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Everything We Know About Clint Walker’s Wife Verna Garver

Verna Garver, an American woman, became famous as Clint Walker’s wife. Her affiliation with Clint, who had a successful career from the 1950s to his retirement before the 2000s, made her popular.

Clint Walker married his first wife while he was still gaining reputation and success. Verna Garver is famous as Clint’s ex-wife despite their divorce during his early career. Even if her own achievements are less well-known, her relationship with Clint Walker has kept her in the spotlight.

Verna Garver Quick Profile

Full nameVerna Lucille Garver Walker
Date of Birth16 Apr 1927
Place of BirthAnna, Union County, Illinois, USA
Death27 Nov 2014
ParentsJesse Albert Garver (1892–1970) and Cuba Mabel St. John Garver (1894–1980)
SiblingsVera Luella Garver West (1923–2014) and Virginia Lee Garver Wallace (1924–2006)
Zodiac SignAries
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
HusbandClint Walker
DaughterValerie Walker
Famous AsEx-Wife of legendary actor, Clint Walker
Net Worth 1$ Million 
Height 5 feet 6 inches 

Biography Of Verna Garver 

Her family was deeply rooted in Illinois, and Verna Garver was born in Union County on April 16, 1927. Illinois-born Jesse Albert Garver and Cuba Mabel St. John Garver were her parents. Her upbringing and education are unknown, however she grew up alongside her sisters, Vera Garver West and Virginia Garver Wallace. Verna, the youngest of three sisters, undoubtedly experienced tight family relationships.

Being white, Verna Garver’s life changed when she married an actor. Unfortunately, her job path is poorly documented. After her marriage, she may have become a housewife. At that time, many women were expected to manage households and support their husbands’ careers.

Being married to an actor definitely exposed Verna to the entertainment world, even if her life is not well documented. Her acting background may have given her a distinct view on show business’s glamour and challenges.

The sparse evidence on Verna Garver’s life highlights the difficulties of reconstructing personal histories, especially those of people who didn’t desire fame. The mention of her name in historical documents gives a glimpse into 20th-century America’s dense fabric, despite the few specifics.

Verna Garver’s parents

Few details are known about Verna Garver’s parents, however they were Jesse Albert and Cuba Mabel St. John Garver. More information about their lives and backgrounds is unavailable. As with many older people, especially those not in the public glare, personal information may be hard to obtain. The information about Verna Garver and her immediate relatives is from available sources.

Verna Garver siblings

Verna Garver has 2 sisters. Virginia Garver Wallace and Vera Garver West. Verna was the youngest of three sisters. Unfortunately, nothing is known about either sister’s personal life or achievements.

Verna Garver daughter 

Valerie Walker is Verna Garver’s daughter. Verna married famous actor and singer Clint Walker in 1950 and had Valerie. A pioneer in aviation, Valerie Walker was one of the first female pilots. She retired as an airline captain, breaking gender barriers in aviation. Valerie has one son, Cory Patton. Despite limited information on Valerie’s background and career, her achievements as a female pilot continue a tradition of women who challenged gender stereotypes in their fields.

She married the actor for over 20 years.

Walker met Verna Garver before he was renowned. He met and married Verna in 1948 while working on numerous projects. Clint was a doorman, sheet metal worker, and nightclub bouncer, although it’s unclear when he met his wife.

Clint made his ABC Western debut in Cheyenne, thanks to his good looks and body. He used the chance to promote himself, which led to more work and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. He was 7 years married to Verna when he featured in Cheyenne.

Verna married Clint when she was 21 and he was 21, so they were young. They were together for 20 years, by which time Clint was a successful actor and singer in Hollywood. The couple divorced in 1968 without explanation.

Verna Garver and Clint Walker Had A Daughter

Valerie Walker was born in 1950 to Verna Garver and Clint Walker after 20 years of marriage. When Valerie was 18, the couple divorced, changing their family life. Valerie’s childhood was undoubtedly shaped by her parents’ divorce.

Valerie Walker, the daughter of an actor and singer, became a pilot, a pioneering professional choice. Valerie’s choice to work in aviation was groundbreaking in an era when women had few employment options. She was one of the first female pilots, defying gender norms and inspiring future women in aviation.

Valerie certainly had to overcome societal expectations and hurdles as a woman in a male-dominated business as a pilot. Her perseverance and passion for aviation helped her become a pilot and inspire other female pilots.

Valerie Walker retired as an airline captain, a significant feat in a profession with few women in such high-ranking positions. The term “airline captain” denotes extensive experience and expertise in aircraft piloting, highlighting Valerie’s expertise.

Valerie Walker is a mother and professional. With a son named Cory Patton, she values family. As a mother and career pioneer, Valerie’s tale inspires resilience, determination, and breaking down boundaries in male-dominated sectors. As one of the first female pilots, she contributed to women’s empowerment.

Verna Garver husband 

Verna Garver’s marriage to the famous actor and singer Clint Walker transformed their lives. Born May 30, 1927, Clint Walker was best known for playing Cheyenne Bodie in “Cheyenne,” a 1955–1963 TV series. His magnetism and dominance made him an entertainment industry leader.

Twenty years of marriage produced Valerie Walker, their daughter. His family experienced fame’s ups and downs as Clint Walker had success. Actor’s films and TV inspired popular culture.

Classic television character Cheyenne Bodie is played by Clint Walker. His acting and music showcased his deep, booming voice.

They had a 20-year entertainment marriage. The complex tapestry of cultural contributors’ personal lives includes their shared struggles.

Clint Walker’s family with Verna Garver connects personal and professional life. As they blended celebrity and family, Clint and Verna reflected Hollywood’s mid-20th century metamorphosis.

She Did Not Remarry After Her Divorce

After her divorce from Walker, Vena Garver never married again. She lived a quiet life away from the media, yet she did other things without remarrying.

Walker, her husband, remarried twice before dying. Walker wed Giselle Hennesy in 1974 after his divorce. They lived together for 20 years until her 1994 death. His second marriage, to Susan Cavallari, lasted 20 years until his 1997 death.


Finally, Verna Garver, born April 16, 1927, in Union County, Illinois, married Clint Walker and lived an entertaining life. Verna’s 20-year marriage to Clint Walker made her famous despite her modest accomplishments.

Verna and her sisters, Vera Garver West and Virginia Garver Wallace, grew up in Illinois. Her origins and education are unknown, but her marriage to Clint Walker transformed her life. Social expectations may have made Verna a homemaker like many mid-20th-century white women.

Valerie Walker, Verna and Clint’s daughter, pioneered female piloting. Valerie, a pioneering female pilot and retired airline captain, displayed the family’s tenacity.

Clint Walker’s Cheyenne Bodie fame and their marriage balanced fame and family. Verna never remarried after their 1968 divorce. Clint Walker married twice more before dying.

Versa Garver’s sparse biographical facts show how difficult it is to recreate human history, especially for the unsung. Though little is known about Verna Garver and her family, their narrative helps illustrate Hollywood’s mid-20th century transformation, where personal and professional lives regularly intersect.


Q: Who’s Verna Garver?

A: The famous actor and singer Clint Walker married Verna Garver initially. She was born in Union County, Illinois, on April 16, 1927, and was married to Clint Walker for 20 years.

Q: Verna Garver’s history?

A: Jesse Albert and Cuba Mabel St. John Garver had Verna. She had sisters Virginia Garver Wallace and Vera Garver West. Her Illinois roots ran deep.

Q: Verna Garver’s career?

A: Few data concerning Verna Garver’s career exist. She may have become a housewife after marrying Clint Walker.

Q: Verna Garver’s siblings?

A: She had two sisters, Vera Garver West and Virginia Garver Wallace. The youngest of three sisters.

Q: Who is Valerie Walker and her contribution?

A: Verna Garver and Clint Walker had Valerie Walker. One of the first female pilots, she retired as an airline captain, breaking aviation gender restrictions.

Q: For what is Clint Walker famous?

A: Clint Walker were famous actors and singers best known for playing Cheyenne Bodie in “Cheyenne,” a 1955–1963 TV series.Clint Walker and Q: Q: Verna Garver divorced when?

A: Twenty years of marriage ended in 1968 for Verna Garver and Clint Walker.

Q: Did Verna Garver remarry after divorce?

A: Verna Garver never remarried after divorcing Clint Walker. She lived a tranquil life away from the media.

Q: Verna Garver—what happened?

A: On November 27, 2014, Verna Garver died. The cause of her death may be unknown.

Q: Clint Walker’s legacy?

A: Clint Walker’s legacy includes “Cheyenne” and his acting and singing career. His strong voice and dominating screen presence are remembered.

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