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Daria John’s  Biography, Age, Height, Weight Net Worth and More Info

Celebrity actress and social influencer Daria Johns was born December 21, 2007. The entertainment industry recognises her TV roles. The 2023 Disney Channel sitcom “Saturdays,” featuring Daria, is anticipated.

Daria’s 2021–2023 TV series “The Upshaws,” created an impact. Her outstanding talents in this programme earned her corporate exposure.

Before “The Upshaws,” Daria Johns starred in “Separated,” a 2022 series. These projects established her as a talented and versatile actor.Daria’s unique blend of acting and social media makes her a multifaceted performer. Her career trajectory is exciting as she makes waves.


NameDaria Johns
Date of birthDecember 21, 2007
Birth placeChicago, IL
Age15 years old
Birth SignSagittarius
Net Worth$17 Million

Daria Johns Early Life 

On December 21, 2007, Daria Johns was born in Chicago, Illinois, a bustling American city. Her parents’ background is kept a secret. The curious public doesn’t know her parents’ identity.

Each year on December 21, Daria celebrates her birth. She is 15 years old. It’s amazing to see her early career accomplishments. Her dedication and talent have made her a beloved entertainment icon.

She has a blank slate in education. Given her age, she may be taking virtual classes or homeschooling. For entertainment sector professionals, such flexibility allows them to pursue their passions while studying.

Daria is likely practising acting while pursuing her schooling. This talented young girl has a bright future due to her perseverance. The world eagerly awaits her future!

Daria John’s Career

Daria began acting at six and was pursuing it at nine. A promising career began with “Kayla’s Light,” her film debut. She starred in indie films including “Animator.”

“Nappily Ever After.” was Daria’s first main role in 2018. This turning point revealed her acting abilities. Her art entered a thrilling new phase.

After then, Daria’s career took off in film, TV, and business. Zakaria in ‘Rel.’ was memorable. This part showcased her versatility and charmed audiences.

Daria’s 2021 portfolio expanded and diversified. In ‘Mixed-ish’ and ‘The Upshaws,’ she shined. She appeared in the anticipated ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy.’

She excelled in 2021 as Simone in ‘Saturdays.’ Daria’s talent and devotion keep her a rising entertainment star. A great future awaits her.

Daria Johns Filmography

2018Nappily Ever After
2019A Black Lady Sketch Show
2021The Upshaws
2021Space Jam: A New legacy

Daria Johns Awards

Daria Johns’ talents are making ripples in Hollywood. For “Nappily Ever After,” she got the 2019 Young Artist Award, a career highlight.

She received another Young Artist Award nomination for “Mixed-ish” in 2019, proving her tenacity and talent. Her honours show her artistic potential. A good track record bodes well for Daria’s industry future.

Physical Appearance

Height5′ 0″ (1.52m)
Weight50Kg (110Ibs)
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Body Measurement36-35-34 Inches
Voice typeMezzo-Soprano

Daria Johns Relationship Status

Sadly, Daria’s love life is secret. Other than Instagram and occasional photo updates, she hasn’t mentioned her dating status.

Some of her fans may be curious about this, but they should not ask. She could concentrate on her career as a single woman.

Growing influencer, performer, and fan following fill Daria’s calendar. She may be dating while achieving success in the American film industry, proving her brains and versatility.

Daria Johns on Social Media

Daria Johns’ social media is remarkable. In March 2023, @dariadjohns had 20.4K Instagram followers. Her Instagram account is active but unverified.

Her low-profile Facebook profile with an unknown username is fascinating.

Twitter user @dariadjohns has 186 followers. The blue checkmark on her Twitter account verifies its authenticity.

Daria posts short TikTok videos as @dariadjohns. Her TikTok and Twitter accounts are verified, and she has 13.6K followers. Daria interacts with admirers on numerous social media platforms, demonstrating her active online presence.

Net Worth

Daria famously appeared in Netflix’s 2018 “Nappily Ever After” and “Rel”. These spectacular performances launched her career.

Her industry success has brought her fame and wealth. Daria’s $17 million net worth demonstrates her entertainment significance. Her financial achievement shows her industry contributions and advancement.

Facts About Daria Johns 

  • 15-year-old American actress and social influencer Daria Johns, born December 21, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois, is worth $17 million.
  • She starred in “The Upshaw’s” and “Mixed-ish” and will star in the 2023 Disney Channel sitcom “Saturdays.”
  • Daria debuted in “Kayla’s Light” and won a Young Artist Award for “Nappily Ever After” in 2019.
  • Daria keeps her personal life, including her dating status, secret and is active on social media, where she has a large following.


Q1. Who is Daria Johns?

A1. Young American actress and social influencer Daria Johns works in television and movies. Chicago was her birthplace on December 21, 2007.

Q2. What is Daria Johns’ most anticipated 2023 project?

A2. The Disney Channel sitcom “Saturdays,” starring Daria Johns, is scheduled for 2023.

Q3. Prior to “Saturdays” what were Daria Johns’ major TV roles?

A3. Before “Saturdays,” Daria Johns was known for “The Upshaws,” a 2021–2023 TV series. She appeared in “Mixed-ish” and “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Q4. How did Daria Johns start acting?

A4. Young actress Daria Johns debuted in “Kayla’s Light.” She later starred in indie films like “Animator” and first appeared in “Nappily Ever After” in 2018.

Q5. What acting honours has Daria Johns won?

A5. The 2019 Young Artist Award went to Daria Johns for “Nappily Ever After.” Her work on “Mixed-ish.” earned her a 2019 Young Artist Award nomination.


Early on, Daria Johns, a talented actress and social influencer, advanced her profession. Her social media and film and TV roles made her famous. With her wealth and awards, Daria’s entertainment future looks good. Her unusual path and secrecy make her a fascinating entertainment character.

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