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Amarah Dean Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio and Meet Alex Martin’s Daughter

Amarah Dean has gained significant recognition as the offspring of the acclaimed American actress, Alex Martin, who, in turn, is famous as the granddaughter of the iconic Whoopi Goldberg. It’s worth noting that Amarah herself is a multifaceted individual, actively involved in the realms of television, acting, and comedy. Furthermore, she enjoys a contented marital life and is also a doting mother to her daughter.

Amarah Dean Biography

Born in the US on November 13, 1989, Amarah Dean has made a name for herself in business. Her professional career and family ties as the daughter of famous American actress Alex Martin are well known. Amarah comes from a famous Hollywood family—Alex Martin is the daughter of Whoopi Goldberg.

Besides her notable family, Amarah has two brothers, Mason and Jerzy, although her educational background and alma mater are unknown due to her secretive lifestyle.

Since 2011, Gary Bernard Dean and Alex Martin have been happily married and have three children, with Amarah being the oldest. This family dynamic is part of Amarah Dean’s unique life.


Full NameAmarah Dean
Date of birthNovember 13, 1989
Birth placeUnited States
Age33 years old
Birth SignScorpio
Net worth$4 Million

Amarah Dean Career

As is often the case, Amarah Dean, the daughter of the renowned actress Alex Martin, followed a similar path into the world of entertainment. Back in 1993, Alex Martin made a pivotal decision to embark on her acting journey, marking her debut in the American musical comedy film, “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.” This film played a significant role in launching her career. Notably, her early career choices predominantly revolved around comedy, with many of her initial film projects belonging to the comedic genre. This decision laid the foundation for what would become a remarkable and laughter-filled career in the world of cinema.

Amarah Dean Height and Weight

Amarah Dean stands tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches, with a weight of approximately 70 kilograms. Her striking physical attributes include lustrous black hair that compliments her captivating, deep-set black eyes. While these details provide a glimpse into her notable physical presence, unfortunately, further specific information about her remaining features remains elusive. It’s worth noting, however, that Amarah possesses an undeniable and natural beauty that undoubtedly enhances her overall allure.

Amarah Dean’s Parents

Father NameGary Bernard Dean
Mother NameAlex Martin
SiblingsJerzy and Mason
Grand ParentsWhoopi Goldberg, Alvin Martin

Alex, Amarah’s mother, married Gary in a complicated marriage. The date of their first marriage is unknown, but it was marked by turbulence and separations before their divorce. Despite their relationship’s ups and downs, they reconciled. They renewed their vows in a small ceremony in January 2011. They remain happily together today, proving the strength of their love and dedication.

Amarah Dean Siblings

For a significant period, Amarah Dean held the distinction of being her mother’s sole offspring. However, this familial landscape underwent a transformation when her mother entered into a union with a gentleman by the name of Bernard Dean. Their marital journey, characterised by two separate but interconnected vows, bore fruit in the form of two additional family members: a daughter named Jerzey and a son named Mason.

As a testament to the solidity of their familial bond, Amarah chose to adopt Dean’s last name following his marriage to her mother. This act symbolised not only the legal and emotional ties that bound them but also the unity and connection they shared as a family unit.

Amarah Dean Husband

Amarah maintains a steadfast commitment to preserving the privacy of her personal life, allowing the world access only to the details she deems fit for public consumption. In the year 2013, she exchanged vows with a gentleman named Chris in a meticulously guarded and confidential wedding ceremony, shrouded in secrecy.

Their union bore fruit just a year later when Amarah welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world, christening her as Charlie Rose. However, the arrival of her daughter triggered a series of speculations and rumours that seized the headlines. Some reports insinuated that Amarah was uncertain about the paternity of her child, leading her to break her customary silence and publicly declare her husband’s name, putting an end to the swirling doubts.

It is widely reported that Amarah has chosen a predominantly domestic lifestyle, frequently opting to devote her time to nurturing her child and fostering her relationship with her husband. This deliberate retreat from the public eye underscores her dedication to maintaining a cocoon of privacy around her personal affairs, even as her public persona continues to evolve.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 11 inch
Weight70 kg 
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBrown

Amarah Dean on Social Media

Amarah Dean, the mysterious and multi-talented artist, is active on several social media channels, allowing admirers to interact with her. Her use of various media reveals her personal life, artistic pursuits, and cultural influence.

Instagram: Amarah Dean has a successful Instagram presence, sharing her artistic expressions, daily lives, and creative process. She often posts amazing photos of her job and home life. Her Instagram stories give viewers a closer look at her projects and genuine experiences. Art admirers worldwide flock to her Instagram, which has millions of followers.

Facebook: Amarah Dean’s Facebook page highlights her detailed updates and announcements. Longer posts about her career, society, and personal life engage her fans. The page promotes her philanthropy and encourages fans to get engaged in her projects.

Twitter: Amarah Dean’s Twitter stream is a source of thought-provoking statements, artistic insights, and occasional humour. Her tweets stir discussions among her admirers and the online community due to her large following.

You Tube: Amarah Dean’s YouTube channel is a must-see for art and creative process enthusiasts. She posts project documentaries, artistic tutorials, and personal vlogs to give viewers a deeper peek at her life and business.

Snapchat and TikTok: To see Amarah Dean’s more relaxed and playful side, follow her on Snapchat and TikTok. She posts playful moments, creative snippets, and short videos that reveal her personality.

In addition to social media, Amarah Dean has an official website that serves as a focal point for her work. Explore her portfolio, buy her art, and learn about upcoming exhibitions, releases, and events.

Amarah Dean uses these social media sites to engage with fans and demonstrate her artistic variety and dedication to social change. She leaves a lasting effect on art and culture through various methods.

Net Worth

Amarah Dean is the daughter of her parents, and her career status and net worth are unknown. However, her grandmother, Whoopi Goldberg, has a $45 million fortune. In August 2023, her mother had $4 million in wealth.

Amarah Dean’s financial position is unknown, however we can update you when more information becomes available.


  • Family Legacy: Amarah Dean comes from a renowned Hollywood family. Her mother, Alex Martin, is the daughter of the iconic Whoopi Goldberg, which makes Amarah part of a Hollywood dynasty.
  • Career Path: Following in her mother’s footsteps, Amarah Dean has ventured into the world of entertainment. Her mother, Alex Martin, started her acting career in 1993 with “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit,” and Amarah has also pursued a career in show business.
  • Private Lifestyle: Amarah Dean values her privacy and keeps much of her personal life away from the public eye. She had a secretive wedding ceremony in 2013 and later became a mother to a daughter named Charlie Rose, addressing speculations about her child’s paternity.
  • Family Unity: Amarah Dean’s family dynamic is unique. Her mother, Alex Martin, has been married to Gary Bernard Dean since 2011. They have three children together, with Amarah being the oldest. Amarah adopted Dean’s last name to symbolise their strong familial bond.
  • Social Media Presence: Despite her privacy, Amarah Dean maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. She uses these channels to connect with her admirers, showcase her artistry, and engage in social causes, leaving a lasting impact on art and culture.


Q1.Who is Amarah Dean?

A1.Amarah Dean is a multifaceted individual known for her involvement in the realms of television, acting, and comedy. She gained recognition as the daughter of American actress Alex Martin and the granddaughter of the iconic Whoopi Goldberg.

Q2.What is Amarah Dean’s career background?

A2.Amarah Dean followed a similar path into the world of entertainment as her mother, Alex Martin. Her mother’s acting career began in 1993, and Amarah has also pursued a career in show business.

Q3.Tell me about Amarah Dean’s family?

A3.Amarah Dean is the daughter of Alex Martin and has two younger siblings, Jerzy and Mason. Her mother, Alex Martin, is married to Gary Bernard Dean, and together, they have three children.

Q4.What can you tell me about Amarah Dean’s personal life?

A4.Amarah Dean values her privacy and has maintained a low profile in terms of her personal life. She had a private wedding ceremony in 2013 and became a mother to a daughter named Charlie Rose.

Q5.Where can I find Amarah Dean on social media?

A5.Amarah Dean uses Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and TikTok. She interacts with followers, shares her art, and supports social causes on various media.


Finally, Amarah Dean, daughter of actress Alex Martin and granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg, has made her own mark in showbiz. Her paintings and social media presence have made her famous while retaining a private existence. Her family’s Hollywood pedigree, her dedication to her work, and her social activism make her an intriguing character in art and culture. Amarah’s story shows how a creative family can last.

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