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Jennifer Misner, a famous sales and marketing expert, worked for Sonesta Hotels, Schulte Hospitality Group, and Monarch Group. While she is an aspiring entrepreneur, she is best known for being Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife. Dustin Diamond has many accomplishments. Holiday Inn Express employs her as sales and marketing director.

Quick facts 

Full name Jennifer Misner
Birth PlacePennsylvania, USA
Family MembersValerie Misner, Jeremy Misner, Olivia Misner, Amanda Misner, Josh Misner
Favorite PetsBently, Rukus
UniversityPennsylvania State University
ProfessionSales and Marketing Director
CompanyHoliday Inn Express
Height5 feet 8 inches
Eye ColourGreen
HairStraight and Black
Spouse(s)Dustin Diamond (2009-2013)
Social Media HandlesInstagram
Net Worth$250 Thousand

Jennifer Misner’s Career

Jennifer Misner’s sales and marketing career shows her ability and dedication, despite her initial fame as Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife.

Jennifer began her work as a TNS project manager in the late 1990s. This early experience prepared her for sales and marketing.

Later, she became Monarch Group’s VP of Marketing and Development. Her work there showed her marketing expertise and helped her career.

Jennifer also worked in freelance sales and marketing consultancy, where her skills helped customers and projects. She expanded her skill set and industry perspective during this era.

Misner joined Sheehan & Associates as Director of Sales & Revenue Management in the early 2010s. Revenue techniques and sales management reinforced her skills.

After rising, Jennifer became Director of Sales & Marketing at Concord Hospitality Enterprises, making major contributions.

She joined Schulte Hospitality Group in 2013 and worked there for four years, learning a lot about the hospitality sector.

While working at Jacaruso Enterprises Inc., Jennifer gained more information and skills. She was dedicated and skilled throughout her career.

Outside of her successful work, Jennifer loves gardening and runs a Kentucky seed shop. Her balanced career and personal life reveal her well-roundedness.

Overall, Jennifer Misner’s work shows her dedication and sales and marketing expertise. While her link to Dustin Diamond propelled her into the spotlight, her career is distinguished by successful employment in many organizations and a real love of gardening.

Jennifer Misner’s Personal Information 

Jennifer Misner keeps her personal life secret, hence her age is not publicly published. She is younger than her ex-husband Dustin Diamond, who died aged 44 in 2021.

Jennifer is famous for her fascinating green eyes and straight dark hair, however she has changed hairstyles.

Her family includes Valerie Misner, Jeremy Misner, Olivia Misner, Amanda Misner, and Josh Misner, albeit she hasn’t revealed much. Bently and Rukus, her loving dogs, also live with her. Jennifer has always prioritized privacy and confidentiality.

Jennifer Misner’s Relationship

Jennifer Misner is single. She married Dustin Diamond, the late “Saved by the Bell,” actor. They divorced in 2013 after marrying in 2009. The duo was formerly a celebrity couple and widely discussed. After a miscarriage, they formed the Dustin Diamond Foundation in 2005 to promote child care. The foundation had its first event in Southeastern Wisconsin in October 2005. Dustin Diamond engaged Amanda Schutz (Loli Pop the Clown) after their divorce. Due to small-cell lung cancer, Dustin Diamond died in January 2021, ending Jennifer Misner’s personal life.

Jennifer Misner’s Success and Achievements

Former Dustin Diamond spouse Jennifer Misner is well-known. Dustin, best known for the “Saved by the Bell” character Samuel “Screech” Powers, also works in movies, stand-up comedy, and music.

Jennifer is best known for her relationship with an American actor, but she has also worked in sales and marketing. In the late 1990s, she started her career as a Project Manager at TNS.

Jennifer then spent five years as Monarch Group’s Vice President of Marketing and Development. She spent six years as an independent Sales and Marketing Consultant, demonstrating her agility.

Jennifer became Director of Sales and Revenue Management at Sheehan & Associates in early 2010, where she worked for two years. She then became Concord Hospitality Enterprises’ Director of Sales and Marketing for a year.

Jennifer joined Schulte Hospitality Group in 2013 and worked there for four years. Then she joined Jacaruso Enterprises Inc.

Body Measurements

Height5 feet 8 inches
Eye ColourGreen
HairStraight and Black

Jennifer Misner Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jennifer Misner is around $250,000. After working with Sonesta Hotels, Schulte Hospitality Group, and Monarch Group, she became a successful marketer. She also did some freelance sales and marketing consulting, which helped her financially. Jennifer’s multiple job backgrounds highlight her marketing and sales expertise and drive, boosting her net worth.

Jennifer Misner with Dustin Diamond

Jennifer Misner connected with Dustin Diamond through marriage. Dustin Diamond was famous for playing Samuel “Screech” Powers in the “Saved by the Bell” franchise when the two married. Due to Dustin Diamond’s fame, their relationship was publicized. They co-founded the Dustin Diamond Foundation in 2005 while married. After a miscarriage, this foundation supported child care. The organization’s first event was in Southeastern Wisconsin in October 2005.

In 2013, their marriage ended in divorce, ending their romance. Dustin Diamond engaged Amanda Schutz (Lollipop the Clown) after their divorce. Jennifer Misner’s relationship with Dustin Diamond made her famous, but she now works in sales and marketing.

Jennifer Misner Life After Divorce

Louisville Sonesta Hotel Regional Sales Director Jennifer Misner. She joined the firm in September. Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond split for unexplained reasons. Jennifer started her state-licensed, KY Proud small garden business in August 2020. COVID-19’s effects on her hospitality work and free time led her to start this firm. Jennifer announced live plant shipping vendor partnerships for spring 2021.

She advertises various fundraisers and charities on social media. She seemed to be in love. Dustin Diamond, Jennifer’s ex-partner, was hospitalised for body pain on January 14, 2021. Dan Block, Dustin’s close friend, said the 44-year-old had a neck lump for a time but didn’t seek medical attention to avoid public exposure.

After chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, Dustin died of the condition on February 1, 2021, disproving automobile accident rumors. After doctors gave Dustin a grim prognosis of a few weeks to five months, he died. He may have contacted Jennifer Misner, his ex-girlfriend. TMZ obtained Dustin’s death certificate a month after his death, which said “never married.” Many noticed him sporting a wedding band, contradicting claims of his marriage.

Dan Block, Dustin’s close friend, said Dustin never married Jennifer. Dan told TMZ that Dustin wore the ring on work trips as a sign of their commitment and that Jennifer was his girlfriend. Dustin’s friend Dan thinks he revealed his marriage to Jennifer to get sympathy and distract from his financial issues. Official documents and Wikipedia mistook him as married to Jennifer Misner. He explained his marital status.

Jennifer Misner Instagram

Jennifer Misner, who was married to Dustin Diamond, uses jennyrae21 on Instagram. However, her Instagram account is unverified, casting doubt on its validity. We will inform you if her social media presence changes or is confirmed.

Jennifer Misner Few Unknown Facts:

  • Jennifer Misner is the ex-wife of Dustin Diamond. 
  • They got married in 2009 and separated in 2013. 
  • They founded a childcare organization named Dustin Diamond Foundation in 2005. 
  • She is a sales and marketing professional. 
  • She currently works as a sales and marketing director at Holiday Inn Express. 
  • Dustin Diamond died on February 1st, 2021. 
  • Her lucky number is 6. She loves ice cream. 
  • She is very good at socializing


Popularity and media attention for celebrity relationships are nothing new. People want to know more about their ex-partner, which is rare. Jennifer Misner, Dustin Diamond’s ex-wife, is intriguing. Perhaps her strange approach and modest social presence piqued this curiosity. Jennifer Misner may build her own identity afterwards. Indeed, she has potential and skills. Her business and marketing skills may improve.

FAQs About Jennifer Misner

Q: Who is Jennifer Misner?

A: After marrying Dustin Diamond, sales and marketing professional Jennifer Misner became famous. She worked for Sonesta Hotels, Schulte Hospitality Group, and Monarch Group.

Q: What age is Jennifer Misner?

A: Jennifer Misner’s age is unknown, however she is younger than her ex-husband Dustin Diamond, who died at 44 in 2021.

Q: Does Jennifer Misner have pets?

A: Jennifer Misner loves Bently and Rukus, her dogs.

Q: How much is Jennifer Misner worth?

A: A strong sales and marketing career has made Jennifer Misner worth roughly $250,000.

Q:  Did Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond have kids?

A: Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond never had children.

Q: What is Dustin Diamond Foundation?

A: Jennifer Misner and Dustin Diamond started the Dustin Diamond Foundation in 2005. In October 2005, it held its inaugural event in Southeastern Wisconsin to support child care.

Q:  Where does Jennifer Misner work?

A: Holiday Inn Express Sales and Marketing Director Jennifer Misner.

Q: When did Dustin Diamond die?

A: Dustin Diamond died February 1, 2021.

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