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Who is Allana Nadal

In celebrity culture, when the spotlight shines brightly on individuals’ lives, others choose to keep a low profile. They include Allana Nadal, who became famous for her relationship with Kristoff St. John, the star of “The Young and the Restless.”

The public has briefly mentioned Allana Nadal in relation to Kristoff St. John, but little is known about her personal life, work, or history. This conscious choice to keep some aspects of her life private shows her commitment to privacy, which merits respect in an age when personal lives are routinely scrutinised.

In a world where information travels freely, Allana Nadal chooses a more quiet life. Their decision to leave stardom shows the value of personal limits and the right to live a private life.

Those seeking insight into her life must rely on the minimal material made public by her or her colleagues, respecting her privacy and personal decisions. This discretion is a good example of an individual’s right to live life on their own terms, away from the public glare, in a world when personal data is easily accessible.

Quick Facts

Real name Allana Nadal
Nick name Allan
Famous for Former Model
Age46 years old
Date of birth 1976
BirthplaceLos Angeles, the USA
Birth SignN/A

Allana Nadal’s Early life 

Allana Nadal, a private woman, has revealed nothing about her childhood. Los Angeles is where she was born and raised. Her parents’ names and backgrounds are unknown. As with her siblings, Allana has chosen to keep these things private.

Her childhood was in multicultural, lively Los Angeles. Her childhood and early experiences are private, yet her decisions and experiences led to her work and relationships later in life.

Like other parts of her life, Allana Nadal chose to keep her childhood private. Her discretion shows her devotion to navigate her life’s narrative on her terms, releasing just the chapters she considers public.

How Tall Is Allana Nadal? Physical Appearance 

HeightApprox. 5 ft 6 inches
Weight65 KG
Body Measurements36-32-37 inches
Bra Cup SizeN\A 
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Shoe Size8 (US)

Since 1976, Allana will be 46. However, her birth date remains uncertain. Thus, her zodiac sign is shadowed. Former model Nadal has gorgeous physique features that can attract any man. Her beautiful dark brown eyes and hair enhance her beauty.

Nadal has a great 36-32-37-inch physique. This adorable lady is 5’6″ and wears size 8. Allana weighs 65 kg and is healthy.

Allana Nadal’s Family and Privacy

Allana Nadal values family and personal privacy. As you said, she hasn’t revealed her parents’ names or siblings’. Her desire for privacy is shown by her decision to keep her family’s identities and details private.

Allana Nadal has kept her personal background and relationships private. This restraint shows her preference for self-governance and selective information sharing. Allana Nadal’s approach emphasizes the significance of privacy in the information era.

Personal Relationship 


Career and Personal Life of Allana Nadal

Although her personal life is mostly private, Allana Nadal’s professional career provides some insight into her journey. Allana was drawn to modeling early on. This ambition drove her to pursue modeling chances. Her modeling career is not well recorded. For a while, Allana Nadal worked for the Oakland Raiders. Her function and tenure in the organization are unknown, adding intrigue to her professional existence.

Especially during her marriage to Kristoff St. John, Allana’s dark brown hair stood out. This partnership with an entertainment icon elevated her. In her personal life, Allana Nadal is best known for marrying actor Kristopher St. John. They married in 2001, starting a promising chapter in their love story. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2007. This decision’s reasons are unknown. In their marriage, Allana and Kristoff had a daughter, Lola St. John, symbolizing their precious bond.

Beyond her marriage to Kristoff, Allana Nadal’s personal life is complicated. Her first husband is unknown, although she was married twice. Before marrying Allana, Kristoff St. John was married to Mia. Julian, Kristoff and Mia’s 24-year-old son, committed suicide due to mental illness. They had a daughter named Paris.

Allana’s ex-husband Kristoff St. John died of hypertrophic heart failure on February 3, 2019, leaving her grieving. Allana Nadal says she hasn’t dated since her divorce from Kristoff. She seems satisfied to live a happy, romantically free existence.

In essence, Allana Nadal’s professional and personal trajectory is distinguished by a purposeful effort to maintain anonymity while managing the intricacies of relationships, both famous and otherwise. Her tale shows that people can choose which parts of their life to share with others.

Allana Nadal’s Personal Interests and Preferences

Allana Nadal, the former model who has maintained a private personal life, has garnered some insights into her interests and preferences beyond her relationships. While details about her current dating status and romantic affairs remain undisclosed, we can explore some aspects of her personal likes and inclinations.

Celebrity Admirations: Allana Nadal has revealed a deep admiration for two prominent figures in the entertainment industry. She is a massive fan of actor Tom Hanks and actress Jennifer Lawrence, recognizing their talents and contributions to the world of cinema.

Favorite Vacation Destination: Among the numerous destinations that grace the world map, Paris holds a special place in Allana’s heart. The romantic and culturally rich ambiance of the French capital seems to resonate with her, making it her favorite vacation spot.

Favorite Color: Blue is the color that resonates with Allana Nadal, reflecting her personal aesthetic and perhaps symbolizing qualities that hold significance to her.

Culinary Delights: Allana enjoys the flavors of continental cuisine, savoring the diverse and palate-pleasing dishes that this culinary tradition has to offer.

Interests and Hobbies: Beyond her professional and personal life, Allana Nadal’s interests include a love for travel, suggesting an adventurous spirit that seeks to explore new horizons. She also has an affinity for singing, which could hint at her creative side. Additionally, her enjoyment of shopping aligns with the appreciation of fashion and style.

At 44 years of age, Allana Nadal continues to embrace life on her terms, cherishing her personal preferences and pursuits. While the details of her dating life remain concealed, her interests and passions provide a glimpse into the facets of her personality that she chooses to share with the world.

Net worth of Allana Nadal

Allana Nadal’s net worth, like many other elements of her life, is secret. She has not published her net worth, despite her modeling career’s financial benefits. Note that people, especially privacy-conscious ones, rarely divulge their financial information. While Kristoff St. John’s estimated net worth was $6 million before his death, Allana’s finances are unknown.

Allana Nadal’s net worth is unknown, and she keeps a low profile in her personal and financial life.

Social Media 

This 44-year-old former model is not currently active on any social media platform, including Facebook, and Twitter. Allana is just  active on her Instagram. The former model has over 1k followers on her Instagram.


Moving on to Awards, Allana has not received any awards to date.

Interesting Facts

  • She is a divorced woman.
  • She likes to drink coffee.
  • She is good at cooking.


For now, Allana Nadal is a mysterious figure known for her solitude and prudence. She earned fame through her relationship with Kristoff St. John, but she has kept her personal life and profession private.

Despite her limited public information, Allana Nadal’s experience illustrates the necessity of personal boundaries and the right to privacy in an information-sharing age. Her choices and relationships show her devotion to living life on her terms.

As with any private person, respect her privacy and recognise that sharing her life information is a personal choice. Her story may be private, but it shows the need for caution and narrative control.

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