Famous wrestler Tyrus’ wife? Ingrid Rinck 

American professional wrestler, actor, and TV cable political analyst George Murdoch (Tyrus) is married to Ingrid Rinck. Fitness fanatic and businesswoman, she is famous. CEO and founder Ingrid founded Sensible Meals. Tyrus wife discovered her fitness love at 15. She joined a fitness class and became a teacher after a year. Her fitness training career has earned her multiple honours and over 40 qualifications. 

Quick Facts 

Full name Ingrid Rinck
Gender Female 
Date of birth 24 April 1981 
Zodiac sign Taurus 
Place of birth United States 
Current residence Mandeville, Louisiana, United States 
Nationality American 

Who is Tyrus’ Wife, Ingrid Rinck?

American fitness and lifestyle entrepreneur Ingrid Rinck. She is the founder of Sensible Meals, a major US meal prep company, and the wife of professional wrestler Tyrus. After graduating high school, Ingrid did not attend college. She lives in Mandeville, Louisiana.

A little about  famous wrestler Tyrus

His parents are black and white, making Murdoch multiracial. He says his parents were 19 and 15 when he was born. Murdoch revealed in 2018 that his abusive father punched him in the eye, causing his mother to leave him. Murdoch claims that his brother and he were not welcome when his mother returned to her parents’ home because they were part black. 

Murdoch and his brother stayed with a foster family for years, and Murdoch was “obsessed” with changing his skin colour to be reunited with his family. Murdoch and his brother returned to their mother, but Murdoch fled at 15.

Murdoch attended Quartz Hill High School in Los Angeles County in 1990 and Antelope Valley College in Lancaster in 1992.

In 1995, he played college football for the Lopers and studied to be a teacher at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Murdoch claims that surgery to repair a ruptured appendix destroyed his leg nerves, leaving him with a permanent limp and ruining his football career. Murdoch was Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard.

Tyrus’ profile summary 

Real name George Murdoch Rea
Date of birth 21 February 1973 
Partner Ingrid Rinck
Children 5
Religion Christianity
Profession Wrestler, political commentator and actor 
Net worth $2 million 

Tyrus’ wife’s biography 

The American fitness enthusiast was born. Former US restaurant owner Gary Rinck is Ingrid’s father. After graduating high school, Ingrid did not attend college. She lives in Mandeville, Louisiana.

FatherGary Rinck
Marital statusMarried
PartnerGeorge Murdoch (Tyrus)
Children 3
Profession Fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur 
Net worth $3 million 

Ingrid Rinck’s height and weight

The fitness enthusiast is 5’10” (178 cm). She weights about 130 pounds (59 kilogrammes). Her Instagram bio says she shed 150 pounds naturally.

Full name Ingrid Rinck 
Ethnicity White 
Sexuality Straight 
Height 5’10” (178 cm) 
Weight 130 lbs (59 kgs)
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Green 

Professional Career 

Tyrus’ wife, Ingrid, is an entrepreneur and fitness fanatic known for helping people lose weight by eating healthier. She closed her gym to focus on Sensible Meals. Her father helped her launch the company in 2014, but her son Rhett’s type 1 diabetes inspired her. 

While cooking special meals for her kid, she included them in the family’s diet. Later, she realized she had lost weight by eating properly and started Sensible Meals to assist others lose weight and eat healthy. After hurricane iIda damaged its facilities, the company closed for construction in September 2021. They never spoke again on social media, which seemed to be closed forever. 

After being a single mum before marrying Tyrus, she loved helping women, especially single mothers, thus she hired mostly them. Additionally, she formed the Leading Ladies League. Later, she launched The Rinck Routine (TRR) website, which charges $49.99 each month.

The online workout programme balances dance, yoga, and pilates. She helps people reduce weight naturally while maintaining a feminine posture. 

Ingrid Rinck’s personal life

Rinck has three children: girl Georgie, born with Murdoch in 2014, and sons Rhett and Rock from prior relationships. The boys’ ages are unknown, although Rinck has posted several milestones online in recent years, suggesting they are close. She announced in May 2021 that Rock got his first automobile for his 16th birthday. Rinck informed her followers that Rhett graduated from Mandeville High School that month. 

Little is known about Rinck’s love life with Murdoch and her two sons’ father. Murdoch only admitted that he gave Rinck “a proposal” years after their marriage in April 2020.  

Ingrid Rinck’s net worth

Tyrus’ wife Ingrid worked hard to build her empire from scratch. Fit expert has $2.5 million fortune as of 2022. Tyrus is a successful wrestler, political commentator, and actor. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his 2022 worth at $2 million. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is Ingrid Rinck?

American businesswoman and fitness fanatic Ingrid Rinck founded and runs Sensible Meals, a meal prep company. She is married to Tyrus, a prominent wrestler and political commentator.

2. Ingrid Rinck’s fitness journey and business began how?

At 15, Ingrid Rinck discovered her enthusiasm for fitness and became an instructor a year later. Her son’s type 1 diabetes diagnosis and her personal weight loss through healthy eating inspired her to start Sensible Meals, a meal prep company.

3. Ingrid Rinck’s present residence?

Ingrid Rinck lives in Mandeville, Louisiana.

4. How many kids does Ingrid Rinck have?

Georgie, her daughter with Tyrus (George Murdoch), and Rhett and Rock, her sons from a prior relationship, are Ingrid Rinck’s three children.

5. How much is Ingrid Rinck worth?

In 2022, Ingrid Rinck’s estimated net worth is $2.5 million, while Tyrus (George Murdoch) is $2 million.

6. When was Sensible Meals founded?

Ingrid Rinck started Sensible Meals in 2014. It specializes in portion-controlled, healthful meals for weight loss and a balanced diet.

7. What is TRR’s website?

Ingrid Rinck established the online fitness platform The Rinck Routine (TRR). Dance, yoga, and pilates lessons help people reduce weight organically while maintaining a feminine posture.

8. What is Ingrid Rinck’s Leading Ladies League?

Ingrid Rinck formed the Leading Ladies League to financially empower women, especially single moms.


Ingrid Rinck, founder and CEO of Sensible Meals, a successful meal prep company, is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur. Her early fitness career led to qualifications and honours as a fitness instructor. She wanted to help people lose weight and live healthy through her firm.

Tyrus, Ingrid Rinck’s husband, is a prominent wrestler and political pundit. They have a daughter named Georgie, and Ingrid has two sons from prior relationships.

In addition to her business career, Ingrid Rinck supports women, especially single moms, through her Leading Ladies League programme. She also offers online workouts on The Rinck Routine (TRR) website to help people reach their fitness objectives.

Ingrid Rinck has made a lot of money promoting health and exercise, even when hurricane damage forced Sensible Meals to close. Her success story shows the power of business and determination.

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