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Peter Thurnwald’s unique background—born in South Korea and reared in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia—shaped his life. From 17 to 29, he dedicated himself to sports. His acting debut was in the 2017 drama “Kong: Skull Island.” He is known as “Peter” outside of sports.

After college, Peter Thurnwald is pursuing further studies. He is committed to personal growth and learning, although his university is unknown. Peter’s journey from athletics to acting to education shows his wide interests and desire to explore life.

Some Quick Facts 

Full NamePeter Thurnwald
Nick NamePeter, Hyo Chul
Date of birth1998
Age25 Years
Place of BirthSouth Korea
Raised inGold Coast, Queensland, Australia
School/CollegeThe University of Queensland, Western Australian Academy of Arts
ProfessionActor, Writer, Director
Currently, Live InRobina, Queensland, Australia

Peter Thurnwald age

Thurnwald was born in 1998, hence he is currently 25 years of age.

Peter Thurnwald, Bio, Wiki

Peter Thurnwald, better known as Peter, is a multi-talented man whose life and achievements, though limited in scope, reveal his eclectic background and promising future.

Peter was born in South Korea and raised in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. His dual cultural upbringing certainly shaped his unusual perspective and flexibility.

Peter’s 17–29-year sports career was impressive. Although his sporting accomplishments are unknown, this period surely shaped his character, imparting discipline and drive.

Peter tried acting after his sporting career. His 2017 drama “Kong: Skull Island” debut showed his versatility and desire to try new things.

While his institution or academic career is unknown, his desire to learn shows his drive to personal improvement.

Peter’s life has been diverse and open to new challenges. Although his biography is unknown, his athletics, acting, and academic career show a flexible and driven person with a bright future.

Peter Thurnwald Education school/college

His education was dedicated and led to acting. He graduated high school at Somerset College in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In high school, he became interested in performing.

The University of Queensland offered him a Bachelor of Physics degree. His acting enthusiasm flourished in college.

Peter auditioned for WAAPA in 2016. His auditions showed his talent and promise, earning him a Bachelor of Acting. He worked hard on his acting skills for three years and graduated in 2019. Peter Thurnwald’s diverse career began with his academic and performing arts background.

Peter Thurnwald nationality

Peter Thurnwald’s mixed heritage shows how his upbringing affected his viewpoint. Born in South Korea, he spent most of his boyhood on Queensland’s Gold Coast. His birthplace may prove his Korean origin, yet online sources imply he is Australian. This dual cultural experience shows his complex nationality, blending Korean and Australian background. Korean and Australian ancestry formed his nationality. Peter’s international upbringing shaped his unique vision and flexibility.

Peter Thurnwald Career

Variety and enthusiasm define Peter Thurnwald’s entertainment career. Australian fans noticed his talent on his televised debut. His talents helped him flourish in acting, directing, and online presence.

Australian actor Peter impressed viewers in 2017 with TV movies and series. In the anticipated TV movie “Kong: Skull Island,” he plays a significant role.

Peter worked in film and TV. After “Kong: Skull Island,” he participated in two TV dramas and three films, including “Bump” in 2021.

Peter Thurnwald eagerly takes on new acting parts to better and fuel his passion. He was successful as an actor from 2017 to 2023.

“Young Rock” (2021) is his most memorable performance in “Kong: Skull Island” (2017), “XO, Kitty” (2023), “ENVY” (2023), “Players” (2022), and “Bump” (2021).

New roles help Peter Thurnwald evolve as an actor. His entertainment sector fame came after seven years in cinema.

His 2023 film “XO, Kitty,” blends comedy, drama, and romance. The film, written by Jenny Han and directed by Jennifer Arnold, stars Choi Min-young, Anthony Keyvan, and Anna Cathcart and is much anticipated. Peter’s adaptability will be shown in “XO, Kitty” on May 18, 2023.

Peter Thurnwald family, siblings, girlfriend

Peter Thurnwald’s life was shaped by adoption. An Australian family adopted him as a baby from Korean parents.

Unfortunately, little is known about his biological and adopted parents. Details about this part of his life are unknown.

Stellar Magazine’s feature illuminated Peter’s plight. Peter does not know his biological parents, the magazine reports.

Peter Thurnwald’s search for his biological parentage shows his curiosity and desire to understand his roots.

When it comes to Peter Thurnwald’s family and siblings, the available information leaves us in the dark. There are no details provided regarding his family background or any siblings he may have.

As for his relationship status, Peter Thurnwald is currently believed to be single. No information about his romantic involvement or a significant other has been made public, suggesting that he is enjoying a single status at the moment.

Peter Thurnwald Physical Appearance 

Weight in KG 73 Kg
Weight in pounds 160 lbs pound
Height in feets 6 Feet
Height in meter 1.82 m approximately
Eye ColorBlack.
Hair color Black 

Peter Thurnwald hit movies

He has appeared in many films.

  • In 2017, Peter made his feature picture debut in “Kong: Skull Island.” In Peter’s career, this action film was notable for its thrilling adventure and memorable encounters with monsters.
  • In 2021, Peter appeared in “Bump,” expanding his repertoire and acting skills. This endeavor deepened his work and showed his career potential.
  • We may expect Peter in “XO, Kitty,” out in May 2023. This comedy-drama-romance film has high expectations, and Peter’s involvement adds to its interest.

Peter Thurnwald’s filmography shows his versatility as an actor, spanning a number of roles and genres. The financial performance of these films is unknown. His attention to his art and eagerness to explore diverse cinematic experiences show his dedication to entertaining.

Filmography of Peter Thurnwald

  • “Kong: Skull Island” (2017): Peter made his feature film debut in this action-packed movie, which garnered attention for its thrilling adventure and monster encounters.
  • “Bump” (2021): Peter contributed to this film, adding depth to his portfolio and showcasing his acting skills.
  • “XO, Kitty” (2023): Peter is set to appear in this upcoming comedy, drama, and romance film, which is highly anticipated and is scheduled for release in May 2023.
  • “ENVY” (2023): This project reflects Peter’s continuous commitment to acting and his willingness to explore different genres.
  • “Players” (2022): Peter’s involvement in this project underscores his desire to expand his horizons and take on diverse roles.
  • “Young Rock” (2021): Peter appeared in this television series, further establishing his presence in the entertainment industry.

Interesting facts about Peter Thurnwald

  1. South Korean baby Peter was adopted by an Australian family. Adoption makes his life interesting.
  2. His high school was Somerset College in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The University of Queensland awarded a Bachelor of Physics. His interest in performing began in college.
  3. Peter auditioned for WAAPA in 2016 to advance his acting profession. He became a Bachelor of Acting student and trained extensively.
  4. Peter debuted in “Kong: Skull Island,” commencing his acting career, in 2017. His acting career showed his openness to new experiences.
  5. Peter’s acting skills have been shown in films and TV shows. He wrote “Bump,” “ENVY,” “Players,” and “Young Rock.”
  6. In May 2023, Peter will star in “XO, Kitty,” a comedy-drama-romance. Passion for his work drives his career.
  7. Despite his accomplishments, Peter wants to discover his biological parents. His free time is spent researching his roots.
  8. Peter rarely discusses his family, siblings, or connections.
  9. Education, craft, and diverse work demonstrate Peter’s commitment to personal growth.
  10. Adventurous Spirit: Growing up in South Korea and Australia may have affected his versatile outlook.


Peter was adopted and raised in South Korea and Australia, highlighting his diverse cultural heritage. He began acting in 2017’s “Kong: Skull Island” and has since appeared in other films, showcasing his versatility

His Bachelor of Physics from the University of Queensland and acting training at WAAPA show his commitment to education.

In a Stellar Magazine piece, he described his deep and emotional search for his biological parents.

Peter Thurnwald has played roles in “Kong: Skull Island,” “Bump,” and “XO, Kitty,” showing his willingness to attempt new genres and contribute to filmmaking.

Peter’s tale is one of diversity, determination, and personal improvement, despite little facts regarding his net worth and current ambitions. He has the potential to make an impact as he pursues self-discovery and an entertainment career.


Q: Who is Peter Thurnwald?

A: Peter Thurnwald is an Australian actor known for his roles in movies such as “Kong: Skull Island,” “Bump,” and “XO, Kitty.”

Q: What is Peter Thurnwald’s age?

A: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Peter Thurnwald’s exact birthdate and age were not provided in the available information.

Q: Where was Peter Thurnwald born?

A: Peter Thurnwald was born in South Korea but raised in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Q: Is Peter Thurnwald adopted?

A: Yes, Peter Thurnwald is an adopted child. He was adopted by an Australian family when he was a baby, and he has expressed a desire to find his biological parents.

Q: What movies has Peter Thurnwald appeared in?

A: Peter Thurnwald has appeared in several movies, including “Kong: Skull Island,” “Bump,” and “XO, Kitty.”

Q: Is Peter Thurnwald pursuing further education?

A: Yes, Peter Thurnwald has pursued further education. He completed his acting training at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Q: What is Peter Thurnwald’s net worth?

A: Peter Thurnwald’s net worth was not widely reported. However, his spouse’s net worth, Daniel Dae Kim, is estimated to be $10 million.

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