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Welcome to Jude Malcolm Yeun detailed. Jude Malcolm Yeun, the son of South Korean-American actor and producer Yeun Sang-Yeop, better known as Steven Yeun, is a public figure. My last information update in January 2022 did not reveal Jude Malcolm Yeun’s net worth, but his family background and father’s success surely contribute to his financial curiosity.

 Jude Malcolm Yeun, the son of South Korean-American actor
Jude Malcolm Yeun, the son of South Korean-American actor.

Jude Malcolm Yeun is uncommon among celebrity sons because he is the son of Steven Yeun, a successful actor. Steven Yeun’s fame may affect the family’s finances, giving him chances and endeavors. He may be young, but Jude Malcolm Yeun’s family and charm have grabbed attention.

Net worth estimates might change due to employment, investment, and personal circumstances. As Jude Malcolm Yeun navigates his career, his public appearance, educational endeavors, and possible entertainment industry ventures can reveal his financial destiny. Stay tuned for Jude Malcolm Yeun’s net worth updates as his career and life improve.

Quick Facts

Birth DateMarch 17,2017
Full NameJudw Malcolm Yeun
Birth NameJude Malcolm Yeun
Birth CityCalifornia
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameSteven Yeun
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameJoana Park
Mother ProfessionPhotographer
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle

Early Years and Family Background

Early Years and Family Background

Jude Malcolm Yeun lived through childhood’s joys and hardships. Jude, 4, was born in California on March 17, 2017, into a beautiful family. Jude, the son of Steven Yeun, a famous Korean-American actor best known for playing Glenn Rhee in “The Walking Dead,” and Joana Park, a skilled photographer, has a creative and eclectic family history.

Steven Yeun’s fame in entertainment and Joana Park’s photography skills make Jude’s childhood lively. Jude will likely learn about storytelling, visual arts, and creative expression via his parents’ talents.

Jude’s creative family includes a younger sister, providing his youth with family and camaraderie. Jude’s development is nurtured by the Yeun family’s artistic talent and kindness.

  • A Family Snapshot:
  • Korean-American Actor Steven Yeun
  • Joana Park: Photog
  • Family Member: Younger Sister

As Jude grows up, his family’s creativity, talent, and love may determine his interests and goals. Jude Malcolm Yeun is ready to pursue his passions in a bright future thanks to his strong family background that encourages artistic expression and family.

Education and Career

Jude Malcolm Yeun is in kindergarten. In contrast, his father, Steven Yeun, attended a local Korean high school before becoming a prominent actor. Steven Yeun became famous for playing Glenn Rhee on “The Walking Dead.” Steven Yeun is worth $4 million from his entertainment industry contributions.

Jude Malcolm Yeun begins school in a creative environment influenced by his father. Young Jude may be inspired by Steven Yeun’s entertainment sector success. Jude’s educational opportunities are limitless as he matures and discovers his passions. Jude’s family’s artistic history and father’s broad work prepare him for a bright future and the flexibility to pursue his own goals.

Personal Life and Relationships

Jude Malcolm Yeun

Jude Malcolm Yeun is lucky to have a kind family. Steven Yeun and Joana Park married in December 2016 in Los Angeles, California, starting a touching story. Seven years of dating showed their strong friendship and steadfast dedication to each other before their marriage. Their wonderful family has grown with the addition of their younger daughter.

In addition to their excellent careers, Korean-American actor Steven Yeun and renowned photographer Joana Park have lived happy, loving lives. Their love tale inspires and shows the value of dedication.

The road of love brings two people together, as Steven Yeun and Joana Park demonstrate. Love and commitment shine in their partnership.”

Steven and Joana’s dedication to parenting goes beyond marriage. They prioritize quality time and support each other’s careers to show their family values. Steven and Joana prioritize caring and loving their children despite their busy lives.

Jude and his younger sister are lucky to have parents that put family first. The Yeun family fosters Jude Malcolm Yeun’s growth with warmth and affection.

Relationship Status of Jude’s Parents

Jude’s parents are his most significant people as he approaches his third birthday. His life focuses around his loving parents. Jude’s parents have a wonderful relationship story.

Steven and Joana married in December 2016 in LA. The couple dated for seven years before marrying. Long-distance dating preceded their marriage.

They started dating in 2010. Steven moved to California to become an actor after they started dating. This couple believes “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Their pledge was kept and they married in 2015.

This love story enhances Jude’s family dynamics by showing his parents’ love and commitment. Steven and Joana’s friendship was strengthened by years of dating and surviving long-distance problems, providing a foundation of love for their family. Jude grows up surrounded by his parents’ love and history.

Lavish Wedding

The pair married at Los Angeles’ Paramour Estate. Steven’s old costars Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, and more attended the sweet event.

Steven wore a dark blue hanbok and Joana a long grey gown to his wedding. The wedding included about 220 attendees, including Costars and family.

“Getting to celebrate the love between these two, last night, along with all their friends and family, was so beautiful and unique!!” Joana’s sister Kayce captioned a wedding photo.

Seeing family for the first time in a while for a particular event made the week happy and joyful, she added. She was thrilled to gain a brother-in-law. The wedding was special for Steven and Joana and brought family together, creating lasting memories.

Jude Malcolm Shares a Younger Sibling

Jude is the delighted and excited big brother of an unknown younger sister. On April 20, 2019, Steve and Joana delivered their second child. The pair updated fans on social media.

Joana posted a photo of her baby bulge on Instagram in December 2019 to announce her pregnancy, according to the Daily Mail. The four-person family is happy and successful. While Jude’s younger sister’s identity is unknown, the Yeun family radiates love and satisfaction in parenthood.

Body Measurement and Appearance

Jude Malcolm Yeun is a child growing up. His age-related weight and height contribute to his health. Jude looks charming with his black hair and eyes, reflecting his mixed Asian-American origin.

To protect children’s privacy, body measurements are rarely released, however Jude’s fit his age and growth stage. With his natural features, he exudes youth and charisma.

As Jude grows up, his appearance will change and he will find his identity. Jude Malcolm Yeun, the son of famous actor Steven Yeun, may get attention in the future.

Jude Malcolm Yeun’s Parents’ Success

Jude Steven Yeun, Malcolm Yeun’s father, is a successful Korean-American actor known for “The Walking Dead.” Steven Yeun’s talent and determination have propelled him to greatness in the entertainment sector, helping the Yeun family financially. Steven Yeun’s $4 million net worth shows the power of hard work, ability, and determination.

Steven Yeun is a respected figure in the entertainment business for his stellar achievements in television and film. His rise to stardom inspires performers and creatives globe. Steven Yeun thrives in the ever-changing entertainment industry with intriguing portrayals and steadfast dedication.

Social Media Presence

Jude Malcolm Yeun

Steven Yeun’s Instagram and Twitter presence has helped him reach a large audience. Steven often interacts with his over 1.4 million Twitter and 3.4 million Instagram followers, sharing his personal life, professional endeavors, and important occasions. He uses social media to update fans, thank them, and participate in online conversations. Fans enjoy interacting with Steven through comments, likes, and shares, building a connection and mutual excitement for his entertainment work. Steven’s social media presence boosts his reach and gives fans a glimpse into his personal life.

Steven Yeun’s Social Media Stats

Twitter1.4 million
Instagram3.4 million

Jude Malcolm Yeun’s Net Worth

Jude Malcolm Yeun has no wealth as a child. However, his father’s entertainment industry prowess has helped the family financially.

Jude’s father, Steven Yeun, is worth $4 million.

Jude was raised in a wealthy family due to his father’s successful work.

Steven Yeun says, “I want Jude to have a happy and secure upbringing, and I’m grateful for the opportunities my career has provided for our family.”

Jude matures and discovers his passions in a pleasant and supportive environment due to financial security. In addition to his success in the entertainment world, Steven Yeun is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive home for his children.


Finally, Jude Malcolm Yeun, the son of South Korean-American actor Steven Yeun and photographer Joana Park, is a mesmerizing public figure. Jude’s net wealth is unknown, but his family background and father’s prosperity definitely add to the curiosity.

Steven Yeun’s successful acting career and Joana Park’s photographic skills mold Jude’s early years in a creative and talented family. Jude may pursue his passions and set goals with a caring family and a younger sister.

Steven Yeun, who is wealthy $4 million, gives Jude a stable and prosperous childhood, ensuring his happiness and security. While Steven Yeun succeeds in the entertainment sector, the Yeun family radiates joy and satisfaction in fatherhood.

Steven and Joana’s long love story and grandiose wedding with friends and former costars enrich Jude’s family. The presence of Jude’s younger sister boosts family happiness.

Jude Malcolm Yeun’s family’s financial stability and supportive environment laid the stage for a bright future. As Jude grows, the world eagerly awaits his unique gifts and his route to following his accomplished parents.

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