Dorothy Wang Net Worth
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What is Dorothy Wang Net Worth?Who is Dorothy Wang.


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Dorothy Wang Net Worth

$10 Million

Dorothy Wang Net Worth
Dorothy Wang is worth $10 million.

Dorothy Wang, a wealthy American heiress, appeared in Bling Empire: New York and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Dorothy Wang is worth $10 million.

Dorothy credits her father, self-made billionaire Roger Wang, for her wealth. That riches has allowed her to live a lavish life and appear on various reality TV shows. Famed for The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and Netflix’s Bling Empire.

Who is Dorothy Wang?

Dorothy Wang Net Worth
Dorothy Wang Net Worth

Dorothy, born in Beverly Hills, attended the best California institutions, including USC, according to Celebrity Net Worth. This isn’t surprising since Dorothy has long called herself #RichKid. More later.

The season 2 launch party for Netflix’s “bling empire” features Mimi Morris as the new queen.

Dorothy is a real estate agent and worked at The Agency with Kyle Richards’ spouse Mauricio Umansky, per Ask Men. She doesn’t appear on the agency list, thus she may no longer work there. LA is no longer her home.

Dorothy’s many entrepreneurial pursuits must be included. She offers travel advice on, where she recommends sights and hotels in key cities. She sold hashtag necklaces, however this seems to have stopped since 2016, when she last posted on Instagram. Rich and Bubbly, her sparkling wine label, was last mentioned in 2017.Dorothy Wang Net Worth is 10$M.

Dorothy Wang Net Worth?

Dorothy Wang Net Worth

Dorothy Wang Net Worth

Dorothy Wang, a $10 million socialite and reality TV star, is American. “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which she starred on from 2014 to 2016, made Dorothy famous. Roger Wang, the millionaire former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group, which repairs cars, builds houses and sells clothes, is her father. Roger is the main shareholder in Golden Eagle, which opened dozens of mainland Chinese department stores in 1995. Dorothy gained national fame by posting Instagram photos of her opulent lifestyle. As a licensed real estate broker, she wants to work for her father’s company.

NameDorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang Net Worth (2023)$10 Million
Monthly Income And Salary$90,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary$1 Million +
Last Updated2023

Profile summary 

Full NameDorothy Wang
Date of Birth27 January 1988
Age (as of 2023)35 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
Place of BirthBeverly Hills, United States
Current ResidenceNew York City, New York, United States
Height (feet)5’4″
Height (cm)163
Weight (pounds)123
Weight (kg)56
Hair ColourDark brown
Eye ColourBrown
FatherRoger Wang
MotherVivine Wang
Relationship StatusSingle
High SchoolHarvard-Westlake High School
UniversityUniversity of Southern California
ProfessionReality TV star
Dorothy Wang Net Worth$10 million

Early Life Dorothy Wang

Dorothy Wang was born January 27, 1988, in Beverly Hills, California, to Roger and Vivine Wang. She has sister Janice. Dorothy has a USC communications degree.

Businessman Roger Wang is Dorothy’s father. The millionaire former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group, which fixes automobiles, builds real estate and sells apparel, The Hong Kong stock exchange lists 3308, which operates department stores across mainland China. Since 1995, the company has grown to 5000 employees and a $2.7 billion market cap.Dorothy Wang Net Worth is 10$M.

Roger Wang’s Golden Eagle International Group has worked in several industries, showing its versatility. Its diverse business portfolio includes auto servicing, real estate development, and apparel.

Golden Eagle International Group’s principal shareholder, Roger Wang, has helped it grow. His strategic vision and leadership have made the organisation successful.

Dorothy Wang is notable for her commercial success, as is Roger Wang. Reality shows like “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” are her speciality. Media have covered her as the daughter of a successful businessman.

In Beverly Hills, California, the Wang family represents enterprise, business expertise, and family and business with Roger Wang heading a successful international corporate empire.


Wang was cast in “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” after sharing images on Instagram with the hashtag #richkidsofinstagram. The show debuted on January 19, 2014, with Dorothy, Morgan Stewart, Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Drubel, and Brendan Fitzpatrick. Wang appeared in all four seasons of the sitcom about twentysomethings with affluent or billionaire parents. Dorothy produced the final season of “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and appeared on “Famously Single,’ ‘ another E! show, in 2017.

In 2014, Wang became a fashion correspondent on “The Steve Harvey Show” and co-hosted “Fetch Me A Date” on Facebook Watch in 2019. She appeared on “Bethenny,” “Hollywood Today,” “Entertainment Tonight,” “Clevver Now,” and the E! News special “Closet Envy.” Wang founded Rich and Bubbly champagne and Fabuluxe jewellery in addition to her television job. Dorothy told that she worked for The Agency, a “full-service, luxury real estate brokerage and lifestyle company that has redefined and modernized the real estate industry.” She interned in TV production, jewelry, and for Travis Smiley at PBS and took him to China before entering real estate.

Personal Life

Dorothy enjoys shopping, nightclubs, and travelling, and she offers unofficial travel guides for Miami, Tokyo, and Amsterdam on her website. She is passionate about charitable work and became the youngest Nanjing charitable League Goodwill Ambassador aged 12. Wang, a Black Lives Matter advocate, posted a list of Los Angeles Black-owned eateries on her website to encourage people to “explore and enjoy the diversity around us.”

Dorothy Wang’s Ethnicity

Dorothy Wang is Asian and American-Chinese. She’s Asian because of her parents. Her father is from China and came to the US for education. Dorothy Wang is proud of her Asian roots despite growing up in the US.

She is proud of her role on Bling Empire, the first reality show with an all-Asian main cast. Wang says it’s a pleasure to appear on the show because she wants to share more Asian experiences to educate and improve empathy.

Who is Dorothy Wang’s Father?

Her father made Dorothy Wang rich and famous. Wang’s father is Chinese-American billionaire Roger Wang. The senior Wang was born in 1948 and raised in Taiwan and China. Later, he came to the US in his mid-20s to pursue MBA at Southeastern Louisiana University. After that, he held several occupations, including drug store management, before starting his business empire.

Dorothy Wang’s father founded Nanjing Eagle International Group and Golden Eagle Retail Group. Nanjing Eagle International Group operates real estate. They build and rent malls, offices, and apartments. However, Golden Eagle Retail Group operates luxury boutiques and lifestyle centres throughout eastern China.

Roger Wang’s retail firm generates billions of Yuan annually, making him one of the world’s richest men. Forbes classified him as the 1143rd richest person living on 25 March 2023 with $2.6 billion.

Meet Dorothy Wang’s Mother and Sister

Dorothy Wang’s mother is businessman and philanthropist Vivine Wang. She lives off the grid but donates with her millionaire husband. Vivine Wang, a political donor, gave Joe Biden $100,000 to help him become president.

Janice, Dorothy Wang’s older sister, is a successful businesswoman. Janice, born in 1979, is nearly ten years older than Dorothy. She is on her father’s firms’ boards and has a UCLA degree.

She became vice chairwoman of Nanjing Golden Eagle International Group Co., Ltd. in 2021. Janice wasn’t given her high position for free. She had to work her way up. Before joining the corporate world, she worked in retail merchandising at her father’s Singapore stores.

Dorothy Wang’s parents remain married. They are a close family, and Wang often posts heartfelt tributes to her mother on Instagram.

Sources of Dorothy Wang’s Net Worth

Trust Fund

Her millionaire father gave Dorothy Wang most of her wealth. People can leave their money to their children before they die. Rich adults can also leave money to their children through trust funds.

Some trust funds require the beneficiary to attain a specific age to access the money. Dorothy Wang is 35, therefore her father must have left her some money.

Business Ventures

Dorothy Wang has profited from her own company ideas. Formerly, she made champagne and jewelry. She made good money from both enterprises before they closed.

Real Estate Work

Dorothy Wang, a licensed realtor, worked for globally renowned Los Angeles boutique real estate brokerage firm The Agency. She must have received significant commissions and bonuses while working for the company.

TV Appearances

TV appearances boost Dorothy Wang’s $10 million net worth. Wang was a Steve Harvey Show fashion correspondent. Co-host of Fetch Me A Date web series. She probably got paid for these gigs. Dorothy Wang has appeared on several reality TV shows, but it is unclear if they helped her fortune.

Participants in most reality TV shows receive little to no pay. Only famous participants like the Kardashians earn a large appearance fee.

Did Rich Kids of Beverly Hills feature Dorothy Wang?

Dorothy Wang was a major cast member of E!’s 2014 reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills is a reality TV show about wealthy young adults in the 90210 zip code.

Rich Kids scouted Dorothy Wang. Before that, she posted about her luxurious lifestyle on social media. E! producers saw she could host a reality show after following her content. They invited her and some of her friends.

Dorothy brought Morgan Stewart, her friend. Brendan Fitzpatrick, Jonny Drubel, Roxy Sowlaty, EJ Johnson, Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, Bianca Espada, Elisa Johnson, Drew Mac Stewart, and others were added by the producers. Dorothy Wang was Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ queen bee due to her prominence.

The show aired 35 episodes over four seasons from 2014 to 2016. It covered cast members’ personal and professional lives. Wang’s love life was another show highlight. Despite criticism for promoting materialism and narcissism, Dorothy Wang and her co-stars were popular.

Dorothy Wang List of Other TV Shows 

Dorothy Wang has been on Bling Empire, Bling Empire: New York, The Steve Harvey Show, Fetch Me a Date, and Famously Single in addition to Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.

Dorothy Wang rose to fame on “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.” Television schedules and programming might change, and new shows may have debuted since then. The following TV series have Dorothy Wang as of my last knowledge update:

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (2014-2016):Dorothy Wang became famous as a prominent character in this reality show about wealthy young adults in Beverly Hills (2014–2016).

Famously Single (2016–2017): Dorothy Wang starred in the second season of this reality show, which gathered celebrities together to work on their relationships with relationship experts.

Bling Empire 

Bling Empire is a Netflix reality show about wealthy East and South East Asian young people in Los Angeles. Seasons two and three were renewed for 2022 after the series premiered in March 2021.

Kevin Taejin Kreider, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Gabriel Chiu, Kelly Mi Li, Anna Shay, Cherie Chan, Jessey Lee, Kim Lee, Jaime Xie, Guy Tang, and Mimi Morris were cast. Some cast members are self-made millionaires, while others are related. Asian descent unites them.

Fans liked Dorothy Wang’s 2022 Bling Empire season 2 debut. It also brought back memories for Rich Kids of Beverly Hills viewers. Overall, she helped the show.

Though criticized for consumerism, Bling Empire was commended for promoting Asian culture and became one of Netflix’s most-watched shows.

New York (2023) Bling Empire

Dorothy Wang was requested to return to Netflix’s New York spinoff of Bling Empire after its success. Despite her reservations, the heiress moved to New York for the concert. In 2023, she starred in the show.

Bling Empire: New York also stars fashion influencer Tina Leung, a Chinese millionaire, Stephen Hung, and Deborah. The synopsis says the show will cover personal and professional life as players compete for love, money, and power.

Fetch Me a Date (2019)

Fetch Me a Date was a 2019 Facebook Watch dating show. Dorothy Wang and Jonathan Bennett, an actor and TV personality, co-hosted. They assisted singles in finding love. Dorothy Wang co-hosted all eight episodes of Fetch me a Date in 2019.

Famous Single (2017)

In 2017, Dorothy Wang appeared in one Famously Single episode on E! Famously Single knows celebrities often struggle to find genuine love, so it gathers specialists to help. Halfway through 2017, Dorothy Wang appeared on Famously Single.

Though she didn’t find love, it helped her improve her dating and discover her desires. Dorothy Wang wanted a partner who was driven, hardworking, amusing, unique, and could keep her attention.

Steve Harvey Show

Dorothy Wang was a Steve Harvey Show fashion correspondent briefly. She ran the clothes Bank or Fashion Burst Segment, grading celebrity clothes.

Dorothy Wang is a frequent Steve Harvey Show guest in addition to her correspondent job. Her relationship with Harvey is strong, and she has complimented him for respecting the Rich Kids cast during their criticism.

Is Dorothy Wang Married?

Dorothy Wang has never been married. Her desire to settle down is limited to the right person. She’s still dating but taking it easy. She admits to not dating much. Wang’s lifestyle makes it hard to identify her prior partners. There are some known ones.

Dorothy Wang dated Ari Kourkoumelis. Ari is Greek-American and from Queens. New York Law School and Adelphi University were his schools. He presently practices law at Kourkoumelis & Fotopoulos PLLC in Queens County.

While filming her TV series in the Bahamas, Wang met Ari, who was there for his mom’s birthday. They split in spring 2021 after dating for months. It was a quiet breakup due to incompatibility.

Where does Dorothy live now?

Dorothy moved to New York City last year and enjoyed teatime nibbles at Sant Ambroeus after trading L.A. sunshine for skyscrapers. She’s eager to live her best life in the world’s best metropolis.


Dorothy Wang, “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” and Netflix’s “Bling Empire.” The daughter of Chinese-American billionaire Roger Wang, she thrived in reality TV with family money.

Dorothy profits from Rich and Bubbly wine and Fabuluxe jewelry. Her $10 million 2023 net worth shows her socialite and actor status.

Dorothy Wang is more than a reality celebrity despite her wealth. Realty agent and USC communications graduate. In addition to co-hosting “Fetch Me a Date,” she has contributed to “The Steve Harvey Show” in fashion.

In Netflix’s all-Asian “Bling Empire,” Dorothy advocates diversity and her Asian background.

Ari Kourkoumelis left Dorothy Wang single. Moving from LA to NYC shows her yearning for a vibrant existence.

Rich, attractive family entrepreneur Dorothy Wang pushes media cultural representation. Always looking for new adventures.

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