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Zoviz Launches A New Approach to Logo Creating: Best AI Logo Maker Journey

Zoviz platform is an AI logo maker that started actively serving its users in 2023. With its simple and user-friendly interface, Zoviz enables you to create designs without having any design knowledge. It offers branding efforts and online logo design processes that will result in downloads through high-quality files. This AI-powered logo generator, which enables online logo generation in just seconds, is a highly efficient service provider with its speed as it delivers editable design results in a few seconds and offers edited and ready-to-download logo designs in a few minutes.

Zoviz platform offers its users everything necessary to generate both logo design and branding products. Services for branding and logo design are provided with two separate offers to carry out design on the platform.

The discrete nature of Zoviz’s design offerings creates a working advantage where the user only has to pay for the service s/he needs. Moreover, the Zoviz platform, which offers a one-time payment opportunity, provides a system that requires payment only per project, and therefore users are charged based on the product package they want to benefit from and use.

What Does AI Logo Maker Zoviz Offer?

Zoviz platform offers many different services to users as an AI logo generator. Zoviz serves with a comprehensive branding approach in the field of logo design and offers its users everything that may be needed in the field of branding efforts in a short time.

Zoviz, which offers a highly customer-first service to be the best AI logo generator, makes it possible to achieve results without knowledge or mastery of design tools. Moreover, there is no need for any design knowledge or skills to design via Zoviz.

Zoviz simultaneously targets user groups with two different design expectations: basic and full logo kits and therefore offers two separate offers. The basic logo kit is designed to provide services directly related to logo design. Performing operations through the Basic Logo Kit, which includes resizable and standard logo files, commercial rights, and technical support options, is very simple, takes only a few minutes, and is easy to edit. Another offer where users can obtain high-res logo files from Zoviz is a package prepared directly related to branding efforts.

The Best Brand Kit Offered by Zoviz Logo Generator

Full Logo Kit theme, one of the offers offered to users by Zoviz, includes very comprehensive branding products and provides fast results. The following products are included in the Zoviz branding package, which is a combined version of many areas that a brand needs, such as brand image, rebranding efforts, and commercial rights, in a single offer:

  • Favicon pack for apps and websites
  • Letterhead layouts
  • E-sign templates
  • Social media profiles and covers
  • Brand guidebook

Among the branding products offered by the brand, a full logo design service is also offered. Therefore, this offer includes scalable and standard logo files as well as design changes.

The standard +30 logo files offered by the platform are in PNG and JPG formats, and simultaneously SVG and PDF files are presented to the users as scalable. Zoviz offers services in both branding and logo design fields, aiming to maximize user experience. This makes it possible to obtain a service that is easy to use and budget-friendly.

It is so easy to perform branding operations through Zoviz. Various advantages, such as producing brands in different languages and offering optimized pricing options depending on the country, are indicators that the Zoviz platform prioritizes user experience over its goal of becoming the best AI logo maker.

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