she later won first place in all-around contests at important events, demonstrating her internationally competitive abilities.

Early Life

Olivia Paige Dunne’s story shows her sporting background and early gymnastics exposure. Olivia, born October 1, 2002, in Westwood, New Jersey, to David and Katherine, grew up in Hillsdale, New Jersey, with her softball-playing older sister Julianna.

Olivia was raised athletically due to her family’s sporting background. Her parents, a former gymnast and cheerleader and Rutgers University football star, helped Olivia develop her gift.

Olivia started gymnastics at three in 2005. Livvy began training at a Hillsdale gym after seeing her cousin Isabella in a pink leotard doing the sport.

Olivia joined the Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics at six, fostering her gymnastics passion. Olivia improved her gymnastics talents under Craig Zappa and his wife Jennifer, her enthusiastic coaches.

Olivia Dunne attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge after graduating high school in 2020. Olivia’s gymnastics and student-athlete success is due to skill, family support, and dedicated coaches.

Olivia Career

Olivia Dunne’s gymnastics career changed when she saw Craig at 6. Craig quickly saw Livvy’s potential as a level 4 gymnast and started training with level 10 girls, most of whom were much older.

Livvy quickly became New Jersey’s Level 4 State Champion, setting bars and all-around records. She skipped level 5, won level 6, skipped level 7, and established a State record with a 9.8 on the bars in level 8. Livvy’s talent and perseverance allowed her to achieve all of these in a year.

Gymnasts must decide whether to continue at level 10 and earn college scholarships or attain Elite level by scoring 51.5 or greater. Livvy, dedicated to gymnastics, selected the latter. She achieved her breakthrough as a junior International Elite Performer with a 52.75 score in 2014. Livvy’s dedication to gymnastics and rapid rise show her potential.


Olivia Dunne’s passion to gymnastics led her to the Olympic Development Centre in Texas for regular training. Due to travel, Olivia’s parents decided to homeschool her so she could focus on her training.

Livvy was selected to represent the USA National Team at the “Jesolo Trophy competition” in Italy in 2017. Our squad won the Gold All Around Medal.

Olivia, an LSU gymnastics prospect, visited the school in 2017 and got a full athletic scholarship for 2020. She excelled at the U.S. Classic in Chicago for three years. Her 2017 medals were beam, floor, and fifth-place all-around.

Olivia made her senior debut in Jesolo in 2018, and in the following year, she won the all-around at the “Atlanta Centennial Classic” in Georgia and the “Classic Rock Invitational” in Arizona. Her successes culminated in Ohio and other stages.

Olivia Dunne is a notable gymnast with a $6 million net worth, according to the latest information. From training in Texas to international recognition and collegiate accomplishment, her professional gymnastics career is outstanding.

Personal Life

Olivia Dunne had a foot injury in December 2022, sidelining her for months. The injury hampered her training and competitions.

Olivia frankly highlighted fame’s disadvantages on the “Today Show.” in January 2023. The renowned athlete revealed the darker side of fame, shining light on its challenges.

Olivia mentioned in the interview that LSU had developed additional guidelines for her to follow to ensure everyone’s safety. Due to the pressure and duties of being a high-profile athlete, these regulations undoubtedly covered her public and professional life.

Olivia Dunne persevered despite injury and stardom. After two months out due to injury, she returned to gymnastics triumphantly. Olivia’s resilience and determination to succeed in sports demonstrate her mental and physical strength.

Expenses and Lifestyle of Olivia Dunne

Although Olivia Dunne’s expenses are private, it is clear that she spends a lot of money on sports. For optimal performance and well-being, athletes must live sustainably and healthily.

Her income also helps her enhance her gymnastics skills by buying training equipment. Professional athletes consider the price of specialist training equipment, coaching, and other elite sports preparation.

Olivia has also shown her Jeep Wrangler, worth roughly $60,000. While this is expensive, people, especially celebrities, often buy reliable and stylish vehicles.

With budgets for training, a healthy diet, and personal luxuries like her Jeep Wrangler, Olivia Dunne appears to prioritize her athletic profession and well-being. Her money management beyond these features is private, balancing personal comfort and professional needs.

Olivia Dunne Height, Age, Weight & more

We all know Olivia Dunne is stunning and a prominent sports personality. Now for the gymnast’s stats:

Physical Attributes
Weight51 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Brown
Hair LengthLong
Body Measurements32-24-34 inches

Olivia Dunne’s Diet and Workout

Dunne works out regularly as part of the LSU gymnastics team. She practices and works out daily to maintain her stamina and tone.

Livvy is young and free-spirited. When out with friends, she likes burgers and fries. She has faith in Plant Fuel protein for practice hydration.

Olivia Dunne Relationships 

Olivia, a gymnast and social media star, has earned attention for her athleticism and personal life. The possibility that she was dating NFL quarterback Joe Burrow sparked speculation. Olivia posted photographs on social media, implying a Joe Burrow connection. Unfortunately, Joe Burrow is dating Olivia Hozmacher, not Olivia Dunne.

Speculation that she was dating Josh Richards made her relationship status a hot topic. Olivia Dunne confirmed her single status despite online rumors. She is unmarried and focuses on her profession and personal improvement. The incident highlights the difficulties of handling personal concerns in public and the need of correct information on social media.

Olivia Dunne Family  

Olivia Dunne Family  

Gymnast Olivia Dunne credits her supporting family for her accomplishment. Michael and Kathleen Dunne, her parents, have always supported her gymnastics career. 

Dunne has two younger sisters that like gymnastics. Olivia practices at North Stars Gymnastics Academy with her sister Grace Dunne, a renowned gymnast. The Dunne family supports Olivia and Grace by attending competitions. 

Olivia Dunne has praised her family for their consistent support and encouragement throughout her gymnastics career in interviews. She also said her family appreciates education and supports her academics and gymnastics. 

Dunne has posted family images on social media despite being private. She posted images with her sisters and parents to show her affection. 

Overall, the Dunne family seems tight and supportive. Their support was important to Olivia’s gymnastics success, and they will certainly continue to love and support her in her future endeavors. 

She did all this while becoming a social media influencer. NYpost interviewed Dunne, revealing much about the sports influencer. She is benefitting off the NCAA’s name, image, and likeness rule modification and winning brand partnerships with her 5.7 million TikTok and 1.8 million Instagram followers. 

Social Media Stats 

Platform Followers/Subscribers 
Instagram 4 Million 
TikTok  7.8 Million 
Twitter  70k 


Finally, Olivia Dunne is a remarkable American gymnast and social media influencer. Early gymnastics success and dedication propelled her to national and international fame. Her popularity and estimated $3.3 million net worth come from gymnastics and social media.

Olivia capitalized on the NCAA’s changing name, image, and likeness rules to land seven-figure endorsements. Without sports, her WME Sports and exclusive Vuori partnerships demonstrate her business acumen.

Olivia has issues and scandals. Her relationship status change, months-long foot injury, and candid discussions about fame’s darker side show that fame is complicated.

Olivia Dunne’s diligence inspires. Retraining after injury shows devotion to her craft. Olivia and her supportive family find memories in gymnastics and social media.

Olivia Dunne impacts society beyond the gym and social media by staying healthy, budgeting wisely, and working with famous brands. Her story illustrates sports’ changing face, social media’s influence, and athletes’ multifaceted careers.


Q: Olivia Dunne—who?

A: Olivia Dunne is an American artistic gymnast and TikTok and Instagram influencer.

Q: How much is Olivia Dunne worth?

A: Olivia Dunne is expected to be worth $3.3 million in 2023. She made money from gymnastics, social media, and brand collaborations.

Q: How did Olivia Dunne start gymnastics?

A: Olivia started gymnastics at three in 2005, inspired by her cousin Isabella. Craig and Jennifer Zappa coached her at the Eastern National Academy of Gymnastics (ENA) in Paramus at six.

Q: Olivia Dunne’s social media stats?

A: Olivia has almost 6.9 million TikTok, 3.1 million Instagram, and 61.9k Twitter followers.

Q: How has Olivia Dunne used NCAA NIL rule changes?

A: Olivia became the highest-valued women’s collegiate athlete with an estimated $3.3 million NIL valuation by skillfully using NCAA NIL regulation changes to win endorsement deals.

Q: Olivia Dunne’s significant brand partnerships?

A: Olivia has exclusive brand relationships with Vuori, American Eagle, PlantFuel, Bartleby, TooFaced cosmetics, GrubHub, Madden/EA Sports, and others.

Q: Has Olivia Dunne had career challenges?

A: Olivia’s December 2022 foot injury sidelined her for a while. On the “Today Show” in January 2023, she discussed fame’s challenges.

Q: Is Olivia Dunne dating?

A: Olivia Dunne says she’s single, despite social media reports. She has dealt with Joe Burrow and Josh Richards speculations regarding her relationship.

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