Toure Robert Net Worth, Age, Bio, Personal Life, Career

Toure Robert Net Worth

Toure Roberts is a remarkable spiritual leader, author, lecturer, and inspiration for personal and spiritual growth. He is one of the richest Self-Help Author from United States. Toure Robert Net Worth $5 Million. He offers profound insights on faith, relationships, and purpose-driven living. Roberts, the founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver, guides people on their spiritual journey. He gives life-changing wisdom through dynamic spirituality, helping individuals manage their complex lives with strength and purpose. Roberts’ motivational presentations are more than just eloquent expressions—they inspire a community of self-discovery and personal growth. Spiritual seekers and holistic well-being seekers adore him for his profound insights on life’s meaning and fulfillment.

Toure Robert Net Worth

Toure Robert Net Worth,$5 Million

To inspire, engage, and make money, Toure Roberts leverages his vast social media following. He has made money using social media, proving his spirituality, authorship, public speaking, and influence. Roberts’ internet presence has made his spiritual leadership business successful, proving the link between digital popularity and financial success.

Toure Robert Net Worth,US self-help author. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider report his $5 million net worth

One Church LA, founded by Toure Roberts in 2004, is one of the fastest-growing national churches. These successes show his ability to reach large audiences and increase business. Roberts’ preaching have increased his followers’ spirituality and wealth.

Toure Roberts is a wealthy US self-help author. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider report his $5 million net worth, reflecting his spirituality, personal development, and entrepreneurship influence. Toure Roberts’ multifaceted success in modern culture comes from spiritual leadership, digital effect, and entrepreneurship.

Net Worth$5 Million
Source of IncomeSelf-Help Author
Marital StatusMarried
CountryUnited States
HouseLiving In Own House

Toure Roberts Wiki

A prominent Christian leader, preacher, author, and speaker, Toure Roberts leads spiritual direction and personal development.

A prominent Christian leader, preacher, author, and speaker, Toure Roberts leads spiritual direction and personal development. He and his wife, Sarah Jakes Roberts, co-pastor The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver, promoting spiritual growth in their community. Toure is famous for his profound spirituality, which resonates with those seeking personal and interpersonal growth. His books “Purpose Awakening” and “Wholeness,” on self-discovery and spiritual growth, have won over readers seeking a holistic life.

Toure Roberts’ insightful and transforming teachings reach different audiences at large-scale speaking engagements. His online presence also helps him connect with people worldwide. Toure inspires and guides others on their spiritual journeys through traditional preaching and internet outreach, leaving an unmistakable effect on Christian leadership, personal growth, and interpersonal connections.

First NameToure
Last NameRoberts
Birth DateSeptember 8, 1972
Age51 years old
Birth PlaceOakland, Calif
Marital StatusMarried
Father NameBishop Roberts
Wife/SpouseSarah Jakes Roberts(m.2014)
Net Worth$5 Million

Toure Roberts Education

Toure Roberts earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Trinity College right after high school. This education gave him vital business skills, establishing the groundwork for his future accomplishments. Toure’s business degree helped him to handle the complexity of many endeavors and provide a strategic and informed perspective to his multifarious career as a spiritual leader, author, and speaker. Early education shows his drive to learning the skills and insights that would help him succeed in various disciplines.Toure Robert Net Worth,

Toure Roberts Personal Life

Toure Roberts’ personal life is private. He keeps his personal life private despite his fame as a self-help book and spiritual leader. Few details about his family, relationships, and hobbies are public. Instead of providing personal information, Roberts advises on spirituality, personal growth, and purpose-driven living. 

Toure Roberts Family

Pastor Toure Roberts is a spiritual ally and a beloved son-in-law to Bishop Thomas Dexter and Serita Jakes. Toure Roberts’ personal life and spiritual leadership are intertwined by this family link. Roberts has always kept his personal life private despite his celebrity and influence.

He has taken steps to hide his mother’s identity, showing his regard and protection for his family. Since nothing is known about his siblings, Roberts’ commitment to keeping his family hidden is evident.

Toure Roberts’ decision to divide his public and personal lives shows his desire to remove his spiritual leadership and authorial identity from his family life. This intentional seclusion shows his principles, highlighting the significance of personal boundaries despite public curiosity and notoriety. Roberts shows his attention to his faith, work, and family by balancing them.

Toure Roberts First Marriage

Toure Roberts’ life has been defined by major upheavals, including his marriage to Lori Roberts, with whom he raised three children. Their relationship ended in November 2014 with a divorce. Toure has kept the reasons for their divorce confidential.

Toure Roberts is committed to his vocation and spiritual calling despite the trials of this chapter in his life. Marriage to Sarah Jakes Roberts brought him love again. Co-pastors of The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver, they share ideals and a faith-filled existence.

Toure Roberts shown perseverance and progress by navigating personal connections in public. Through these experiences, he has inspired others through his lectures and shown the power of personal transformation and new beginnings. His partnership with Sarah Jakes Roberts shows that love and purpose can be found after setbacks, and their ministry endeavors demonstrate their shared dedication to spiritual leadership and community building.

Toure Roberts Second Wife

Following his divorce from Lori Roberts, Toure Roberts met Sarah Jakes in November 2014. They married secretly on November 23, 2014, after falling in love immediately. Toure and Sarah began a new chapter with the small ceremony.

Sarah Jakes, daughter of Pastor Thomas Dexter Jakes, brings family and accomplishments to the collaboration. Many writing and media outlets have benefited from her talent and ideas.

After falling pregnant at 14, Sarah married Robert Henson before marrying Toure Roberts. Sarah and Robert have two children, creating unique family dynamics.

Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes started a religion, personal, and familial journey. Daughter Ella Roberts grew the family. Despite their difficult pasts, the couple’s devotion to each other and their ministry displays persistence, progress, and love’s power to transcend adversity.

Toure Roberts Sarah Jakes Age Difference

Sarah Jakes and Pastor Toure Roberts are 16 years apart, yet their relationship and goals are not limited by age. Sarah, born July 19, 1988, turned 32 in 2020, while Pastor Toure, born September 8, 1972, turned 51 in 2023. Despite their age difference, their faith and service teamwork shows a similar spiritual path and ministry dedication.

Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes’ relationship shows that love, principles, and a shared goal can span generational differences. Their personal and professional collaboration shows endurance beyond societal standards.

The couple’s tale shows that true compatibility is based on similar values, aspirations, and growth, not age. Their marriage shows that age does not limit deep relationships, especially when based on faith and service.

Toure Roberts Children’s

As Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes revealed their first pregnancy in August 2015, anticipation grew. Toure joyfully announced the addition to their family at One Church LA. The church embraced the couple’s announcement, a milestone.

Sarah told Essence that her love for Toure made her excited about the arrival. Toure said, “Having a child together is the organic overflow of the love that we have been so blessed to share.” They expressed excitement for new life and their deep relationship.

The arrival of Ella Roberts on February 10, 2016, fulfilled this delighted anticipation. Ella’s birth transformed Toure and Sarah’s parenting adventure, making them proud parents of six children. Ella joined their lovely and eclectic family, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences, faith, and endless love as they navigate motherhood.

Touré Robert with his family

Touré Roberts’ Instagram posts show his affection for his family. His message wishing his youngest daughter a happy 5th birthday captured an emotional moment in the Roberts family.

Touré’s internet messages also show his love for his preacher parents-in-law, Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes and Serita Jakes. On August 19, 2018, Touré posted a photo of Serita and wrote, “We celebrated her birthday together.” In this public acknowledgement, he expressed his love for Serita and family delight.

Touré Roberts showed his affection for his parents-in-law on Twitter again. He tweeted a photo of Bishop and Serita Jakes celebrating peerlessly in Dallas on August 25, 2018. This public sharing of family experiences highlights the Roberts and Jakes families’ deep relationships and mutual affection.

Touré’s willingness to share these intimate and happy moments on social media shows his personal life and emphasizes the value of family, love, and connection in his spiritual leadership and family man path.

Toure Roberts Social Media

In recent weeks, Toure Roberts has grown on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Due to increased participation, Roberts has thousands of social media followers and subscribers. His social media following has grown dramatically due to his inspiring, spiritual, and encouraging content. Roberts has a significant following on these popular social media networks due to his entertaining material.

FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
InstagramClick Here

Toure Roberts Career 

Roberts merged 2002-founded One Church of LA with The Potter’s House in August 2017. This relationship with T.D. Jakes’ commercial and theological influence legally obligates Roberts to preach views that may contradict his earlier opinions as pastor. This doesn’t mean Roberts didn’t support compromise or doctrinal changes. Roberts brought Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to the pulpit in 2013 to apologize on behalf of the Body of Christ, making secular and religious headlines. This act, called “identification repentance,” entails admitting and reconciling with another person or group.

Toure Roberts Book

Wholeness; Winning in Life from the Inside Out: T.D. Jakes Toure Roberts

Toure Roberts Best Quotes

  •  A physical form is ‘put around’ our invisible purpose during birth. We can join the physical realm and do what we were meant to.
  • Be hopeful—your recovery is near.
  • Confidently hearing God’s voice takes time and practise. It takes effort and focus.


Pastor, self-help author, and spiritual leader Toure Roberts is famous. His work balances privacy and public influence, hiding his family background while offering spiritual messages. The 2017 merger of One Church of LA and The Potter’s House brand inspired him theologically. Roberts’ apology to Destiny’s Child on behalf of the Body of Christ has gained attention and controversy in religious and secular areas, proving his presence outside the church. Toure Roberts’ spiritual journey and leadership role continue to influence spirituality and personal progress.


Q: Which Toure Roberts?

A: Pastor, self-help author, and spiritual leader Toure Roberts gives riveting talks.

Q: Toure Roberts’ known for?

A: Toure Roberts preached tremendous spiritual truths at One Church of LA and The Potter’s House.

Q: Toure Roberts married?

A: Toure married Sarah Jakes Roberts.

Q: Toure Roberts’ net worth?

A: Recent estimates put Toure Roberts’ net worth between $1 million and $5 million.

Q: Toure Roberts’ roots?

A: Toure Roberts is American, although his early life is unclear.

Q: Toure Roberts’ spiritual contributions?

A: Toure Roberts’ spiritual views have inspired many through his teachings, publications, and church merger leadership.

Q: Tour Roberts’ books?

A: Toure Roberts has written self-help and spiritual books about personal growth.

Q: How does Toure Roberts fit Destiny’s Child’s apology?

A: In 2013, Toure Roberts invited Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland to the pulpit to apologize for the Body of Christ.

Q: Where are Roberts’ lessons?

A: Toure Roberts teaches via books, online, and social media.

Q: Does Toure Roberts use social media?

A: Toure Roberts advocates spiritual principles on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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