Norma Gibson: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, And Facts About TYRESE GIBSON’S Ex-Wife

Tyrese Gibson’s first wife, Norma Gibson, is well known. Tyrese has enjoyed great success in the entertainment business. He’s had a major impact in acting and R&B music. He was notable for playing Roman Pearce in the “Fast and Furious” films. Tyrese’s exceptional singing and acting skills have earned him widespread acclaim.

Early Life, Biography, And Date Of Birth Of Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson’s eclectic background is fascinating. She is British and was born in London in 1981. Her mother’s Israeli heritage adds a unique and multifaceted element to her background. Her rich and diverse mixed-race heritage makes Norma’s background even more intriguing and unique.


NameNorma Gibson
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1981
BirthplaceLondon, England
Age42 years old
Birth SignPisces
NationalityAmerican, Israeli
Net Worth$20,000 – $50,000 (approx)

Norma Gibson Career

Certainly! Norma Gibson’s work isn’t well known, but her connection with Tyrese Gibson made her famous.

An intriguing incident sparked public curiosity in 2018. Even though Tyrese was ordered to pay child support, Norma Gibson refused to work. Since their child needed money, the judge advised her to work. In an unexpected turn of events, Norma’s lawyers produced documents in court indicating that her seven hours caring for their baby were busy and fulfilling. Her unusual approach to her duties garnered attention and added intrigue to her story.

Norma Gibson Personal Life

Tyrese Gibson married Norma Gibson in 2007. Tyrese is known for his acting and music, including his “Fast & Furious” performances. Due of Tyrese’s prominence, their union garnered notice and produced Shayla Gibson, their daughter.

Their marriage had many problems, most of which remained quiet until their 2009 divorce. In 2015, Norma Gibson revealed the complications of their custody struggle and allegations of cruelty during their marriage.

Their contentious divorce made headlines in many American publications. For their adored daughter, the former couple fought a long legal struggle. Tyrese Gibson was upset when Shayla’s mother was awarded interim custody. This ruling was based on evidence that Tyrese hired a private investigator to discreetly monitor his ex-wife and child.

During her pregnancy with Shayla, Norma Gibson claimed considerable physical abuse. She described a disturbing episode in which her ex-husband allegedly beat their daughter. Tyrese agreed to one corrective strike to Shayla but strongly rejected his ex-wife’s other charges.

Tyrese had to stay 100 yards from his ex-wife and child as part of the custody agreement.

In 2017, Tyrese Gibson confessed in an interview that he married Norma to guarantee her citizenship, not because they were happy. He explained that Norma was from London and needed to be close to their child due to approaching fatherhood.

This complex story involves marriage, celebrity, court battles, and personal disclosures.

When Did Tyrese And Norma Gibson First Meet?

Fate brought Tyrese to Norma in 2002 while she was studying in London. Her academic activities have been kept secret. Their paths crossed during this time, starting a romantic adventure.

The pair started dating as their love blossomed, leading to life-changing decisions. Norma left her life and moved to Los Angeles with Tyrese soon after they met. This landmark judgement began Norma Gibson and her partner’s secret relationship.

They grew closer and decided to advance their relationship. This led to a 2007 small wedding that sealed their marriage.

Their marriage changed after the birth of their daughter, Shayla Gibson, the same year. Once a harmonic love story, it became dissonant, casting shadows over their love.

This conflict peaked in 2009 when the couple mutually dissolved their legal connections.

Their journey from fortuitous beginnings to the intricate tapestry of emotions that tied them together and ultimately broke their bond exemplifies the complexity of human relationships.

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, And Weight

At 42, Norma Gibson has built a life of stories. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 117 pounds. Further examination of her face reveals a fascinating charm and statuesque elegance that rivals the most discriminating beauty standards.

With an enigmatic atmosphere that might enhance a model’s face, Norma is magnetic. Her face characteristics blend to create a memorable look. Her eyebrows and eyes are intriguing.

Norma’s brown wavy hair tells its own story. Each curl tells a story of strength and vibrancy, expressing her individuality. Her brown eyes match her thick hair, reflecting her experiences.

Not just her appearance reflects her essence. Norma’s body shows her commitment to health and well-being. Her body is a live example of self-care, attracting adoration.

Norma Gibson was an actor’s spouse, hence her life has been tied to Hollywood. She has lived through the highs and lows of celebrity marriage, adding to her story.

In conclusion, Norma Gibson’s life is a canvas of years and stories, with each contour a brushstroke.

Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight53 kg
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Body Measurements35 – 29 – 36

The Complete Norma Gibson, Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife

The media flocked to Norma Mitchell when her marriage to Tyrese Gibson made her a star. After her divorce, Norma Gibson married Tyrese Gibson again.

As Tyrese Gibson’s wife, Norma became a prominent figure. Her and Tyrese’s story captivated the world as they sought to comprehend their bond.

Norma’s second marriage began with fights and sadness. The misery of domestic abuse, arguments, and harassment in her previous marriage prompted her to divorce. It started Tyrese Gibson’s new phase.

Their partnership encountered old obstacles. Despite their hopes and commitment, their second marriage failed due to human bonding issues. Their shared history, expectations, and experiences strained their relationship.

Norma and Tyrese Gibson married in 2007 and have Shayla Gibson. The birth of their child symbolised new beginnings, but it didn’t prevent relationship problems. They hit a wall a few months after their daughter’s birth as their relationship deteriorated.

The sad breakup ended a chapter of shared aims and dreams. The story of Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson shows how complex relationships are, including the ups and downs, the struggle, and the significant influence of personal choices on two lives who were tightly interwoven.

Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Shayla Somer Gibson Belongs to Him.

Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Shayla Somer Gibson Belongs to Him.

Tyrese and Norma Gibson’s 2014 divorce set up a contentious custody fight for their daughter Shayla. After divorce, their relationship has been complicated and centred on their daughter.

Tyrese and Norma’s custody battle for Shayla, a little girl caught in their troubles, has been widely covered by the media. Their duelling claims to care for their child have captivated the public. The courts decide who gets to raise the girl.

Legal proceedings in this instance are complicated by emotions and law. A significant study shows Tyrese Gibson’s great discontent with the 2014 custody arrangement that gave Norma custody, which he believes as unfair. He was further frustrated by Norma Gibson’s claimed contempt for court child-care orders.

Norma Gibson left her 11-year-old daughter with a trusted friend in their residential neighbourhood in early January to travel abroad. Tyrese says in a new court petition that Norma “handed over” his daughter’s custody to her friend before her international trip to protect her safety.

In an uncommon gesture, Tyrese Gibson offered to watch their child while her mother was abroad to protect her. Despite his efforts, the situation is difficult. For different reasons, Norma left without caring for their kid, who needs a lot. Their predicament involves intricate parental responsibilities and their daughter’s emotional requirements, which often go beyond law.

The custody battle blends parental love, legal issues, and the intricacies of divorce. Their narrative illustrates the delicate balance between personal rights, familial responsibility, and decisions that affect everyone.

Where Is Norma Gibson Now?

Norma Gibson left the spotlight after her custody fight with the “Fast and Furious” star. Tyrese remarried Samantha Lee in 2017.

After their daughter Soraya Lee Gibson was born, their relationship soured, culminating to their December 2020 divorce.

Jaleel White, famed for “Family Matters,” returns to the stage to honour Norma Gibson and Tyrese. His custody fight with Bridget Hardy is heated.

Their tales have changed, resulting in shared accountability. Together, Jaleel White and Bridget Hardy raise Samaya White through life’s challenges.

A recurring thread in these stories is the complex interaction between personal issues, legal systems, and relationships. These stories illustrate how one person’s choices and hardships may affect many. They explore blended families, balance, and progress and adversity.

Norma Gibson NET WORTH

From $20,000 to $50,000, Norma Gibson’s net worth appears to be small. This is an estimate, as investments, earnings, and expenses might change net worth over time. Since she is private, her financial information is not readily available, and net worth estimates are often based on assumptions.


Q: Who’s Norma Gibson?

A: Former wife of actor and musician Tyrese Gibson is Norma Gibson. She is private and not a public figure.

Q: When did Norma and Tyrese Gibson marry?

A: The 2007 marriage of Norma and Tyrese ended in divorce.

Q; Do Norma and Tyrese Gibson have kids?

A: They have a daughter, Shayla Somer Gibson.

Q: Norma Gibson’s occupation?

A: Norma Gibson has a modest profile and keeps her career and personal life private.

Q: Do Norma and Tyrese Gibson have any legal issues?

A: Norma and Tyrese Gibson have had custody fights over their daughter Shayla.

Q: How is Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s relationship?

A: As of January 2022, they co-parented their daughter after divorcing.

Q: Does Norma Gibson work in entertainment like Tyrese?

A: Tyrese, her ex-husband, is an actor, singer, and book, but Norma Gibson is not.

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