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Jefferson Machado da Costa, known as Jeff Machado, was a Portuguese journalist and actor who worked in television and journalism. After moving from Santa Catarina to Rio de Janeiro in 1997, he began performing. In 2008, he returned to Florianópolis, his hometown, to pursue journalism.

He returned to Rio de Janeiro in 2014 and appeared in the 2021–2022 telenovela “Reis”. Machado remained famous until a tragedy. He disappeared abruptly on January 27, 2023, and his family reported him missing. More curiosity was added when his eight dogs were seen wandering his neighborhood. When Machado’s corpse was found on May 22, 2023, things became worse. He was hidden in a two-meter-deep trunk.

One of the main suspects in this tragedy is Bruno Larubia, a friend of the late actor. Investigators are trying to determine how Jefferson Machado died.

Jeff Machado Wiki, Age, Biography

Ararangua, Santa Catarina, was the birthplace of Jeff Machado da Costa in 1979. Unfortunately, his birth date is still being determined. He was Christian, but his zodiac sign is unknown.

Unfortunately, little is known about Jeff’s childhood online. We will update this post with new information when it becomes available. We realize the necessity of presenting a complete life history for people interested in him.

Full NameJefferson Machado da Costa
Known AsJeff Machado
Date of Birth1979
Birth PlaceAraranguá, Santa Catarina
AgePassed away at the age of 44
Zodiac SignN\A 
Height5.11 Feet
Net Worth300k USD
Material status Married 
Name of wife Amy 
Eye color Dark brown 
Hair colorBrown 

Jefferson Machado Parents, Siblings

Jefferson Machado’s parents’ names and careers are being investigated. His siblings’ names and occupations are also unknown. Jeff’s family is scarcely mentioned online. As new information becomes available, we will update this post.

Jefferson Machado Height, Weight

Height5.11 Feet
Eye color Dark brown 
Hair colorBrown 

Jefferson Machado’s height was around about 5 feet 11 inches and his weight was around 79 kilograms.


Jeff Machado disappeared on January 23, 2023. On May 28, his mother, Maria das Dores, told Fantástico that she last spoke to Diego, her son’s sibling, on that tragic day. Maria das Dores said her son stopped calling her regularly after January 23 and only sent texts. One message said his phone had fallen into the toilet and contained “private,” which she found odd. In another message, Jeff announced his move to São Paulo for work. When Maria das Dores asked about the family pets, Jeff said he would leave them with friends. This sparked concerns because Jeff wouldn’t leave the dogs with friends, according to his mother.

The family’s worries increased on January 27 when their eight dogs were found roaming the streets near their home. An NGO adopted these puppies and used animal chips to contact Machado and his family.

As Jeff’s disappearance was examined, the family’s mistrust rose, especially of the last person associated with him. This person did not help find Jeff. A friend of Machado and his family, Cintia Hilsendeger, said they became convinced as they learned more about his disappearance.

Jefferson Machado Cause Of Death

Jeff Machado, known as Jefferson Machado, disappeared from his Rio de Janeiro home in January 2023, sparking widespread speculation. On January 27, his family reported him missing after finding his 8 dogs wandering about their home.

After months of wondering where he was, a tragic event occurred. An acquaintance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, found Jeff Machado’s corpse in a trunk outside his home.

Law enforcement is investigating this unfortunate tragedy to find the perpetrators and learn more about the circumstances. Bruno Larubia, one of Jeff’s acquaintances, is a main suspect in this inquiry.

Actor Jefferson Machado found buried in a trunk in Brazil

Jefferson Machado, a South American soap opera actor who had been missing since January, was found dead by multiple sources. On Monday, Brazilian officials found and recovered the 44-year-old artist’s remains, according to R7.

A cement-encased trunk was found at a Campo Grande, Brazil, home during the investigation. They found the actor’s corpse in this gruesome receptacle. Jairo Magalhae Pereira, the Machado family’s lawyer, announced Jeff Machado’s death on Facebook.

“It is with deep sadness that I share the tragic news of actor Jeff Machado’s passing, a discovery marked by signs of strangulation,” the statement said. Strangulation marks on the actor were acknowledged in the statement. It also showed the cruelty of society and the need to seek truth and justice in such terrible circumstances.

“This discovery compels us to confront the cruelty in our society, urging us to relentlessly seek truth and justice after such impactful instances,” it added. Initial reports indicate that the actor’s remains were buried deep in a trunk. We are appalled by Jeff’s suffering “says the statement.

The family’s lawyer vowed to doggedly pursue the truth and justice to ensure that all perpetrators of this horrible act are held accountable and punished. The message also stressed the significance of supporting Jeff’s bereaved family during this difficult time. Machado’s friend, who is under investigation but has not been recognised, rented the property where his corpses were found, according to R7.

After his eight dogs were left unsupervised, Machado disappeared on January 27th, raising concerns. Machado was lauded for his soap opera Reis character before his mysterious disappearance.

Lawyer denounces the “cruelty” of the crime

Jairo Magalhaes, Machado’s family’s lawyer, confirmed this heartbreaking news. The attorney laments how Brazilian culture has revealed its “cruelty.”

“As Jeff’s family’s lawyer, I must closely monitor the investigations. According to preliminary reports, the actor’s lifeless body was found in a trunk deep underground. Magalhaes was deeply disturbed and shocked by Jeff’s suffering.

From this point on, the lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that Machado’s killers are held accountable in the country’s legal system. The actor’s death was “brutal” and he works to help “Jeff’s family in finding the necessary support to navigate through this excruciating period.”

Our beloved friend Cintia Hilsendeger said Machado’s remains were found on May 22. After this shocking discovery, the Brazilian performing community offered their condolences and support to Machado’s family.

Jeff Machado Wife

Jeff Machado married Amy. Jeff was married, although there isn’t much information online regarding his marriage. If new information about this topic emerges, we’ll update this article.

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The versatile Jefferson Machado da Costa, known as Jeff Machado, worked in journalism and acting. Born in 1979 in Araranguá, Santa Catarina, his birth date is unknown. He started performing in Rio de Janeiro in 1997 after moving there. He returned to Florianópolis in 2008 to study journalism. In 2014, he returned to Rio and appeared in the 2021–2022 telenovela “Reis,” which increased his renown.

Bruno Larubia, a friend of the late star, is a suspect in this tragic crime. The death of Jefferson Machado is being investigated by authorities.

After this catastrophe, his family’s lawyer, Jairo Magalhaes Pereira, expressed tremendous sorrow and emphasized society’s brutality. In this difficult time, he wants justice and support for Jeff’s family.

His unexplained disappearance and sad death have left many questions about Jeff Machado’s early life, but his reputation as an actor and journalist will be remembered. Little is known about his marriage to Amy.

As the Brazilian performing community rallies to support Jeff Machado’s family, this terrible narrative highlights the necessity for compassion and justice in such tragedies.

Certainly! Here are some FAQs 

Q: Jefferson Machado—who?

A: Portuguese television and film actor Jeff Machado da Costa was a journalist and actor.

Q: Jefferson Machado—what happened?

A: Rio de Janeiro resident Jefferson Machado disappeared in January 2023. His relatives reported him missing after finding his eight dogs wandering near their home. His disappearance sparked curiosity.

Q: Jefferson Machado found when?

A: On May 22, 2023, a buried trunk outside a Campo Grande, Brazil, home contained Jefferson Machado’s body.

Q: What killed Jefferson Machado?

A: Early indications suggest Jefferson Machado was strangled. The death reason is being investigated.

Q: Who are the suspects?

A: Bruno Larubia, the actor’s pal, is a suspect. Jefferson Machado’s death and perpetrator are under investigation.

Q: How has Jefferson Machado’s death been received?

A: The Brazilian performing world was stunned by Jefferson Machado’s body finding, prompting condolences and solidarity for his family.

Q: Is Jefferson Machado’s family known?

A: Jefferson Machado’s parents and siblings are under investigation and not publicly known.

Q: Was Jefferson Machado married?

A: Jefferson Machado married Amy. However, his marriage is poorly documented online.

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