A closer look at Kelly Ronahan’s story

Kelly Ronahan went viral by releasing footage of her frequent blood transfusions and medical procedures for her many health issues. Over time, followers grew dubious of Kelly’s predicament. After plucking her legs and refusing to let them heal, Kelly had them amputated.

Who is Kelly Ronahan?

Kelly Ronahan’s story is tragic and confusing. Young and promising ballet dancer who achieved prominence in 2014. A terrible turn in her life raised health and well-being concerns.

Many people learned about Kelly Ronahan’s story on TikTok, and curiosity about her fate is growing. Her story is famous for her limb amputation, which has left many asking why.

Kelly Ronahan’s path from being healthy and wanting to dance again to fragile and needing a leg amputation is heartbreaking. Her illness and amputation are unknown, adding to her story’s fascination.

A major challenge with Ronahan’s deterioration is diagnosis. Her strange diseases and lack of a diagnosis worsened her agony. Some speculated that she was faking her illness for attention. Kelly allegedly injecting faeces into her legs to create sepsis is one of the most absurd rumours.

Kelly Ronahan’s tale shows how health issues can affect a person’s life. This story raises concerns, generates empathy, and emphasizes the need to understand and help persons with serious health issues.

Profile summary of Kelly Ronahan

Full name Kelly Ronahan 
Nickname Kelly 
Gender Female 
Date of birth N\A
Place of birth Kelowna, Canada
Current residence Canada 
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White 
Religion Christianity 
Sexuality Straight 
Hair colour Black 
Eye colour Brown 
SiblingsOne( gina )
Relationship status Single 
School Okanagan College
Profession Ballet dancer and trainer 
Famous for Suffering an unknown illness 
Instagram @differentially_kelly

What happened to Kelly Ronahan?

As mentioned, Kelly Ronahan originally gained notice in early 2014 when she needed weekly blood transfusions for a rare blood disorder, according to Nextline. Her haemoglobin count dropped weekly, and doctors couldn’t explain why. 

She had 95 litres of blood by March 2016. Kelly told Global News, “I get three bags every two weeks, so that’s three people, three blood donors to save me every two weeks. Without transfusions, I will die from organ failure in a month or six weeks.”

According to the 32-year-old, she had a healthy, active lifestyle until a routine blood test revealed strange figures.“My iron was at zero and then [my doctor] mentioned my haemoglobin was low,” Ronahan explains. “I didn’t know what haemoglobin was, so he explained that it was just my blood.”

Former Okanagan College student and ballet dancer/teacher claimed her life is on pause. Her body weakens week after week, lowering her vitality in the Global News interview.

Kelly’s condition worsened despite lifesaving blood transfusions. Her condition stopped her from teaching ballet again. “I’m scared to hear about the future because, with each transfusion, I’m becoming more and more intolerant to blood,” Kelly remarked. Kelly received love and support from netizens every time she provided an update. Kelly Ronahan joined a blood donation organisation to promote blood donation.

Ronahan Kelly was hospitalised for seizures in July 2016. Doctors freed her after determining she was faking seizures. After her admittance, people held a blood drive for her. She received support after disclosing the doctors’ findings. 2016 had several Kelly-themed blood drives.

Kelly’s presence on a local TV programme confirmed her terrible illness and need for medical assistance. Early 2017 port infection caused sepsis in Kelly. Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to infection. A life-threatening medical emergency. Sepsis results from a body-wide infectious chain reaction. Sepsis usually results from lung, urinary, cutaneous, or gastrointestinal infections.

Ronahan also admitted to diet issues and exercise preoccupation to her followers. She claimed to have self-harmed before falling ill, but her wounds were not three years old.

Doctors monitored Kelly Ronahan for three weeks when her port became infected again. Kelly had seizures and a rash before discharge. Kelly was hospitalised in April 2017 for another cause and had blood drawn. Her normal haemoglobin count raised suspicions that she was faking a rare ailment for attention. Kelly denied the rumours, accusing the doctor of scheming.

She blamed MS and uterine fibroids for her blood status without proof. Kelly Ronahan believed she needed a hysterectomy for fibroids.

By 2018, rumours circulated that Kelly was lying. In April 2018, doctors removed her port because she no longer needed transfusions.

Kelly noticed sudden foot edoema and blisters a month later. As Kelly rashly picked at her sores, they multiplied. Doctors declined to administer pain medicine despite her claims of severe agony.

Kelly Ronahan’s condition worsened during the year, and the scabs grew wider. The medical enigma deepened when she had seizures and hand blisters.

As her leg wounds become more evident, doctors worry about circulation and nerve damage. Social internet hatred has hurt Kelly’s mental health.

Her posted photographs grew harder to view as her condition worsened. She informed her followers that physicians diagnosed her with an autoimmune condition. She improved after 2019 skin transplants. She stated on Instagram in early April 2019 that she had my first stroll in months and was thrilled. Kelly wrote:

After being bound by my legs for so long, it was intense. I adore my soreness today! For so long, I’ve been in darkness. Oh, what if it happens again? What if this is a dream and I wake up with rotten legs?

Kelly Ronahan Amputating her leg in 2023

Now where is Kelly Ronahan? Was her leg amputated? Picking at her leg wounds three weeks after her hopeful Instagram post sent Kelly to the hospital. Doctors saved her legs after three days.Several experts investigated her case, but none detected her illness. Kelly gradually lost leg and ankle sensation. Their magnitude and her incapacity to cease interfering with recuperation prevented the wounds from healing.

Her physicians suggested amputation. One of her toes had fallen off. Kelly updated after the procedure:

“Physio began several hours after surgery. It hurts, but I won’t spend another summer in bed—I’ll work hard. I cry 20 times a day, devastated and shocked. It’s hard.” Doctors removed Kelly’s legs in May 2021.

Kelly Ronahan Becomes An Instagram Star

Kelly Ronahan became famous on Instagram in 2014 for her uncommon blood disorder that requires weekly blood transfusions. Her hemoglobin count was dropping, but physicians couldn’t diagnose her.

In a Global News interview, Kelly said she had 95 liters of blood by March 2016. She survived on three bags of blood from three donors every two weeks. Her organ failure and death would occur within weeks without these transfusions.

Despite blood transfusions, Kelly’s health declined, and she couldn’t teach dance again. She worried about the future as she became more blood-intolerant with each transfusion.

Kelly received thousands of well wishes and followers requesting updates on her status.

Doctors wonder what’s wrong with Kelly

Kelly Ronahan was hospitalised for seizures in July 2016, but doctors released her after realising she was faking them.

Despite this news, many individuals supported Kelly and organised blood drives in her honour throughout 2016. The local news also covered her story, bolstering the idea that Kelly was seriously ill and needed treatment.

In early 2017, Kelly’s port became infected, causing sepsis. She also admitted to having workout addiction and food disorders to her fans. Kelly acknowledged to self-harming before falling unwell, although some of her social media wounds were not three years old.

After her port infection, Kelly Ronahan had another infection that required three weeks of medical attention. Seizures and a rash occurred before her discharge.

Kelly was hospitalized for a separate reason in April 2017 and had normal haemoglobin testing. She was suspected of exaggerating her unusual disease for attention. Kelly accused the doctor of plotting against her.

In April 2018, physicians removed Kelly’s port because she no longer needed transfusions. Rumors about Kelly faking her illness were widespread.

Legs of Kelly Ronahan

Legs of Kelly Ronahan

The story gets worse here. Kelly Ronahan reported sudden foot swelling and blisters after her port was removed.The blisters grew as Kelly impulsively picked at them, causing her severe pain. Kelly’s doctors refused to prescribe painkillers.

Kelly’s scabs grew larger, worsening throughout 2018. When she started having seizures and hand blisters, things got worse. Doctors worried about nerve and circulation damage.

Social media hate speech also harmed Kelly’s mental health. Her followers saw her condition worsen through increasingly difficult-to-view photos.These photos are still online, but we don’t recommend searching for them. They’re terrible.

After doctors diagnosed Kelly with an autoimmune disease in 2019, skin grafts improved her condition.

Many reddit posts have shown Kelly’s legs rotting. They show Kelly picked her skin to the bone and exposed nerves and tendons.

Kelly Rohan: alive?

After surgery, Kelly’s social media engagement decreased, but she said she would obtain prostheses and inform her followers.

We hope her life has improved and she is happy.


Finally, Kelly Ronahan’s heartbreaking story has captivated the internet. Kelly Ronahan’s background is complicated. A promising ballet dancer, her life ended tragically.

Kelly’s health troubles slowed her 2014 climb. Due to a rare blood condition, she needed weekly blood transfusions and her haemoglobin count fell, perplexing doctors. Her blood flow was excessive, reflecting her serious condition.

Despite life-saving blood transfusions, Kelly’s health weakened, prohibiting her from teaching ballet. Her developing blood transfusion intolerance raised future worries. Kelly’s social media fans helped her through her struggles. She even encouraged blood donation to save lives.

Kelly’s story grew troublesome in 2023 when she had to decide. She experienced terrible effects from picking at her leg wounds and not healing. Kelly endured a painful leg amputation to save her life. She arrived due to undiagnosed medical issues.

Her story inspired many questions and empathy. Her odd symptoms and varying reports demonstrated the intricacy of serious health conditions. Her story highlights the importance of recognising and helping medically disadvantaged persons.

Kelly’s internet activity decreased after her surgery, but she persists and we hope she has overcome her many problems. Kelly Ronahan’s tale highlights how people can overcome immense adversity in a world that struggles to understand and manage complex health concerns.

Kelly Ronahan’s tale FAQs:

Q: Kelly Ronahan—who?

A: Kelly Ronahan, a teenage ballet dancer, was recognised for her unusual health journey. Due of her significant health conditions, her story has gone viral.

Q: What happened to Kelly Ronahan’s legs?

A: Kelly Ronahan had serious medical issues and undetected illnesses. Picking at leg wounds and not letting them heal led to her 2023 amputation.

Q: Kelly needed weekly blood transfusions—why?

A: Kelly had weekly blood transfusions for a rare condition. She needed transfusions to survive as her haemoglobin count fell.

Q: Do doctors know Kelly’s condition?

A: Doctors struggled to diagnose Kelly’s health difficulties for a long time. This undiagnosed condition complicated her journey.

Q: How did Kelly’s tale spread?

A: Kelly Ronahan’s health journey and updates on TikTok made her tale famous.

Q: Kelly’s story affected online communities.

A: Kelly’s fans empathized and supported her. It also generated questions and discussions concerning complex health issues and their complications.

Q: What became of Kelly’s legs following amputation?

A: Kelly Ronahan’s social media presence dropped after her leg amputation. Beyond this, her journey is private.

Q: How can people support folks suffering health issues like Kelly’s?

A: Supporting persons facing health issues entails empathy, understanding, and promoting awareness about the necessity of blood donation, medical research, and improved healthcare for those in need.

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