Lolo Wood before surgery

Like many superstars, Lolo Wood, a social media influencer and model, attracts attention. Famous people, including Lolo Wood, are scrutinized for small changes in appearance. Due to her facial alteration, rumors of a facelift have surfaced. Before-surgery images of Lolo Wood may not support this claim. She has over 2 million Instagram followers. Her content focuses on fitness, lifestyle, fashion, apparel, and makeup. Lolo Wood is famous in social media and modeling. Lolo Wood’s look changes, like many celebrities’, are constantly discussed.

Lolo Wood profile summary

Full name Lauren Wood
NicknameLolo Wood
Date of birthMay 13, 1993
Place of birthTexas, United States
Age30 years old as of 2023
Zodiac signPisces
MotherReita Wood
SiblingsAshley and Maleah Wood
Sexual orientationStraight
Relationship statusDating
BoyfriendOdell Beckham Jr.
Height in feet5 feet 7 inches
Height in cm170
Weight in kg62
Weight in lbs136
Hair colourBlonde
Eye colourBlue
CollegeHorry Georgetown Technical College
ProfessionModel, singer, songwriter, fitness trainer

Who is Lolo Wood?

As of March 2023, Lolo Wood is 30 years old and was born in Texas on March 13, 1993. Her mother is Reita Wood, while her father is unknown. Lolo and her sisters Ashley and Maleah grew up. After graduating from Lorien Wood School, she attended Horry Georgetown Technical College. Model, fitness trainer, singer, and songwriter Lolo Wood has a diverse career.

She has worked with fashion brands like Pretty Little Things and Fashion Nova during her modeling career. Lolo Wood, well known for MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, has a large Instagram following. She posts about apparel, fashion, makeup, fitness, and lifestyle on Instagram. Lolo Wood is a complex and powerful woman in her profession due to her numerous talents and accomplishments.

Lolo Wood before surgery

Recent discussions have focused on Lolo Wood’s face. Lolo Wood’s face has changed when compared before and after images. She looks leaner and has distinct features. She looks different now than a decade ago.

This has raised questions regarding her facelift surgery. She may have had surgery to have sculpted cheekbones, a refined nose, and plump fillers. However, pregnancy and exercise may also cause her face to change.

Public information about a planned face lift is scarce. Lolo Wood hasn’t commented. Her information suggests she has not had a facelift. Her face changes are minor and likely due to aging.

Have Lauren ‘Lolo’ Wood Plastic Surgery? Odell Beckham Jr.’s Ex Alters

The news that Odell Beckham Jr. is dating Kim Kardashian has sparked talk about his ex-girlfriend Lauren “Lolo” Wood. The model and influencer has been in the spotlight for years, largely because of Wild ‘n Out and Ridiculousness. Since Lauren’s look has changed over time, fans have speculated that she had plastic surgery.

Despite reports of a facelift, Lauren has not confirmed any cosmetic surgery. She may have changed her features due to her 2021 pregnancy with Zydn, her son with Odell. The ex-couple had Zydn in February 2022.

Even without plastic surgery, Lolo Wood has changed. Scroll for her metamorphosis.

Lolo Wood Family

Texas-born Lolo Wood was born on March 13, 1993. Her March 2023 age is 30. Her mother is Reita Wood, but her father is unknown. Ashley and Maleah were Lolo’s sisters.

Lorien Wood School was her high school, and Horry Georgetown Technical College was her college. Lolo Wood is versatile professionally. Model, fitness trainer, singer, and songwriter.

She has worked with Pretty Little Things and Fashion Nova throughout her modeling career. Lolo, who appeared on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, has a large Instagram following where she posts about fashion, apparel, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle.

Lolo Wood Personal Life 

Lolo Wood closely guards her personal life, including her relationships and family. She is quite private about her family, including her father. Reita Wood gave birth to Lolo Wood on March 13, 1993, in Texas.

Her public persona emphasizes her modeling, fitness training, singing, and songwriter profession. Lolo’s modeling career and appearance on Instagram and MTV’s Wild ‘N Out have earned her a large following. While her professional life is well-documented, Lolo Wood keeps her personal life private.

Lolo Wood career

Lolo Wood is a successful model, fitness trainer, singer, and songwriter. Her modeling career has included working with Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova.

Online presence is important to Lolo Wood’s career. She has a large Instagram following for fashion, apparel, cosmetics, fitness, and lifestyle content. She interacts with her fans on social media and shares her professional and personal life.

Lolo Wood is known for her modeling and “Wild ‘N Out.” appearances on MTV. Her modeling and entertainment skills have made her famous. Lolo Wood’s work is broad, but modeling and social media influence are important.

Lolo Wood quick facts

  • Was Lolo Wood a soldier? Lolo served in the military, but she doesn’t talk about it. 
  • How did Lolo Wood become famous? Lolo became famous after appearing on Wild ‘N Out’s sixth and seventh seasons. 
  • How old is Lolo Wood? As of 2023, Lolo Wood is 30. She was born March 13, 1993. 
  • Where is Lolo Wood? She is from Texas. 
  • Is Wild N Out’s Lolo Wood married? She remains single in 2023. 
  • She has a child with Odell Beckham Jr., whom she is dating. 


Pre-surgery photos of Lolo Wood do not prove she had a facelift. Comparing before and after photographs shows her face has changed significantly. She has not spoken on the topic, therefore it is reasonable to presume she has not had surgery to obtain the look. covered Im Soo-hyang plastic surgery. South Korean actress Im Soo-hyang is famous for her films and TV shows. Fan of the famous South Korean actress may have noticed some big changes in her looks. She seems weird.

Since the changes are obvious, the actress has been rumored to get plastic surgery. She has not commented on her plastic surgery, despite online outrage. Thus, the Im Soo-hyang plastic surgery story remains unconfirmed. Find information about Im Soo-hyang here.

Here are Lolo Wood FAQs:

Q: Who is Lolo Wood?

A: Lolo Wood, an American model, fitness trainer, singer, and songwriter, is famous for her social media and modeling.

Q: How old is Lolo Wood?

A: It’s March 2023, and Lolo Wood is 30.

Q: What birthplace was Lolo Wood?

A: Lolo Wood was born in Texas.

Q: Lolo Wood’s education?

A: Lolo Wood attended Lorien Wood School and Horry Georgetown Technical College for high school and college.

Q: How does Lolo Wood make money?

A: Singer, songwriter, model, and fitness trainer Lolo Wood works. She has worked with top fashion designers and is popular on social media.

Q: Did Lolo Wood get a makeover?

A: Due to Lolo Wood’s slight cosmetic alterations, rumors of a facelift have circulated, although she has not acknowledged or denied any surgery. The changes may be due to pregnancy or exercise.

Q: What are Lolo Wood’s modeling accomplishments?

A: Lolo Wood’s modeling success is due to her work with Pretty Little Thing and Fashion Nova.

Q: Where is Lolo Wood on social media?

A: Instagram is Lolo Wood’s main platform for fashion, cosmetics, fitness, and lifestyle content. Follow her Instagram for updates on her posts and activities.

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