parker schnabel house

Parker Schnabel House, a Gold Rush Haven

parker schnabel house

Parker Schnabel, one of the world’s most successful gold miners, has won over millions with his brave exploits on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. The show made Parker famous by following his daring gold mining in Alaska and the Klondike.

Besides the rough settings and adventurous endeavours on TV, where does Parker Schnabel live when he’s not searching for rich gems and minerals? The famous miner’s home has what secrets? In this exclusive piece, we explore Parker Schnabel’s mysterious home and find its Gold Rush-era opulence.

Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines. Every feature of Parker’s Alaskan mansion represents his mining expertise and the Schnabel family’s long past, from its origins to its meticulous details.

We explore Parker Schnabel’s spectacular home and its distinctive features on this interesting excursion. Parker Schnabel’s residence reflects the Gold Rush legend’s daring past and has meticulously kept rooms that offer a break from the wildness.

Stay tuned as we exploreParker Schnabel House unseen stories, revealing a gold mining icon’s private life.

Parker Schnabel House In Alaska

Parker Schnabel House In Alaska

Parker Schnabel, a wealthy miner, owns a beautiful new home. Parker’s lavish estate, suitable for royalty, is a monument to his hard work and success. The mansion, in a lovely Alaskan valley, is a testimony to Parker’s achievements and his dedication to providing a nice home for his family.

The beautiful residence symbolises Parker Schnabel’s hard work and tenacity in the competitive mining industry. Parker’s choice to live in Alaska’s stunning scenery shows his love of nature.

Parker’s new home has an attractive facade and plenty of space and conveniences for comfort and pleasure. Parker and his family may enjoy his hard work at this home. The significance of this property goes beyond its appearance, representing Parker Schnabel’s transformation from a youthful miner to a successful entrepreneur.

His new residence symbolises Parker’s persistence and triumph over mining industry problems. It’s more than a house—it’s a tribute to a young guy who pursued his dreams in the Alaskan wilderness and succeeded.

Does Parker Schnabel own a House?

Parker Schnabel, a 23-year-old gold miner famous for his role on Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush,” is one of America’s wealthiest and most financially prudent young people. Schnabel, from Haines, Alaska, made his fortune mining gold from his grandfather’s 2014 claim. Schnabel has never owned a home, despite his wealth.

Schnabel told The New York Times in 2016, “I’ve never lived alone. I moved with my family.” His nomadic lifestyle reflected the transient mining industry. Schnabel had achieved great success but had not settled down.

According to the interview, Schnabel still lived with his family and didn’t have a home. In March 2018, a significant development suggested a housing change. Schnabel reportedly bought a $2 million Las Vegas home, a change from his previous non-ownership. This new chapter in Schnabel’s residential life adds depth to the story of a young gold miner navigating fame, fortune, and personal space.

Parker Schnabel’s House: How Much Did He Spend and Where is It Located?

For fans of Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush,” Parker Schnabel is known as “The Youngest Gold Rush Millionaire.” Schnabel’s amazing career in gold mining, which began at 14 and led to a fortune, deserves this name.

Schnabel decided to build his own home in 2017. Two million dollars was spent on the year-long project. The mansion is on a 20-acre lot with a private lake in northern Alaska, adding seclusion. Gold elements around Schnabel’s 2,000-square-foot mansion reflect his gold mining background.

Parker Schnabel’s home is at Haines Hwy, Haines, AK 99827. This 2018 home shows Schnabel’s accomplishments and his luxurious yet beautiful living area. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a superb position in Alaska’s breathtaking magnificence, Parker Schnabel’s gold mining exploits are realised in his residence.

Exploring the Interior of Parker Schnabel’s Gold Rush Retreat

Think beyond the rough landscape where Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel seeks success. We take a virtual adventure into the American gold miner’s private life to discover his secrets. Parker Schnabel’s palatial mansion is revealed.

Parker Schnabel’s mansion in Alaska’s stunning north is a monument to his mining success. Originally a gold mine, the property has been transformed into a magnificent retreat with abundant natural light.

The three bedrooms and two bathrooms of this luxurious home demonstrate comfort and style. The home has large windows that frame views of Glacier Bay National Park and the surrounding beauty. Parker’s mansion offers a retreat from city life with its lush scenery and peace.

Parker Schnabel’s $13 million mansion reflects his gold mining success. As admirers seek answers beyond the Porcupine Creek gold mine, this story offers a private tour of his residence.

Explore Parker Schnabel’s luxurious home and learn about his profession, personal life, and luxury real estate ventures. Join this thrilling voyage to explore Parker Schnabel’s lavish off-screen life. See Parker Schnabel’s house’s secrets behind the curtains!

Parker Schnabel House Tour

What Makes Parker Schnabel’s House So Special?

Parker Schnabel, the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush,” teenage gold miner, lives in a luxurious gold mining home. Schnabel’s residence is attached to an old gold mine where he and his staff mine gold. This unique aspect makes his home interesting.

Schnabel’s residence has a sluice box for gold mining. The residence also has a mill that grinds ore into powder for processing. Schnabel meticulously tests mined gold in the residence’s assay lab.

Beyond its function, Parker Schnabel’s residence has distinct style in its decor. A mounted grizzly bear head and an autographed Silvio Berlusconi portrait decorate the living room. This Alaskan home on Porcupine Creek showcases Schnabel’s early love of “Gold Rush”. A huge metal detector Schnabel used as a child and signed photos of fellow miners Todd Hoffman and Rick Ness provide nostalgia.

Schnabel’s house shows his love for the Discovery Channel episode that inspired him to mine gold. In this luxurious location, one can consider modern comforts that improve daily life. The best homekit thermostat, a modest but impactful addition to any home seeking comfort and convenience, may be a consideration.

Why is Parker Schnabel’s home different?

Parker Schnabel’s Gold Rush mansion differs from his real one. His residence is small and just one room, while the TV version shows it as large. Fans have questioned the seeming contradiction due to this discrepancy.

The differences are due to television production. The show’s home is a Gold Rush set, not Parker Schnabel’s genuine home. It looks like a large house with several rooms, making the show’s story visually appealing.

Parker intentionally uses a set instead of his real home for several reasons. It adds intrigue and strengthens the storyline, making the show more interesting. While some may question the veracity of the on-screen portrayal, the television business uses sets and meticulously built environments to provide visually appealing and engaging material.

Profile summary 

Full NameParker Russell Schnabel
Date of BirthJuly 22, 1994
Age29 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthHaines, Alaska, USA
Zodiac SignCancer
Height6’1″ (181 cm)
Weight160 lbs (73 kgs)
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBrown
Marital StatusSingle
FatherRoger Schnabel
MotherNancy Schnabel
Alma MaterHaines High School
ProfessionGold Miner and Reality TV Star
Net Worth$8 Million
SalaryOver $1 Million
Salary per Episode$25,000

Gold Rush Legend Parker Schnabel background

Before visiting Parker Schnabel’s mansion, learn about his remarkable life. While millions have witnessed Parker Schnabel’s daring Discovery Channel excursions, his life goes beyond TV.

Parker Schnabel was born July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska, to miners. Parker’s grandfather, John Schnabel, pioneered Alaskan gold mining, influencing him. Young Parker learned about mining from his grandfather, who was enamoured with it.

After playing the lead miner in Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel became famous at age 16. He was famous for his endurance and mining knowledge. Parker soon became an industry leader by heroically overcoming gold mining’s challenges over the seasons.

Parker Schnabel’s family heritage and ambition have helped him make money outside of television. Parker’s Big Nugget Mine ownership and mining achievements went beyond the Gold Rush.

Discover Parker Schnabel’s rise to gold mining success. From learning from his grandfather to mastering Alaska, Parker Schnabel’s path is extraordinary.

Parker Schnabel: A Mining Prodigy’s Early Years

Parker Schnabel: A Mining Prodigy's Early Years

The legendary gold miner Parker Russell Schnabel was born in Haines, Alaska, on July 22, 1994. His parents, Roger and Nancy Schnabel, and brother, Payson, fostered his lifelong mining passion. Parker began mining at age five, starting a successful career.

Parker was shaped by his grandfather John Schnabel’s Big Nugget mining enterprise. Parker loved mining and ran heavy machinery before he could pedal. His youth equipped him for challenges and accomplishments.

Parker Schnabel was famous for his flexibility in high school varsity basketball. He intended to study geology or mining in college. Take over and continue family mining.

Parker determinedly ran the family mine after graduating. Parker effortlessly took over once his grandfather, John Schnabel, retired. Parker led a team of miners twice his age despite his youth. His inherent ability for identifying gold reserves set him up for success.Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

Parker Schnabel rejected college to find new mining opportunities in the Yukon, a controversial choice. Using his undergraduate trust fund to launch this ambitious company changed his pursuit for gold and entrepreneurial success.

Parker Schnabel’s Gold Rush Journey

Parker Schnabel is famous for Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush Alaska,” sometimes known as “Gold Rush.” The 2010 show follows Alaskan gold miners in tough conditions and contains 330 episodes throughout 13 seasons as of 2023. Parker’s contributions to the series have been big and impressive.

Parker’s efforts to help Porcupine Creek miners are a major plotline in “Gold Rush”. His attempts showed their inexperience, highlighting the challenges of inexperienced prospectors. Parker’s courageous choice to go independent from his family mine in the fourth season was a turning point.

Parker Schnabel found 1029 ounces of gold in his first year of mining. This early achievement established his mining industry dominance, demonstrating his skills and determination.

To supplement the main series, Parker Schnabel starred in “Gold Rush: The Dirt” from 2012 to 2016. His experiences gave spectators new perspectives on gold miners’ struggles and successes.

Parker starred in the 2017 spin-off reality TV series “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” to keep pushing himself. This series highlighted Parker’s gold-seeking travels in new territories. Parker was a star and producer, demonstrating his versatility.Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

Parker Schnabel’s influence on gold mining goes beyond film. At 24, he had mined almost $13 million in gold. 

Parker Schnabel’s Love Life and Dream Home

In “Gold Rush,” flamboyant gold miner Parker Schnabel has showcased his personal life, including his sexual relationships and Alaska dream home.

Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary medic, worked alongside Parker in the severe Klondike circumstances on the reality show. Acting and dating occurred during this time. Ashley and Parker parted after two years in December 2018, Parker disclosed on social media.

After their breakup, Parker Schnabel was believed to be dating “Gold Rush.” associate producer Sheena Cowell. Parker’s personal life was intrigued by their unclear relationship.Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

Parker’s Alaska mansion purchase was a dream. Parker stays in this $950,000 modern house when not mining. Parker’s ideal home reflects his mining prosperity and comfort.

Parker Schnabel, known for his humble and occasionally funny manner, has mixed reviews. He announced on Facebook in January 2017 that he will soon reveal his “baby” to the world, triggering family expansion rumours. Parker joked that the “baby” was his new pet. Although this shock surprised and baffled viewers, it displayed Parker’s playful and surprising side.

Workaholic Parker Schnabel prioritises mining over his personal life. He stays focused on gold mining, making his rare personal appearances more intriguing for his admirers.

Who is Parker Schnabel’s girl friend?

According to recent reports, Parker Schnabel is single. Formerly, he dated Australian veterinary nurse Ashley Youle. Ashley appeared on the reality show and worked with Parker in the Klondike, highlighting their two-year romance. Separation was announced in December 2018.

After his breakup with Ashley Youle, rumours circulated about a romance with his show’s associate producer, Sheena Cowell. Parker Schnabel, who keeps his personal life private, has not commented on these rumours.

Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

Parker continues to dig gold and star on Gold Rush.

Does Parker Schnabel have a child? 

Fans were upset with Parker Schnabel in January 2017. He announced on Facebook that he would soon disclose his “baby” to the world, leading many to believe it was a personal revelation. When the truth was revealed, the “baby” was his new puppy.

This creative statement on social media showed Parker’s sense of humour and gave fans a fun twist on what they expected. It shows that Parker Schnabel can have fun in his personal life and with his audience despite his serious gold mining work.

Mining For TV Gold

The reality show Gold Rush recounts Parker Schnabel’s meteoric climb in gold mining. His crucial role in later seasons drew the audience’s attention despite his absence in the first.

Season Two focused on Parker’s Big Nugget Mine takeover. Parker’s season was entertaining despite mining a super-expensive mineral. He made nearly $55,000 in gold.

Parker returned next season with better gear. The method worked, yielding 192 ounces worth over $250,000. Parker’s Gold Rush performance showed his growing talent and resolve.

Season Four saw Parker Schnabel train gold mining veteran Tony Beets. Leasing Klondike territory yielded 836 ounces of gold for Parker and his colleagues. This $1.4 million haul was a show record.

Parker’s greatest win came in Season 5. Parker Schnabel extracted 2,538 ounces of gold worth $3 million. His Gold Rush tale was about his relentless quest of success and record-breaking.

Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

Parker Schnabel’s resilience, strategic decisions, and drive to perfection have made him a Gold Rush legend.

Digging Up Profits

In future Gold Rush seasons, Parker Schnabel achieved incredible gold mining achievements. In Season 6, he won $3.5 million in gold, setting the way for more success. With almost $5 million in Season 7, he broke his record.

Parker continued his rise to success. He reached new heights in Season 8 by mining 6,280 ounces of gold for $7.5 million. This result demonstrated his gold mining expertise and determination.

Parker Schnabel pushed limits despite obstacles. Season 9 was another success as he mined 7,427 ounces of gold and made approximately $9 million. Despite falling short, he made $1 million extra the next year by mining his own land.

Parker’s hard work, strategic mining, and favourable gold prices yielded $10.8 million. These achievements cemented Parker’s standing as a gold mining authority and demonstrated his adaptability and success in the competitive sector.

Where does Parker Schnabel currently live?

Known for “Gold Rush,” Discovery Channel reality personality Parker Schnabel lives in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. Show filming takes place here. The $1.7 million mansion Schnabel bought had over 2,000 square feet. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms for his daily needs. This mansion, a major investment for Schnabel, matches Alaska’s beautiful scenery and his gold mining career.


The hit reality show “Gold Rush.” followed Parker Schnabel’s rise from Alaskan gold miner to industry leader. Gold and his beautiful Porcupine Creek, Alaska residence measure Parker’s success beyond television’s harshness.

His 2017 $1.7 million mansion shows his hard work and fortune. His gold-accented three-bedroom, two-bathroom home mirrors his mining fortune and style.

Parker Schnabel started mining for his grandfather’s Big Nugget firm as a kid. His “Gold Rush” appearance demonstrated his mining skills and senior miner leadership.

Parker Schnabel House shows his achievement and the life he’s made away from the mines.

From aiding inexperienced miners at Porcupine Creek to starting his own Yukon business, the reality TV star has conquered obstacles. Record gold hauls made him a mining legend.

Parker’s public image benefits from inner reflection. Fans love Parker Schnabel’s hilarious social media posts and interactions with Ashley Youle. As mining takes priority, his $1.7 million Alaskan home relaxes him.

His “Gold Rush” residence is different from Parker’s, adding intrigue and drama. Parker may modify his restless lifestyle with his 2018 Las Vegas purchase.

Parker Schnabel’s gold business exploits are closely watched. His beautiful Alaskan mansion shows his gold mining and homeownership success.

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