What To Do Next Upon Reaching Level 40 In WoW Season Of Discovery Phase 2?

Upon reaching level 40 in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 2, numerous activities await to enhance your character’s progression or simply enrich your gaming experience in Phase 2. This guide will detail all these options.

Level Your Professions To 225

First, I highly recommend maxing out your professions, including secondary ones like cooking, fishing, and first aid. Some new supply crates require items from these professions. Instead of paying a premium on your Auction House, why not craft these yourself? By doing so, you can also post these items on your Auction House and potentially make lots of WoW Classic SoD Gold.

Focusing on your professions and reaching 225 skill is essential to craft the new epic items introduced in Phase 2. Although these epic items require a lengthy quest chain, it’s worth the effort, especially if you have the time. This is particularly true if you’re not planning to level up all characters right away or if you’re waiting for the next reset before diving into Gnomeregan.

To initiate the quest chain, head into the raid where you’ll find an object to interact with. You’ll need to submit an item obtained inside the raid. The good news is that this item is not Bind on Pickup, so you could also purchase it from your Auction House. Additionally, interact with the Gnome to your left to receive another quest. Furthermore, don’t forget to defeat the Techbot outside the raid, as it provides another quest item crucial for the epic items’ quest chain.

Engage In High-Level Dungeons

It is advisable to engage in high-level dungeons where you can acquire valuable rare items. These items will aid in progressing through Gnomeregan more efficiently and enhance your effectiveness as a DPS, tank, or healer.

WoW Classic SOD Gnomeregan(2)

In SoD Phase 2, I have optimized certain item sets to better suit raiding requirements. Consequently, it’s essential to strategize which dungeons to prioritize.

To streamline your dungeon runs, utilize an addon such as AtlasLoot. This tool provides comprehensive information on dungeon loot, including updates for Season of Discovery Phase 2 content.

Before entering a dungeon, always check for any specific quests tied to that location. Completing these quests may yield guaranteed items, such as a weapon or maybe something else that will be useful.

Keep Participating In Blackfathom Deeps

If you still require items from the Phase 1 raid, Blackfathom Deeps (BFD), don’t overlook the trinket, and possibly some weapons, which remain beneficial at level 40.

Truthfully, during my initial Gnomeregan runs, many of my items originated from the BFD raid. Thus, investing time to clear this raid weekly, or even twice, can prove worthwhile.

WoW Classic SOD Blackfathom Deeps

Gather All The Runes

If you neglected to gather runes while leveling, now it presents an ideal opportunity to do so, particularly those beneficial to your intended specialization.

Whether you aim to tank or heal, prioritize acquiring runes essential to these roles and consider respecing accordingly. This way, as you grind for pre-BiS gear in dungeons, you can also become accustomed to your new specialization simultaneously.

If some runes are really hard to find, you can also ask IGGM for help. With its WoW SOD Boosting, any of your difficulties can be solved quickly!

Get STV PvP Epic Items 

Every 3 hours, a PvP event occurs in Stranglethorn Vale at 3, 6, 9 & 12 (a.m. & p.m). During this event, you can gather various coins, which can be exchanged for rare and even epic items.

The available items, particularly the epic ones, vary depending on your class. For instance, some classes may obtain weapons, while others may receive rings, trinkets, or armor equipment.

WoW Classic SOD Stranglethorn Vale Event

To obtain these epic items or coins, participate in the event by engaging in combat with other players. This will yield blood, which can be exchanged for coins. On average, I gather 400 blood per event, equivalent to 400 copper coins. Engaging in this event as a 5-man party is recommended for more efficient farming compared to solo play.

By participating in the event several times, you can accumulate enough coins to purchase a new epic item.

Farm Arena Chests

At the event, the original PvP chest will be accessible, offering various potions, rare and green items, and the Arena Master trinket.

Upon gathering 12 of these trinkets, you can exchange them for a rare trinket. This trinket enhances your touch by 1% and provides a damage-absorbing effect, beneficial in PvP scenarios and as a tank.

Rank Up

Now, transitioning to PvP, ensure to participate in Battlegrounds to accumulate Honor and advance your character’s rank.

In WoW SoD Phase 2, new PvP items have been introduced, such as bracers and a PvP trinket. This trinket, with a 5-minute cooldown, effectively counters all crowd control effects, not limited to those specific to your class.

Farm More Arathi Basin Reputation

With the introduction of the new Battleground in Arathi Basin, a new faction becomes available for focus.

In this Battleground, you can farm reputation with defection. Upon reaching Friendly status, you’ll gain access to a new trinket. At Honored, acquire the Highlander’s Leather Girdle, and at Revered, obtain the Highlander’s Leather Boots.

WoW Classic SOD Arathi Basin Reputation

Farm Supply Crates 

While progressing through levels or farming at the maximum level, you’ll likely come across the new supply crates. I highly advise completing these to earn significant reputation gains, potentially unlocking valuable rewards in the future.

It’s prudent to prioritize this task, ensuring readiness for any upcoming changes and the availability of new items.

Personally, I focus on completing inexpensive supply crates, obtaining materials from the Auction House for less than 10 WoW SoD Gold. This strategy proves worthwhile for me, especially since these crates are no longer unique, allowing storage of up to 12. Consequently, you can continue farming in the open world until you acquire 12 of these crates, which remain inexpensive to complete.

Buy Equipment In Auction House

If you find yourself short on SoD gold WoW, it’s advisable to invest in purchasing new equipment such as green or rare items. 

This will facilitate easier gold farming and enhance your chances of joining dungeon or raid groups.

Earn Quick Gold

A straightforward method to earn SoD Gold quickly is by completing quests above level 30. 

Typically, each quest yields between 1 to 3 gold. Additionally, if you’ve acquired gathering professions, you can further boost your earnings.

Buy Level 40 Mount

The gold you make can then be spent on purchasing your first mount or maybe a mount for an upcoming old character. 

WoW Classic SOD Buy Level 40 Mount

Prepare For Phase 3 

If you are looking further into Phase 2, another worthwhile endeavor is to begin preparing for SoD Phase 3. 

This could involve procuring various materials necessary for your professions, obtaining different flight points, or undertaking other tasks that will aid you during levels 40 to 50. 

Additionally, consider leveling your professions to 300 to craft new bags or even green or blue items that can assist you as you progress.

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