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Samantha Humphrey Biography and know about her death

Samantha Humphrey, who had been missing for three months, was found dead in the Mohawk River in Schenectady, New York. The recovered body has not been identified as Samantha’s by officials.

Despite no official confirmation, the Humphrey family believes Samantha’s body was retrieved. A relative expressed the family’s grief on social media after the arduous search for Samantha ended. The family member said, “When a difficult day turns into an even more devastating one, at least now there is closure of sorts.” The day we’ve all dreaded has arrived.”

Police Chief Eric Clifford told CBS6 that fishermen found the body near the river around 2:37 p.m. on Wednesday. Clifford cautioned against drawing quick conclusions from the conjecture, saying it’s too early. The neighbourhood anxiously awaits further information as authorities try to clarify this tragic scenario.

Everything about 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey’s mysterious disappearance

On November 25, 2022, 14-year-old Samantha Humphrey disappeared, sparking anxiety and intrigue. Newsweek said that she disappeared after seeing her ex-boyfriend in Riverside Park at 11 pm.

Samantha’s ex-boyfriend was the last to see her alive. The case is complicated by claims that the two had a rocky relationship, raising doubts about her disappearance.

Samantha was seen by surveillance cameras shortly before midnight on that fateful November night in the identical jacket she had worn to leave home. The images reveal the minutes preceding her disappearance, leaving investigators and the community wondering what happened next.

Samantha’s mother, Jaclin Humphrey, revealed that her daughter had told family and school counsellors about her ex-boyfriend’s alleged abuse, which was upsetting. This raises concerns regarding Samantha’s safety and well-being.

These details prompt officials to investigate Samantha’s relationship and the events leading up to that fateful night. The community waits for a resolution to Samantha Humphrey’s disappearance to give her family closure.

Body recovered in Mohawk River awaiting autopsy results

Samantha Humphrey, 14, who disappeared last November, has suffered tragic events. A body found in the river has been autopsied, and the results are anticipated Monday. After discovering the body may be Samantha’s, divers searched the river on Thursday for more evidence.

Samantha’s family friend Stephanie Kegney shared the devastating news on social media on Wednesday. “This is Samantha HUMPHREY,” Kegney wrote, posting touching photos of the teen. Her body was found today. Know her name, face, and tale. The death of a 14-year-old was violent. Sam’s family has our support as they seek justice. Please allow family time. Please send positive energies, prayers, etc.” In this tough time, the family needs privacy to grieve and support each other, she said.

Kegney added that law enforcement would reveal more case information in the following days, adding anticipation to the probe.

Samantha’s family started a GoFundMe campaign in November after her disappeared. The money was for a private investigator to find their daughter. The $5,000 fundraising target, set by Jaclyn Humphrey, shows the family’s determination to find Samantha.

The Humphrey family faces a difficult time as the community awaits the autopsy results and law enforcement updates. They are supported by those who care about them.

Papa Humphrey: ‘I firmly believe she went down fighting

Schenectady— Samantha Humphrey, 14, disappeared on November 25, 2022, and her body was found in the Mohawk River almost a year later.

Samantha’s father, Jeff Humphrey, was proud and saddened by her memories. “She made us proud,” he remarked. “I suppose she died battling… She fought but lost.”

In a desperate search for justice, Schenectady billboards now advertise a $10,000 prize for “information that will lead to the arrest and murder charges” related to Samantha’s disappearance and murder. The billboards encourage anyone with relevant information to contact the District Attorney’s office.

In a CBS 6 interview in front of one of these billboards, Jeff Humphrey explained the initiative’s goal. “It’s an attempt to gather information for the District Attorney and police to use to find out who killed Sam and make sure they received justice,” he said.

Jeff Humphrey is growing dissatisfied with Schenectady Police’s slow response to Samantha’s death inquiry. “I can’t really say where my frustration lies because I don’t know enough about the case internally to know exactly what the problem is,” he said.

Her family hopes the billboard campaign will lead to new leads and bring closure to Samantha’s case as the community grieves her death.

Humphrey family seeks answers one year after Samantha’s disappearance

Samantha’s father, Jeff Humphrey, recalls a year of tremendous pain as the family marks her disappearance one year ago. Samantha’s homicide investigation continues after her body was located in Stockade three months after her disappearance.

“It’s been absolutely brutal,” Jeff Humphrey said of the catastrophic effects on family. The community has rallied, but everyone has grieved differently.

Samantha’s remains was found in the Mohawk River at Riverside Park on February 22, three months after her disappearance. Despite time, Schenectady Police investigate a probable murder. The investigation is ongoing, said Police Chief Eric Clifford.

The Humphrey family conducted a mobile phone light vigil for Samantha in Riverside Park on November 11 to prepare for the anniversary’s emotional toll. Jeff Humphrey recommends emotional preparation.

Samantha’s case received $90,000 in overtime last year, Schenectady Police Chief Clifford stated in October’s budget hearing. Mayor Gary McCarthy emphasised the tragedy and law enforcement and district attorney’s attention.

October saw Jeff Humphrey endorse Republican mayoral candidate Matt Nelligan, thinking he would prioritise his daughter’s case. After McCarthy’s election, the mayor chastised Nelligan for politicising homicide. Letitia James should oversee the investigation, according to Jeff Humphrey.

Louis Paravate, Jeff Humphrey’s father, bought billboards advertising a $10,000 reward for Samantha’s killer’s apprehension and conviction to aid the investigation. The family’s GoFundMe campaign may increase the incentive and fund the billboards. Despite more suggestions, District Attorney Robert Carney advises calling the police tips line.

Jeff Humphrey believes an arrest will end his family’s suffering. “I want to protect the next kid,” he stated, underlining the need to stop the culprit.


The tragic story of Samantha Humphrey’s disappearance and death in the Mohawk River has haunted Schenectady, New York. Samantha’s family’s sadness and dogged search for answers illustrate the difficult journey after such catastrophes.

The Humphrey family’s efforts to find out what happened to Samantha are sad reminders of their pursuit of justice. The reward-displaying billboards show their request for information, while the GoFundMe campaign shows their financial support for the investigation.

Samantha’s family’s anguish and despair reflect the larger issues faced in such circumstances. The wait for official confirmations, ambiguities, and emotional toll of not having closure can leave families struggling.

As Samantha’s death inquiry continues, the community awaits closure. The city’s strategically placed billboards provide information and show togetherness. The candlelight vigil and law enforcement’s efforts show a common commitment to justice and comfort for Samantha’s family.

Despite such tragedy, the community’s hope for closure remains, and the community’s collaboration shows a shared desire to find the truth. Samantha’s tale has impacted the community and underscored the need for justice for silenced voices.


Q: Has Samantha Humphrey’s body been identified?

A: The body recovered from the Mohawk River is not yet identified as Samantha Humphrey’s. Authorities have not spoken, but the family believes it is her.

Q: Why did Samantha Humphrey vanish?

A: Samantha disappeared on November 25, 2022, after seeing her ex-boyfriend in Riverside Park at 11 pm. Investigations are underway about her disappearance.

Q: What made Samantha’s case complicated?

A: Samantha’s assertion of a difficult relationship with her ex-boyfriend complicated her case. She disappeared wearing the same jacket as seen in surveillance film taken before midnight.

Q: Was Samantha’s relationship abusive?

A: Samantha’s mother said the youngster told family and school counsellors about her ex-boyfriend’s violence, prompting fears about her safety.

Q: How has Samantha’s family assisted the investigation?

A: Samantha’s family started a GoFundMe for a private investigator in November. Information leading to Samantha’s killer’s arrest and conviction was also advertised with a $10,000 reward.

Q: What’s the investigation’s status?

A: The death of Samantha Humphrey is under investigation by law authorities. The community and family want justice in the matter.

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