Zach Edey's parents

Who are Zach Edey’s parents? Meet Zach Edey’s parents, Glen and Julia: Biography, Career And many more 

Zach Edey’s parents

Zach Edey Father Glen Edey 

Zach Edey Mother Julia

Zach Edey's parents

He is the standout Canadian basketball player for the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten Conference, was born on May 14, 2002. Boasting a reported height of 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters), Edey holds the distinction of being the tallest player in Big Ten history. His remarkable achievements include clinching the prestigious Big Ten Player of the Year and unanimous National Player of the Year awards following an outstanding 2023 season.

Born to Julia and Glen Edey in Toronto, Canada, on May 14, 2002, Zach’s diverse heritage reflects his 6-foot-3 (1.91 m) Chinese mother, raised in Toronto, and his Caucasian father. Initially drawn to baseball and ice hockey, sports in which his father excelled, Edey transitioned to basketball during his time at Toronto’s Leaside High School. The decision to focus on basketball arose from the challenges posed by his extraordinary height, particularly in baseball where his strike zone influenced his ability to play effectively.

Edey’s journey led him to relocate to the United States, where he enrolled at Florida’s IMG Academy in Bradenton. Starting with the second-tier squad, he underwent rigorous training under the guidance of Daniel Santiago, an IMG coach and former NBA player. Edey’s ascent continued as he joined the national squad in his second year. Despite receiving offers from notable schools like Santa Clara and Baylor, he ultimately chose to pursue collegiate basketball at Purdue, where he entered as a consensus three-star prospect in the 2020 class.

Zach Edey’s Parents

Zach Edey’s parents, Glen and Julia Edey are from Canada. Therefore, they are Canadian by nationality. Glen Eday is also Caucasian by ethnicity. Zach Edey’s familial support has been a cornerstone of his collegiate journey, with Glen Edey and Julia Edey standing as proud and involved advocates for their son. Their unwavering commitment to championing Zach’s interests has been evident throughout his time in college. Julia Edey, in particular, has gone above and beyond to amplify her son’s accomplishments, actively spreading the word about his achievements.

This shared sporting heritage has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Zach’s athletic pursuits and fostering an environment where his passion for basketball could thrive. The Edey parents’ support and shared love for sports have undoubtedly contributed to Zach’s success both on and off the basketball court, creating a familial foundation that propels him forward in his collegiate endeavors.

Zach Edey’s Mother

Julia Edey, the dedicated mother of Zach Edey, not only played basketball in her high school days but also carved her path as a mechanical engineer. Beyond her professional pursuits, Julia’s interests extend to gardening and beekeeping, showcasing her diverse talents and passions. Throughout Zach’s three seasons at Purdue, Julia has been a steadfast presence, attending practically all of the team’s games and playing a pivotal role in her son’s basketball journey.

Julia’s contributions to Zach’s career go beyond her unwavering attendance at games.This nickname, inspired by Zach’s impressive height and Canadian roots, has become synonymous with his on-court prowess. Julia’s thoughtful efforts in promoting her son’s brand have played a significant role in garnering support for Zach’s basketball skills, creating a sense of unity and enthusiasm among the fan base. Her hands-on involvement and unique initiatives underscore the integral role she plays in shaping and bolstering Zach Edey’s successful collegiate basketball career.

Zach Edey’s Father

Glen Edey, the father of Zach Edey, has deep-rooted connections to sports, particularly baseball, as he currently serves as an assistant coach at a youth league. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, Glen actively contributes to his wife Julia’s gardening and beekeeping pursuits, showcasing a shared commitment to various interests within the family.

Glen takes immense pride in his son Zach’s remarkable basketball skills, and his support serves as a testament to the strong familial bonds within the Edey household. As a devoted father, he stands as a steadfast advocate for Zach’s love for basketball, cheering him on with enthusiasm and encouragement. Glen’s multifaceted involvement, from coaching at the youth league to assisting with family activities, reflects his dedication to both his community and his family’s collective interests. Together with Julia, he forms a supportive foundation that has played a crucial role in nurturing Zach’s athletic achievements and contributing to the success of the Edey family.

When did Zach Eddy’s parents get married?

When did Zach Eddy's parents get married?

Glen and Julia Edey have successfully maintained a private and confidential romantic history, shielding their personal lives from public scrutiny as private citizens. The details of how they met, the duration of their dating period, and the specifics of their marriage remain undisclosed, in line with their preference for privacy. While there is no publicly accessible information regarding these aspects of their relationship, it is evident that the couple has shared their lives for at least two decades, considering their son Zach Edey recently celebrated his 20th birthday.

Despite the intentional secrecy surrounding their romantic journey, rumors suggest that the Edey family is characterized by a close-knit bond. This close familial relationship is purported to foster an environment of support and encouragement, where each member is motivated to pursue their individual endeavors. The Edey family’s commitment to maintaining privacy while nurturing a strong sense of unity highlights their emphasis on personal connections and the importance of mutual support within their close family circle.

What Nationality are Zach Edey’s Parents?

Indeed, Zach Edey’s parents, Glen and Julia Edey, hail from Canada, making them Canadian nationals. In terms of ethnicity, Glen Edey is identified as Caucasian, while Julia Edey is of Chinese ethnicity. The diverse heritage within the Edey family reflects a blend of cultural backgrounds, contributing to the richness of Zach’s identity and experiences. This multicultural background may have played a role in shaping Zach’s perspectives and interests, both on and off the basketball court.

Julia and Glen Edey’s height 

Zach Edey’s father is reported to have an average height exceeding 6 feet, and he holds a strong affinity for sports, particularly as a devoted fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the other hand, Julia Edey, Zach’s mother, stands tall at an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches. During her younger years, Julia actively engaged in basketball, showcasing a personal connection to the sport. These details underscore the athletic background and shared sports interests within the Edey family, contributing to the diverse fabric of their collective experiences.

Who is Zach Edey?

Zach Edey, the formidable basketball talent, is a pivotal player for the Purdue Boilermakers in the highly competitive Big Ten Conference. Born on October 30, 2001, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Edey has become synonymous with his imposing stature, standing out as one of the most towering figures on the basketball court.

Edey’s rise to prominence began during his high school years at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, where he honed his basketball skills and captured the attention of enthusiasts and scouts alike. His time at IMG Academy played a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of his career, showcasing his athleticism and prowess on the court.

Central to Zach Edey’s success has been the instrumental role played by his family. Their unwavering support and encouragement have been pivotal in navigating the challenges and triumphs of his basketball journey. Whether cheering from the sidelines or providing guidance behind the scenes, the Edey family has been a constant presence, contributing to Zach’s development both as an athlete and an individual.

His story is one of talent, hard work, and the vital role played by familial support in shaping his basketball journey.

Zach Edey’s education 

Zach Edey initiated his basketball journey at Leeside High School, marking the starting point of his promising career. It was during this time that he became affiliated with the Northern Kings Amateur Athletic Union program, a significant step in his athletic development. Spending a year with the program’s second-tier team, Edey honed his skills before making a notable move to IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

While at IMG Academy, Edey not only continued to refine his basketball prowess but also had the distinct honor of representing the Canadian national basketball team. This period of his career reflects a crucial phase of growth and development, where he not only excelled at the high school level but also made significant contributions on the national stage, solidifying his position as a promising talent in the world of basketball.


Before venturing into high school basketball in Grade 10, Zach Edey diversified his athletic pursuits by engaging in baseball and hockey to enhance his skills. Intriguingly, his transition to basketball gained attention swiftly after the commencement of his high school basketball career. The Northern Kings AAU program in Toronto recognized his potential, marking a pivotal moment in his athletic journey.

Subsequently, Edey took his talents to the prestigious IMG Academy in Florida for the final two years of his high school education, a move that further refined his skills and exposed him to a competitive basketball environment. By the time he enrolled at Purdue, he had already earned recognition, securing a notable ranking of 483 on the list of high school players.

Sharing his experiences along this transformative path, Edey has provided insights into his journey from multi-sport participation to becoming a standout basketball player. His commitment to honing his skills across various sports ultimately laid the foundation for his success on the basketball court.

“I remember learning basic stuff that seemed complicated, like a hook shot and when you do the right-left into a layup. That was so complicated. I had to do a full practice to figure out how to do right-left, then left-right with different hands. Like, super, super basic concepts that I had to work on in 10th grade. I hadn’t played it. I was brand new. So I started super behind.” 

Zach Edey’s stats 

In his freshman season, Zach Edey quickly garnered attention as the tallest player ever witnessed in the Big Ten. Making a remarkable impact off the bench, he showcased his versatility by securing seven rebounds and scoring an impressive 21 points. Throughout his debut season, Edey consistently displayed his defensive prowess, averaging 1.1 blocks per game, along with contributing 4.4 rebounds and 8.7 points per game.

His outstanding performance did not go unnoticed, as Edey earned a well-deserved spot on the Big Ten’s All-Freshman Team of the Year, solidifying his status as a rising star in collegiate basketball. Notably, on December 17, 2022, he etched his name in Purdue’s history books by becoming the 11th player to achieve 100 career blocks and the 55th player to surpass the 1,000 career points milestone. These milestones underscored Edey’s significant impact and contribution to Purdue’s basketball legacy, marking the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable collegiate career.

How tall is Zach Edey?

He stands at an impressive height of 7 feet 4 inches (2.24 meters) and weighs around 285 pounds (129 kilograms). 

What size shoe does Zach Edey wear?

Zach Edey wears a size 20 shoe. 

Quick facts about Zach Edey 

  • Zach Edey is a 21-year-old Canadian professional basketball player.
  • Born on May 14, 2002, he is considered an established young talent in the basketball world.
  • Zach’s ethnicity is mixed (White-Asian), with a Chinese-Canadian mother (Julia) and a Canadian father (Glen).
  • His parents are Glen Edey (father) and Julia (mother).
  • Zach has one sibling, a brother named Doug.
  • As of 2023, there is no information available about Zach Edey’s relationship status, and he appears to be single.
  • He stands at an impressive height of approximately 7 feet 4 inches or 224 centimeters.


Q. What is Zach Edey’s net worth?

A. Zach Edey’s current net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

Q. What is Zach Edey’s age?

A. Zach Edey, born on May 14, 2002, is 21 years old.

Q. What position does Zach Edey play?

A. Zach Edey plays as a center in basketball.

Q. Where is Zach Edey from?

A. Zach Edey hails from the city of Toronto, Canada.

Q. What team does Zach Edey play for?

A. Zach Edey currently plays for the Purdue Boilermakers basketball team in the Big Ten Conference League. Notably, he chose to return to play college basketball at Purdue University for an additional season, declining the NBA Draft.


Zach Edey, born on May 14, 2002, in Toronto, Canada, is a 21-year-old established Canadian professional basketball player. Standing at an impressive 7 feet 4 inches, he plays as a center for the Purdue Boilermakers in the Big Ten Conference. His parents, Glen and Julia, have been pivotal in his basketball journey, offering unwavering support throughout his collegiate career.

Starting his athletic pursuits in baseball and hockey, Edey transitioned to basketball during high school, catching the attention of the Northern Kings AAU program in Toronto. His journey led him to the IMG Academy in Florida, where he also represented the Canadian national basketball team.

In his freshman season, Edey made history as the tallest player in Big Ten, earning a spot on the All-Freshman Team of the Year. Notably, he achieved milestones by recording 100 career blocks and surpassing 1,000 career points for Purdue.

Zach’s diverse background includes a Caucasian father and a Chinese-Canadian mother, Julia, who actively supports him at games and creatively promotes his brand, “The Big Maple.” The Edey family’s deep connections to sports and their close-knit bond have played a crucial role in Zach’s success and development.

As of 2023, Zach Edey’s net worth is estimated at $100,000, and he continues to make waves in collegiate basketball, choosing to return to Purdue for another season, declining the NBA Draft.

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