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Chandler Belfort Age, Height, Wiki, Bio and Meet Jordan Belfort Daughter

Chandler Belfort, a respected American mental health psychologist and counsellor, is the oldest child of Jordan Belfort, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street.’ She is the first child and only daughter of the notorious financial mogul, born in Los Angeles on July 29, 1993.

Her mother, Nadine Caridi, was a model and psychotherapist, adding to the family’s talents. Chandler’s father, Jordan Belfort, is an accomplished entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. The financial world knows him from his time as a stockbroker, when he committed financial crimes.

Chandler’s younger brother Carter Belfort completes this colourful family. The Belfort family has shaped American society through their careers in psychology, modelling, entrepreneurship, and finance.


NameChandler Ann Belfort
Date of birthJuly 29th, 1994
Birth placeLos Angeles, California 
Age29 years old (As of 2023)
ProfessionMental Health Counselor
SchoolVistamar School, California
College/ UniversitySteinhardt College, NYU
QualificationMaster Degree
Net Wortharound $150 million
Current ResidenceNew York, New York, USA

Chandler Belfort Early Life

Chandler was raised by Jordan Belfort, a famous stock market magnate. At first, she experienced an affluent upbringing. Life changed after her parents split. Her mother and stepfather took her in.

Chandler began her studies after graduating from Vistamar School in 2012. Her education reflected her varied interests. She studied art psychology and Spanish language, literature, and culture as an undergraduate. She graduated from Muhlenberg College with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and Spanish language, literature, and culture in 2016. Her expertise and perspective were enhanced by this unusual blend of disciplines, laying the foundation for a spectacular journey.

Chandler Belfort Education 

Chandler graduated high school from Vistamar School in 2012. She pursued a multifaceted academic route at Muhlenberg College after this milestone.

Chandler earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts, Psychology, and Spanish Language Literature and Culture at Muhlenberg College, demonstrating her intelligence. This educational mix shows her various interests and desire to learn.

Chandler went on to earn a master’s degree in psychology, confirming her skills in this subject. These academic accomplishments demonstrate her dedication to learning and improvement.


Chandler Belfort’s career is focused on mental health counselling. Her work path is notable and shows her dedication to mental health patients.

Her career began as a research assistant at Pace University’s Social Cognition and Imagination Lab. She improved her talents and learned more about human psychology and behaviour in her capacity.

Chandler moved on in her career by accepting a similar post at the famous New York State Psychiatric Institute in 2017. This reinforced her presence in mental health, where she continues to make an effect.

Chandler works as a mental health counsellor, helping people with various problems. Her art shows her compassion and dedication to mental health. This job demands sensitivity, knowledge, and a deep understanding of human psychology. Chandler Belfort epitomises these qualities and improves her clients’ lives.

Chandler Belfort’s Family

FatherJordan Belfort
MotherNadine Caridi
SisterFrankie Macaluso
BrotherCarter Belfort

Chandler shares a unique family life with her mother, stepfather, John Macaluso, and four siblings. Chandler is close to her real brother, Carter Belfort, an American marketing professional and strategic manager.

Chandler has a blended family and a biological brother. She has one stepbrother and three stepsisters, Frankie, Nicku, and Allie. Her extended family demonstrates her deep and wide family links.

Chandler lives with her birth father, Jordan Belfort, and often posts about their interactions on social media. Since 1991, Jordan and Nadine, her parents, have been married. This familial tapestry, created from biological and step relationships, shows her complicated and fascinating personal life.

Chandler Belfort Marriage

Her marriage is a major life change for Jordan Belfort’s daughter. Her path to marriage led her to Muhlenberg College alumnus Connor Winter, who studied business marketing and finance. Together in college, they formed a bond that would determine their destiny.

Chandler and Connor take a big stride in their relationship in December 2019. By getting engaged, they made a lifelong commitment to each other, starting their next chapter.

Their love journey culminated in September 2020 when Chandler and Connor married. Since then, they’ve nurtured their relationship and built a life together.

Chandler and Connor have chosen to keep their marital details private, adding mystique to their partnership despite public interest in their connection. Since they desire to enjoy their marriage in private, little is known about it.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 2 inches
Weight52 Kg 
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourDeep Dark

Chandler Belfort on Social Media

Chandler uses her online presence discreetly. She doesn’t have verified social media accounts like many celebrities. She chose to stay away from social media because she wants privacy and a life less involved in the internet world.

Chandler has also avoided the mainstream media and paparazzi. Her decision to stay out of the media spotlight shows her dedication to privacy. Chandler’s ability to maintain her privacy in a world when personal lives are often exposed is admirable, allowing her to pave her own path.

Chandler Belfort’s Net Worth

Chandler’s mental health counselling practice shows her dedication to her clients and to her career. Her website says clients must spend $100–150 per session. Her cost reflects her experience and dedication to high-quality counselling.

Her annual wages are confidential, but she has had a successful career as a private counsellor. Her financial success is due to her dedication to customers and mental health work.

Chandler’s finances have intrigued fans. Public data and estimations put her net worth at $150 million. This makes her one of the highest-paid mental health counsellors worldwide. It shows her professionalism and capacity to change lives.


Q1. Who’s Chandler Belfort?

A1. Jordan Belfort, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ has an elder son, Chandler. Her mental health counselling is well-regarded.

Q2. Chandler Belfort’s age and birthday?

A2. Born July 29, 1994, Chandler Belfort is 29 in 2023.

Q3. Chandler Belfort grew up where?

A3. Chandler Belfort was reared by her parents in Los Angeles until their divorce.

Q4. Chandler Belfort’s education?

A4. Vistamar School graduated Chandler in 2012. She got a bachelor’s and master’s in psychology from Muhlenberg College along with Spanish language, literature, and culture.

Q5. Chandler Belfort’s job?

A5. Mental health counsellor Chandler Belfort. Her employers include Pace University’s Social Cognition and Imagination Lab and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.


In conclusion, Chandler Belfort, daughter of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ is a successful mental health counsellor. Despite her wealthy background and difficult family, she studied and helped others. Chandler’s online and offline privacy shows her dedication. Her estimated $150 million net worth shows her mental health counselling expertise and significance.

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