How To Use Your Packaging To Stand Out on the Shelf

If you sell your products in a retail setting, you understand the incredible competition of this sales method. However, if you can distinguish your products from those around it, you can attract customers to your brand more readily. Whether you choose custom mylar bags or another packaging type, your goal should be to stand out. These are some packaging tips to help.

Packaging Size

One of the first things you may consider when choosing your packaging is size. Your options should fit your product properly so they protect what’s inside. Customers also want products that they can transport and store easily. They also appreciate options that help them consume your products easily, such as built-in zippers that reseal so the contents stay fresh.

Because consumers have become more environmentally conscious, they don’t like to see waste. Therefore, avoid choosing packaging that is significantly larger than the products inside. This can also make them feel like they didn’t get their money’s worth. In addition, bulky packaging takes up much more room on the shelf, reducing how much you can get into stores at one time.

Stand Up Packaging

Stand-up options, such as stand up pouches, allow your customers to read about your products and see the images on your packaging without picking them up off the shelf. Because they stand up, they also take up less shelf space. They are easy to store and transport and extend the shelf life of your products. These types of packaging are strong, durable and versatile. Stand-up options are also easily customizable and sustainable.

Relevant Packaging

Today’s packaging should differ significantly from that of decades past. In addition, your design should attract your target market. For example, someone from Gen Z will have an attraction to a very different design than someone from the Baby Boomer generation. Your packaging design should also be relevant to the type of product you sell. You likely wouldn’t choose the same packaging for skin care as you would for a food product.

When you choose relevant packaging and design, you help your customers find what they need quickly and efficiently. You can also help them reduce the time they need to make a decision on the products they want to purchase.

Custom Colors & Designs

Although it may be a bit more expensive, you should customize your design and colors. Generic designs put your products in the background with the rest of your competition. A custom design helps you communicate more effectively with your customers. You can add text about your brand and its values, choose a color that matches your brand identity and use unique fonts that really stand out.

In addition, your packaging should be high quality so your customers can trust that the products inside are high quality as well. You should add images and designs that suggest the flavor or content of the package as well. Avoid generic designs, and add flare and security to your product packaging.

If you are a food producer, you can work with food packaging companies to learn more about how to customize your packaging so it stands out on grocery store shelves.

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