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Kevin Selleck: (Tom Selleck’s son) – Everything to Know Adopted Son 

Kevin Selleck has succeeded in showbiz despite being overshadowed by his father, Tom Selleck. Kevin was born on June 7, 1966, to Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray. His unique family ties have shaped his life. His mother, former model and actress Jacqueline Ray, gave him an artistic childhood. Kevin’s father’s first name is Shepard, adding to his eclectic family life.

Kevin Selleck, 57, an American actor and singer, has struggled to succeed in the shadow of his legendary father. He has succeeded in entertainment despite this. Kevin’s creative career may have been impacted by his mother’s modeling and acting history and Tom Selleck.

Kevin Selleck has persevered through celebrity parenthood. His life story shows how unique family relationships shaped his acting and singing career.

Profile summary 

Full NameKevin Shepard Selleck
Date of Birth1966
Age57 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Place of BirthUnited States of America
EducationUniversity of Southern California
Hair ColourDark Brown
Eye ColourBrown
Height (feet and inches)6’3″
Height (centimetres)190
Weight (pounds)139
Weight (kilograms)63
FatherTom Selleck
MotherJacqueline Ray
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAnnabelle Selleck
OccupationMusician, Actor
Net Worth$1 million

How Old is Kevin Selleck?

How Old is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck, 57, was born in America on June 7, 1966. He attended Grant High School and played volleyball at USC in Los Angeles. He was a talented athlete!

Kevin’s Siblings and Family

Meet the Star’s Children Kevin and Hannah

Kevin Selleck has two step-sisters, Hannah and Umeko. Hannah, Tom Selleck’s second-wife daughter, strengthens family bonds. Hannah is Tom’s daughter from his former marriage, and despite blended family issues, they remain connected as Sellecks.

Umeko is Kevin’s other step-sister from his mother’s third marriage to Tom. Different marriages give step-siblings unique and diverse dynamics. Despite their differences, Kevin, Hannah, and Umeko are connected by the Selleck family.

Modern families are multifaceted and rich, as shown by the extended Selleck family. Family relationships can continue beyond traditional bounds. Though their relationships are unknown, their link to the Selleck family emphasizes the need for togetherness and inclusion in this varied family.

Not Really Tom Selleck’s Biological Son?

Despite not being related, Kevin and Tom Selleck share a special affinity. Kevin’s life changed when his mother and biological father divorced during his childhood. Kevin’s connection with Tom Selleck changed when his mother raised him. Tom adopted Kevin on August 7, 1987, after marrying his mother, deepening their relationship.

Kevin became a member of Tom’s family after this adoption. Kevin’s adoption legalized his place in the Selleck family and strengthened his emotional bond with Tom. Their relationship has grown into a tight and lasting one, proving that love, devotion, and shared experiences can create familial bonds beyond biological ties. The Selleck family’s story shows the power of chosen relationships and family love.

Facing Challenges and Finding Strength

Kevin struggled with drugs and terrible judgments in his youth. Despite these challenges, Tom Selleck became Kevin’s hero. During Kevin’s struggles, Tom’s continuous support was crucial. Tom supported Kevin and helped him through his troubles.

Tom Selleck not only provided emotional support but also financial assistance. Tom gave Kevin stability and support, showing how important a helpful figure can be during difficult times. Tom’s support for Kevin shows the power of family and compassion in overcoming adversity.

Tom: A Mentor and a Father Figure

Tom: A Mentor and a Father Figure

Tom Selleck influenced Kevin as a parent despite not being his real father. Kevin looked up to Tom and tried to be like him. Their love of volleyball united them beyond genetics. Tom cheered Kevin on the volleyball games, strengthening their fatherly bond.

Tom’s influence shaped Kevin’s career outside sports. Kevin’s acting career was boosted by Tom’s steadfast backing. Tom and Kevin show how mentorship and support can empower personal and professional progress beyond biological relationships.

Kevin’s Journey as a Musician and Actor

Kevin began his musical career as a drummer in Tonic, which released an album in 1996. Kevin switched to acting after a life change. He appeared on his father’s show, “Magnum P.I.,” and in a film’s soundtrack.

Kevin struggled with personal issues despite his acting ambitions. His acting career was cut short by these problems. Kevin’s journey from music to acting and the hurdles he faced shows how life’s twists and turns may affect one’s goals.

Kevin Selleck’s movies and TV shows

Kevin began his film career as a grandchild in Magnum, P.I. after his band broke up. He then appeared in Scream 2 and wrote “Eyes of Sand.”

Kevin has had few cinematic roles since these early ones. The actor has not appeared in another film since Scream 2. Kevin’s early acting experiences left a lasting impression, despite his more modest role in recent films.

Family Life and love 

Kevin fell in love with American costume designer and pet food company owner Annabelle Selleck. They married on August 7, 1987, in a private ceremony that represented their passion for privacy. Despite keeping their personal lives quiet, Kevin and Annabelle had six children, highlighting their rich family life and lasting dedication.

Who is Kevin Selleck’s wife? 

Who is Kevin Selleck's wife? 

Kevin Selleck married costume designer and pet food company owner Annabelle Selleck. Six children have been born to them. Despite their public profiles, the couple purposely keeps their children’s names and genders confidential.

Their commitment to privacy shows their wish to keep their family life private and normal. Kevin and Annabelle emphasize the significance of family privacy and security for their children in a media-driven environment by keeping these details private.

What does Kevin Selleck do for a living?

Kevin began playing music with Tonic in 1993. He composed and drummed for the band. The band included lead guitarist and backup vocalist Jess Russo, drummer Dan Rothchild, rhythm guitarist Emerson Hart, and bassist Dan Laurie. The group wanted music fame.

“Lemon Parade.” was their debut album in July 1996. The album went platinum due to its popularity. “If You Can Only See” peaked at #11 on the Billboard Airplay Hot 100 in 1997.

Following initial success, the rock band disbanded due to internal conflict. Tonic failed due to infighting. Despite the band’s brief existence, “Lemon Parade” was Kevin’s musical breakthrough.

Kevin Selleck’s movies and TV shows 

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Kevin started a new career in cinema after his band broke up. He made his acting debut as a grandson in Magnum, P.I. This early encounter prepared Kevin for film.

He then appeared in Scream 2 as an actor and wrote “Eyes of Sand.” This dual role showed Kevin’s creativity and versatility outside of acting.

Despite these early triumphs, Kevin’s filmography has been limited after those two parts. His film career after Magnum, P.I., and Scream 2 suggests a change in concentration or exploration. While Kevin may not have pursued more film opportunities, his music and acting talents contribute to his unique entertainment career narrative.

What is Kevin Selleck’s net worth?

Actor Kevin Selleck is expected to be worth $1 million in 2024. His musical and acting careers have made him rich. Kevin’s financial portfolio shows his diversified profession, including music and acting. This net worth shows his diverse career and how he made his impact in entertainment.


Kevin Shepard Selleck, Tom Selleck’s adopted son, was born June 7, 1966. Kevin became a Hollywood success in his father’s shadow. His life was impacted by his parents, Tom Selleck and Jacqueline Ray, and step-sisters Hannah and Umeko.

Kevin is resilient and creative at 57. He succeeded at Grant High School before playing volleyball at USC. Tonic made him famous in 1993, and “Lemon Parade” went platinum in 1996. Even after the band dissolved, Tonic’s notoriety affected Kevin’s career.

Kevin performed “Eyes of Sand.” in Magnum, P.I. in Scream 2. Personal circumstances ended his acting career. Kevin and costume designer and pet food company entrepreneur Annabelle quietly raise six children.

Tom Selleck influenced Kevin beyond biology. He became Kevin’s hero, helping him financially and emotionally despite personal issues. Tom shaped Kevin’s music and acting beyond personal difficulties.

Kevin is estimated to be worth $1 million by 2024, displaying his entertainment skills. While less featured in later films, Kevin’s many talents continue to create his entertainment story. His story shows how family, chosen relationships, and determination and support can overcome hurdles

People also ask 

Q: What does Kevin Selleck do for a living?

A: Famous American actor and musician Kevin Selleck is Tom Selleck’s adopted son. Despite his parents’ 1982 divorce, Kevin’s stepfather, Tom Selleck, helped him land acting roles that propelled him to fame.

Q: Who is Kevin Selleck’s biological father?

A: American actor Tom Selleck, father of Kevin Selleck, made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. The television series Magnum, P.I. made him famous as private investigator Thomas Magnum. His 1985 win and five Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series came from this role. Tom Selleck’s acting career has cemented his Hollywood status.

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