Sugarhill Keem Height , Real Name, Age, Net Worth Bio Overview

SugarHill Keem [21] was born in the US on June 20, 2002.

SugarHill Keem is 21 years old

Rapper famous for mr.moveelook Instagram. “Sexy and I Know It” and “Can’t Wait” are his hits. He posts pictures and music videos on Instagram. He has 80,000 followers.

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Profile summary about SugarHill Keem

NameSugarHill Keem
Date of birth June 20 ,2002
Age21 years old 
Place of BirthLos Santos
Eye ColourBlue 
Hair ColourBlack 
StrengthsGood Driving, good communications, knows how to plan and organize stuff.
WeaknessesChallenges in juggling illicit and lawful lifestyles
Profession Rapper 

SugarHill Keem Early Life

SugarHill Keem, born Rakeem McMillan, was born in 2002 in Harlem, New York. His origins offered culture and history, but growing up in Sugar Hill presented hardships.

Little is known about his life before 2021, when he became famous. Few details are known about Keem’s childhood. He shared his childhood with his twin brother, OY Quan. These early years with his twin shaped the public figure he would become.

The mystery of SugarHill Keem’s early existence only adds to his intrigue as a rising figure from Harlem, a city rich in culture, history, and intricate stories. His past intrigues people who follow him as he makes his imprint on the globe.

SugarHill Keem Music Career

SugarHill Keem’s music career couldn’t begin until 2021. He never imagined speaking till fall 2021. Keem has little hope of succeeding in music after spending his life navigating difficult neighborhoods.

Sha EK, a Bronx rapper, invited Keem to change his life during this revolutionary moment. Before this chance meeting, Keem and drill artist Edot Baby lived in the same neighborhood. Keem only met Sha EK after being imprisoned for the crime or another unrelated occurrence, generating a vision for a different future.

Their quick rapport led to the September 2021 underground hit “Brothers,” a duet. A few months later, this dynamic combo collaborated with Edot Baby on Keem’s biggest song, “Touch The Ground.”

SugarHill Keem then went solo, creating songs that capitalized on these early partnerships with bigger musicians. “Don’t Get Shot,” “Don’t Trip,” “Everybody’s Shot,” and “Flock At The Flockas” garnered millions of views, cementing Keem’s music career.

This rapper may need two names to credit his prolific song output. On the back of backing from other local musicians, SugarHill Keem launched into a hard work ethic in 2022, building a reputation for himself in the ever-changing music industry.

SugarHill Keem Legal Issues

A fateful police interaction occurred in the summer of 2018 when he and his brother were 16. It happened while four cops were investigating an altercation in Keem and Quan’s Westchester Avenue apartment complex.

The brothers were upset that police were invading their privacy. In defiance, they recorded themselves cursing at cops and posted it on social media. After criticizing the officers for two minutes, the brothers told them to leave, according to this footage, which is no longer accessible.

They underestimated the impact of sharing that video. Rakeem was arrested at 2:30 a.m. the next day. A scooter was stolen in a strong-armed robbery. Police also arrested his identical brother Quan for a separate robbery.

In May 2022, SugarHill Keem was arrested again for unknown reasons. His mother posted on Facebook that he was taken to Rikers Island. Keem’s arrest appeared to be a police operation, according to social media speculations, marking a difficult chapter in his life.

SugarHill Keem Physical Appearance 

SugarHill Keem’s height, 5’7″, defines his appearance. He weighs 55 kilos, or 124 pounds, and is thin. These physical traits show his height and build, making him a music business icon.

In feet inches: 5’7In meters: 1.70MIn centimeter: 170cm
Weight In kilograms-55kg In pounds 124 lbs
Body measurement (approx)41-40-32 inches 
Shoe size12.5(US)
Hair colourBlonde 
Eye colour Dark brown

Hit Rappe of SugarHill Keem

  1. “Sexy and I Know It”
  2. “Can’t Wait”
  3. “Brothers” (featuring Sha EK)
  4. “Touch The Ground” (featuring Edot Baby)
  5. “Don’t Get Shot”
  6. “Don’t Trip”
  7. “Everybody’s Shot”
  8. “Flock At The Flockas

SugarHill Keem Net Worth

SugarHill Keem’s 2023 net worth is projected at $100,000. He has quickly ascended in the rap profession and amassed a large fortune. His thriving music career has generated most of this fortune. SugarHill Keem’s financial success indicates excellent prospects for his career, which is still young.

After starting his YouTube channel in November 2021, SugarHill Keem has increased his income. His music videos, which have over a million views, have increased his platform fame and financial status. His ability to gain such a large following and views in a short time shows his potential for financial growth as his career progresses.

Interesting Facts about SugarHill Keem

SugarHill Keem, born Rakeem McMillan, has a twin brother, OY Quan. Keem’s life was shaped by the twins’ friendship.

  • Latecomer to Music: Keem started playing music in fall 2021. He had never considered a career in music before, making his quick rise all the more amazing.
  • YouTube Sensation: SugarHill Keem’s November 2021 YouTube channel took off. His music videos have over a million views, making him a growing sensation on the platform.
  • Keem’s early existence, especially before 2021, is unknown. Despite being from Harlem, New York, nothing is known about his youth. This mysterious backdrop enhances his journey’s fascination.
  • Legal Issues: The rapper has had plenty of legal issues. He and his twin brother were arrested in 2018 after recording a police clash. In May 2022, he was arrested again for unknown reasons.
  • Impressive Net Worth: SugarHill Keem’s 2023 predicted net worth is $100,000 despite his early music career. His financial success bodes well for his music career.
  • Known for his prolific music output, Keem may need two aliases to credit all his work. His hard work in 2022 strengthened his music career.

These intriguing facts illuminate SugarHill Keem’s complex trajectory, a rising rap musician with a promising future.


SugarHill Keem, born Rakeem McMillan, is a budding rap talent with a fascinating journey. This review covers his biography, work, legal issues, and appearance.

Keem’s 2021 music career debut was surprising because he had never considered it before. His rapid rise, notably on Instagram and YouTube, shows his expanding industry significance.

Before 2021, little is known about his childhood. His roots in Harlem, New York, were rich in culture and history but provided obstacles.

Given his tremendous success in the music industry, SugarHill Keem’s 2023 net worth is estimated at $100,000. His 2022 production and hard effort confirm his status as a rising rap artist with a bright future.

Keem’s life has had legal issues. His life has been complicated by police encounters, including arrests and legal troubles.

SugarHill Keem’s rise in rap is intriguing, promising, and swift. His early career shows a rapper on the rise, and his music career has immense potential.


Q: SugarHill Keem—who?

A: Rap artist SugarHill Keem (Rakeem McMillan) was born in 2002 in Harlem, New York. His music and social media presence earned him fame.

Q: Which SugarHill Keem songs are popular?

A: SugarHill Keem’s hits include “Sexy and I Know It” and “Can’t Wait.” His music is popular on Instagram and YouTube.

Q: How much is SugarHill Keem worth?

A: SugarHill Keem’s 2023 net worth is estimated at $100,000. This financial success reflects his rapid music industry rise.

Q: SugarHill Keem’s pros and cons?

A: SugarHill Keem excels at driving, communicating, and planning. However, balancing illegal and legal lifestyles is difficult.

Q: Tell me about SugarHill Keem’s childhood.

A: Little is known about SugarHill Keem’s childhood. Born in 2002 in Harlem, New York, he grew up with his twin brother OY Quan. Mystery surrounds his past, adding to his story.

Q: So when did SugarHill Keem start making music?

A: SugarHill Keem’s music career took off in 2021. Music wasn’t on his radar until fall. His musical journey was shaped by fellow artists like Bronx rapper Sha EK.

Q: Which legal issues has SugarHill Keem faced?

A: SugarHill Keem has been involved in crime. He and his twin brother were arrested in 2018 after a police confrontation. In May 2022, he was arrested again for unknown reasons.

Q:  Interesting SugarHill Keem facts?

A: SugarHill Keem’s twin connection with OY Quan, late music career start, rapid YouTube rise, and mysterious early life are intriguing. His young career net worth is promising despite legal issues.

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