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Tharita Cesaroni, born September 15, 1973, is a successful Italian-American film producer

Tharita Cesaroni, born September 15, 1973, is a successful Italian-American film producer. Working on “Four Lovers” (2010) and “Lucky Them” (2013) proved her as a proficient professional.

Cesaroni studied architecture before entering the film industry, demonstrating her wide interests and knowledge. Her unusual blend of skills may add to her distinctive perspective and creative approach in filmmaking.

Tharita Cesaroni married Dermot Mulroney in 2008. Cesaroni’s personal life and business success are enriched by her two daughters.

Tharita Cesaroni has kept a low profile despite her film success. Smaller cinematic productions show her dedication to storytelling and passion for the profession. She has become a notable entertainment figure due to her work with Dermot Mulroney and other films.

Tharita Cesaroni’s varied experiences from architecture to film production, her relationships, and her commitment to smaller projects have changed her emotionally and professionally.

Tharita Cesaroni Bio

Real NameTharita Cesaroni 
ProfessionFilm producer
Date of birth15 September 1973
Height 5 feet 3 inch
Weight52 kg
Eye colorDark brown
Birth PlaceMilan, Italy
SchoolNot know
Education Not know
UniversityNot know
ParentsFather: Franco CatulléMother: Emy Cesaroni
HusbandDermot Mulroney
Children2 (Mabel Ray Mulroney, Sally Mulroney)
Networth11 million dollar 

Who is Tharita Cesaroni?

Tharita Cesaroni, an Italian film producer, is honored for her work. Her marriage to actor Dermot Mulroney helped her ascend to fame in the entertainment industry. Cesaroni has a modest profile and keeps her professional actions private despite her influence in film production.

Tharita Cesaroni’s film work has shown her talent and skill, earning her respect. Cesaroni’s relationship with Dermot Mulroney, a famous actor, adds curiosity to her public image and exposes the couple’s industry link.

She may not seek fame, but her behind-the-scenes effort shows her passion to filmmaking. Keeping her personal life discreet, Cesaroni’s focus on filmmaking shows her dedication to storytelling and cinema.

Through her marriage to Dermot Mulroney and her career in movies, Tharita Cesaroni has achieved popularity and influence while remaining anonymous. Her ability to mix a successful business with a personal life shows her professionalism and dedication to the art she loves.

Tharita Cesaroni Career

As the daughter of an actress and singer, Tharita was drawn to movies early on. She became interested in Italian cinematography as she aged. Her event and cinematography work earned her fame.

She also produced.

She was a longtime businesswoman and Italian media celebrity. Even though she was famous in Italy, she was unknown outside. After marrying Dermot Mulroney, she became famous globally. Media kept their affair private till they married and revealed it.

They became wealthy because she married a Hollywood star. Her husband, the legendary actor, debuted in “Sin of Innocence.” With roles in “Young Guns” and “Where the Day Takes You,” he gained recognition.

He played legendary roles in “Friends,” “New Girl,” and “Crisis.” He appeared in Amazon’s Homecoming miniseries lately. His acting credentials are numerous. He plays piano and cello proficiently. She seems to have adjusted well to Hollywood after moving to the US. She reportedly refused to assume her husband’s surname and kept her Italian identity.

She seems unaffected by celebrity and determined to stay out of the spotlight. Although her husband is famous, she often attends award shows and film premieres with him. She attends many events, including the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

She has cash and shares of her husband’s riches, but she may not stay in movies as a producer and cinematographer. She is private and avoids social media.

Personal Life

Tharita Cesaroni Catullè was born in Milan, Italy, in 1973 to Emi Cesaroni and Franco Catullè. Her birthdate is unknown. Her siblings’ information is similarly unavailable. Her father is from Catanzaro, Calabria, and her mother is an actress and singer from Terni. She was raised in Milan.

How and when she met Dermot Mulroney is unknown, but they married privately in 2008. The covert pair revealed their romance to the media after marrying. Dermot Mulroney divorced Catherine Ann Keener on December 19, 2007. It is unclear if Dermot met his second wife before or after his Keener divorce.

She and her spouse have two daughters. In 2008, her oldest daughter, Mabel Ray Mulroney, was baptized at ‘San Pietro’s Church’ in Roccascalegna, Abruzzo, Italy. Her second daughter, Sally June Mulroney, was born in 2009.

She stays out of the media spotlight and the pair doesn’t discuss their personal life. She shares her husband’s money and they live lavishly. She and her family live in Los Angeles, California.

What Is Tharita Up To Nowadays

The 50-year-old singer/producer keeps releasing music. Her latest album is Alignments, released January 31, 2023. It has 6 songs, including Venus or Neptune and My Own Fleet.

Cesaroni is now Prima Apollinaire.

She is now Prima Apollinaire, replacing Tharita Cesaroni. She legally changed her name and renamed her social media outlets, including Youtube and Spotify, Prima Apollinaire.

When asked why she did it, Tharita told TMZ that her family name was Prima, which means First in Latin, and Apollinaare is a surname. Click here to read about Tharita Cesaroni meeting Dermot Mulroney’s wife and kids.

She Has Several Tattoos

She, known as Prima, loves tattoos, as shown in recent images. Her tattoos on both arms indicate her appreciation of body art. Her Instagram account shows her tattoos, which she proudly wears.

Tharita Cesaroni has butterfly, Hindu goddess, and bird tattoos. Her tattoos seem to represent her style and tastes. Tharita’s unique and profound tattoos enhance her personality and convey her individuality.

Tharita Cesaroni Family?

Tharita Cesaroni and Dermot Mulroney’s romance has piqued many’s interest. Tharita and Dermot purposely keep their marriage private despite their popular profile. They keep their wedding and meeting details private, adding mystique to their relationship.

In 1990, Dermot Mulroney married American actress Catherine Keener and had their son, Clyde. The couple divorced in 2007. After their divorce, Dermot Mulroney married Tharita Cesaroni again in 2008. The couple won’t say when Tharita and Dermot met, whether before or after his divorce from Catherine.

While Tharita and Dermot are private about some elements of their lives, they are open about their family. The couple has two kids. Their first daughter, Mabel Ray Mulroney, was baptised in San Pietro’s Church in Roccascalegna, Italy, in April 2008. Dermot and Tharita cared for their daughter in Italy. Their second daughter, Sally Mulroney, was born in summer 2009.

Tharita Cesaroni and Dermot Mulroney balance public and private aspects of their lives by keeping some details private and cherishing and sharing moments with their growing family.

Tharita Cesaroni Married Dermot Mulroney 15 Years Ago.

Dermot Mulroney and Tharita Cesaroni married in 2008 and have remained together. Despite their long connection, little is known about their first love. Tharita and Dermot reportedly dated for a year before committing to a lifetime together. The pair keeps their personal life quiet, adding to the mystique of their early relationship.

We hope they will be together until death since they’ve been together for 15 years.

Cesaroni Is The Mother Of Two Beautiful Daughters

Tharita and her spouse have two daughters.

The Wedding Date actor and his wife have two daughters. Mabel Ray Mulroney was their first child in April 2008. She was baptized October 4, 2008, at San Pietro’s Church in Roccascalegna, Italy.

Late 2009 saw the birth of their second daughter, Sally June Mulroney. As of 2023, she is 14 and the family of four lives in a gorgeous Manhattan house.

Who was Tharita Cesaroni’s ex-boyfriend?

 As mentioned, Cesaroni is quite discreet regarding her personal life. We couldn’t find her relationship history.

However, her husband has had multiple romances. In fact, Mulroney married Catherine Keener from 1990 to 2007.

Ex-wife Catherine Keener and Tharita’s husband.

The pair met on Survival Quest’s 1986 set. They married in 1990 after dating for four years. Dermot and Catherine had a son, Clyde Keener Mulroney, on June 21, 1999.

Two years after they split in May 2005, Mulroney filed for divorce on June 11, 2007, citing irreconcilable differences. Click here to read about Tharita Cesaroni meeting Dermot Mulroney’s wife and kids. 

Tharita cesaroni Albums 

Album (Latest)Alignments (Released on January 31, 2023) 
Album SongsVenus or Neptune, My Own Fleet, and more
Album Release DateJanuary 31, 2023   
Stage Name (if any)Prima Apollinaire 
TattoosButterfly, Hindu goddess, bird, and more


Finally, Italian-American film producer Tharita Cesaroni (born September 15, 1973) triumphed. She appeared in “Four Lovers” (2010) and “Lucky Them” (2013). Cesaroni conceals her personal and professional life despite film success.

From architecture to film, she exhibits her diverse interests and creative storytelling. Tharita Cesaroni’s 2008 marriage to Dermot Mulroney has propelled her career, but they kept their romance discreet.

After having Mabel Ray and Sally, Tharita Cesaroni and Dermot Mulroney balance public and private lives. Mystery surrounding the couple’s relationship has generated curiosity.

Tharita Cesaroni’s Prima Apollinaire social media transition demonstrates her identity change. Her gorgeous tattoos on both arms represent her tattoo enthusiasm and make her unique.

Finally, Tharita Cesaroni’s job, family life with Dermot Mulroney, and ability to balance seclusion and public interest make her attractive. Despite her anonymity, her filmmaking and personal flair continue to captivate fans.


Q: Tharita Cesaroni—who?

A: Born September 15, 1973, Tharita Cesaroni is an Italian-American film producer. Her films include “Four Lovers” (2010) and “Lucky Them” (2013).

Q: Background of Tharita Cesaroni?

A: Before entering film, Tharita Cesaroni studied architecture, demonstrating her various interests and knowledge.

Q: When did Tharita Cesaroni marry Dermot Mulroney?

A: Tharita Cesaroni married Dermot Mulroney in 2008 and has been together since.

Q: Tharita Cesaroni has how many kids?

A: Tharita Cesaroni and Dermot Mulroney have two daughters: April 2008’s Mabel Ray and June 2009’s Sally June.

Q: Tharita Cesaroni’s wealth?

A: Tharita Cesaroni’s wealth is unknown.

Q: Do we know Tharita Cesaroni’s personal life?

A: Tharita Cesaroni keeps her personal life private, including her first love affair with Dermot Mulroney.

Q: Why was Tharita Cesaroni renamed Prima Apollinaire?

A: Tharita Cesaroni changed her name to Prima Apollinaire, citing her Latin family name Prima, meaning “First” and her surname Apollinaire.

Q: Is Tharita Cesaroni tattooed?

A: Prima, aka Tharita Cesaroni, has butterfly, Hindu deity, and bird tattoos on both arms.

Q: Tharita Cesaroni’s latest album?

A: Tharita Cesaroni released “Alignments” on January 31, 2023, as Prima Apollinaire, including tracks like “Venus or Neptune” and “My Own Fleet.”

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