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Mekki Leeper Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth and More

Philadelphia-born 29-year-old versatile artist Mekki Leeper was born on August 9, 1994. This multi talented actor, comedian, and writer has built a name for himself. Leeper has performed on Comedy Central and The Late Late Show with James Corden, demonstrating his comedic skills.

Mekki Leeper has written and acted in several television series, contributing to his creative output. His portrayal in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” (2021) was memorable. He played multiple roles in “Two Joysticks and a Couch” (Various, 2020) and “Resolutions” (Mekki, 2018), shaping the narratives and characters.

Mekki Leeper has worked on many additional projects that have reinforced his status as an entertainment icon. His unique blend of humour, ability, and narrative has made him a famous personality in the profession.


NameMekki Leeper
Date of BirthSeptember 9, 1994
BirthplacePhiladelphia, PA
Age29 years old
Birth SignVirgo
Net WorthAround $800 thousand

Mekki Leeper Career

Mekki Leeper, a talented stand-up comedian, writer, and media figure, has impressed audiences on many platforms. Comedy Central and The Late Late Show with James Corden have showcased his comic talent, confirming his entertainment sector stardom.

Despite his well-deserved renown and acclaim, Mekki Leeper does not have a Wikipedia article about his life and accomplishments. Mekki Leeper’s absence from the popular online encyclopaedia raises questions. Many notable people have extensive sections on the platform.

Several factors explain this lack. He may respect his privacy or lack the time or motivation to edit his own Wikipedia page. No matter the reason, his supporters and following eagerly await the day when his narrative and accomplishments are formally published on this highly recognised platform. Mekki Leeper’s incredible journey continues outside Wikipedia until then.

Mekki Leeper Parents

Mekki Leeper’s accomplishments definitely made his family proud. However, his silence on his parents’ specifics is noteworthy. His familial past hasn’t been discussed, therefore this topic looks undiscovered. Whether for privacy or personal reasons, Mekki Leeper has kept this part of his life private. He may reveal his family to followers and the interested in time. Until then, his family and past remain a mystery.

Physical Appearance

Height5 feet 7 inches
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown

Mekki Leeper on Social Media

Here are Mekki Leeper’s main social media channels for comedy, creativity, and insights:

Instagram – Mekki Leeper’s Instagram profile features behind-the-scenes photos and intimate moments.

Facebook – Follow Mekki’s comic routines, updates, and community on Facebook:

Mekki tweets @ with clever comments and jokes.

See Mekki Leeper’s creative and stand-up videos on YouTube:

Movies and Television shows 

Years Title
2018New Girl (Waiter)
2018Resolutions (Mekki)
2020Two Joysticks and a Couch (Various)
2021The Sex Lives of College Girls

Net Worth

Mekki Leeper is easily one of the best comedians. His comic career has thrived, but his acting and directing may have disappointed. The entertainment sector is profitable, therefore he’s probably made a lot of money.

Although under review, Mekki Leeper’s net worth is unknown as of 2020. One can assume his financial situation is not modest. His net worth might easily reach $800,000 or more. This number shows his success and potential in his dynamic career.


Q1. Who is Mekki Leeper?

A1. Philadelphia-born comedian, actor, and writer Mekki Leeper is multifaceted. Comedy Central and The Late Late Show with James Corden have featured him.

Q2. When was Mekki Leeper born?

A2.Philadelphia’s Mekki Leeper was born on September 9, 1994.

Q3. Mekki Leeper’s notable film and TV works?

A3. Mekki Leeper appeared in “New Girl” and “The Sex Lives of College Girls.” “Two Joysticks and a Couch” and “Resolutions.” were his other roles.

Q4. How much is Mekki Leeper worth?

A4. Entertainment business achievements have earned Mekki Leeper an estimated $800,000 net worth.

Q5. Is Mekki Leeper on Wikipedia?

A5. As of the article’s publishing, Mekki Leeper has no Wikipedia page about his life and accomplishments, which has fans and followers confused.


Finally, Mekki Leeper, the outstanding artist, comedian, and writer, is well-known in the entertainment industry. While his omission from Wikipedia raises doubts, Comedy Central, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and other shows have reinforced his stardom. With a net worth estimated at $800,000, Mekki Leeper’s dynamic career continues to develop, and followers impatiently anticipate the platform’s official recognition of his achievements.

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